An In-Depth A2 Hosting Review: Why You Should Consider Using Them

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When it comes to website hosting, people are quick to mention popular names such as Bluehost, Hostgator, or Siteground. Few people talk about or know much about other low key web hosting platforms that offer users exceptional services. This article will cover an in-depth A2 hosting review of the various features of the company.

A2 Hosting is a website hosting company that has been around for more than 18 years now. They may not enjoy the same high profile as the big industry players, but they are surely a company that is worth the talk. A2 Hosting offers one of the fastest WordPress hosting in the industry today. In this A2 hosting review, we will be looking into the reasons why this hosting company is among the industry best. The report will also cover how they can help you benefit from their services.​








Bluehost, Hostgator, or Siteground are the best-known companies when it comes to website hosting. But, we nearly forget about the other crucial low website hosting platforms that have been serving their best in recent times and are almost at the level to compete for the best-known ones. Among all the low key website hosting platforms, A2 Hosting has been snatching the most attention nowadays for several reasons. With excellent server speeds, this platform provides a backup and SSL storage along with two operating systems, which all work together to provide the best reliability and efficiency for both the experts and the newbies. If you are tight on your financial plan and expect to get a professional performance, go ahead and involve yourself with A2 Hosting because this platform has won a lot of top hosting service awards and is no less than the others in the industry.




  • Industry-leading server speeds
  • Uptime commitment to reduce lost business due to outages
  • Feature-rich plans to suit sites of any size
  • 24/7 high quality, professional support team available via live chat, email, and phone
  • Server location from across Asia, Europe, or the USA.
  • Free Solid-State Drives included in all hosting plans.
  • Suitable for WordPress users
  • Loads WordPress pages six times faster.
  • High-speed load performance.
  • Compared to other leading hosting providers, A2 Hosting performs at high speed
  • There may be unresponsive pages sometimes, but only happens once in a blue moon
  • Lags and load delays are also present but are only like a 1-second delay
  • Reseller hosting options for hosting start-ups and expert website designers
  • Programs are installed automatically, securely and quickly
  • 10 GB Quadruple redundancy network offers peace of mind.
  • A2 Hosting is environment-friendly with 100% carbon neutral.


  • None of the hosting plans come with a free domain
  • There is no ETA for new technology support
  • HTMLDoc, Mod_perl, PDFLib, Plexum MS SQL or ColdFusion are not supported.
  • Does not have enough hosting plans for Windows
  • Hosting usually needs a renewal every year. In that case, it becomes a bit costly during the renewal time.

Table of Contents

Benefits of using A2 Hosting:

Operating Systems of A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting features include two operating systems to choose from Windows and Linux. Each operating system has three different plans, and all of them come with SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. All the subscription levels have standard features like auto-installers and databases, while the higher levels come with more features.

A2 Hosting also offers customers buying their Linux shared plan with a branded version of cPanel and Plesk is made available for Windows servers. When using their hosting service, the first step is choosing the operating system of your server. And no matter the operating system, you will have the three hosting plans to choose from and a professional A2 hosting support team to contact when the need arises.

A2 Hosting Features

To ensure the optimal performance of your small business website, A2 Hosting offers the following features which include:

A2 Hosting three plans include

Going through the A2 hosting review, it shows that the company has three hosting plans users can select from depending on what their needs or requirements involved.

A2 Hosting Plans

The Entry-Level or Lite Plan

This plan is called the Lite option by A2 Hosting because it’s their entry-level plan. The details of this level include –

The Mid-Range or The Swift Option

This plan from A2 Hosting is the mid-range option and is the most popular shared hosting plan in the company. This plan offers all the entry-level features and more. The significant difference between the Swift plan and the Lite is the ability to host unlimited websites and other additional resources not available on the Lite plan. This mid-range hosting option also comes with unlimited email addresses and unlimited databases.

