My happiness lies in helping entrepreneurs to bring their presence online.

Hey good people! Take my greetings first. I am Yousuf Hossain. You must be wondering who is this Yousuf Hossain, and why is he writing all these things? I have a motive behind it, and soon you will get to know it whole. I am an entrepreneur who always invests time closely with people to successfully bring their business online. I love blogging. It’s my passion. I love to share free knowledges to people. These knowledges are often based on what I learnt and experienced with the busy and materialistic real world. I am the founder of EasyWPSolution, CenterTroop and many other online businesses. My main mission with this blog is to help people with offering them free guides and tutorials related to website design and marketing so that people can grow their online businesses following my guidance and path!

How I Got Started Online?

I started my online journey back in 2015. The mission was not a pleasant one. Like every other famous entrepreneur, I had to start it from scratch. I am not that famous now, but I am proud to tell you all that I had become a lot experienced considering the time when I initially started. At first, I learned HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Javascript. Eventually, in 2017, I started learning WordPress Customization and Development. When I realized I was capable enough to start freelancing, I invested my full time on Fiverr, Fivesquid, and Upwork. However, soon after four months, I suddenly had the realization that I wasn’t getting any scope for