The High End or The Turbo Plan

A2 Hosting’s high-end shared hosting plan, called the Turbo option, is very similar to the other shared subscription levels. However, with extra features designed to increase the performance of your websites.​

This plan is the third and highest among them all offered by A2 Hosting. This plan comes with all the Swift plan features and additional resources. Most notably is having your website(s) hosted on the company’s Turbo Servers. The A2 Turbo Servers offer more features to each user due to the lesser number of users on each server. This situation improves the loading speed of websites 20 times more than the average rate. The Turbo Plan also comes with an Optimized Website Accelerator by A2. This feature is a cPanel plugin that helps in speeding up a site by offering a pre-configured caching.

The A2 Hosting Optimized Site Accelerator has three primary subsystems, and they include –

OPcache/APC: This helps enhance the response of webpages that requires PHP.

Memcached: This subsystem is responsible for increasing the speed of MySQL databases by keeping in memory your most used data to enable for quicker retrieval.

Turbo Cache: This subsystem caches all your web page content to serve them without running PHP.

Reseller Hosting Plans

For resellers, A2 Hosting offers lucrative plans to people who want to go into hosting business. You can choose between both available operating systems, and they offer four distinct sub-levels for resellers. These reseller plans are available regardless of the operating system you want. Each reseller plan, except the basic level, comes with a billing software (Blesta or WHMCS) included. If you are not satisfied with the functions of the billing software, you can upgrade to a premium package. It is evident that A2 is not all about offer clients excellent hosting services but also provides an avenue to generate wealth.

Control Panel

cPanel is a standard maintained in the industry for hosting control panels, and A2 Hosting makes use of it. Most users, if not all, are conversant with cPanel, a lot of them will find the graphical interface of A2 Hosting’s control panel friendly and easy to carry out various tasks. Users can easily view promotions, change their password, and make use of the App Installer.

The company’s App Installer is incredibly fast, and it allows application preview before installing. On a more general note, the App Installer of A2 hosting is super easy to use, which is a massive bonus to the company.

CLOUDFLARE CDN (Content Delivery Network)

One of the biggest catch of A2 Hosting is faster page loading and performance. They achieved this feat because all their hosting plans come with free Cloudflare technology. Cloudflare helps in reducing the amount of time it takes a web page to load.

This technology helps to cache content on geographically distributed servers. Each time a webpage is loaded, the files are pulled from the closet servers instead of from the central server; hence, the load time will significantly reduce. A2 hosting rates high in this feature because unlike most other hosting providers, A2 offers Cloudflare free on all its hosting plans.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are responsible for the secure transfer of data on your website. SSL certificates are now part of the best practices of a website, as Google has made it essential for all sites to have it. A2 Hosting offers SSL certificates to clients in two different ways; either through Advanced SSL certificate or Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Purchasing a reseller or shared hosting plans allows you to opt for the Let’s Encrypt SSL option by A2 hosting. Users of the Managed Dedicated Servers and Managed VPS Plans can use the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, but they will require a dedicated IP address.

The Advanced SSL certificate is an available option of purchasing the certificate from A2 Hosting. The company offers three different types of SSL –

MONEY-BACK Guarantee

In web hosting, uptime is vital because if for any reason your website goes down, this could cost a significant loss in revenue and attracting new prospects. It is difficult to find a hosting service that can keep up to A2’s 99.9% uptime guarantee. They’ve so far lived up to their promise. The A2 hosting support team comprises of technical experts who are always working assiduously to keep your website live every second.

A2 Hosting adopts industry best practices to keep your website running. They use advanced datacentres and the latest security patches to ensure users have the best hosting for their sites. A2 offers a full refund if you decide their service is not ideal for you within 30 days. They will also have a pro-rate refund for services not used if you cancel after 30 days


This A2 Hosting review has given a concise view of the various services provided by the company. They offer diverse types of hosting plans and different features and resources for better server performance. The various hosting plans can be used for a variety of hosting purposes. Clients have the luxury of managing their website or have the professionals of A2 Hosting do it for them.

WordPress users will find this hosting handy because it’s already optimized for WordPress. A2 Hosting doesn’t only provide WordPress hosting; they offer one of the fastest WordPress hosting you can get out there today. With A2, you’re getting high quality, premium hosting that has 99.9% uptime, and genuine 24/7 support with exceptional features and benefits

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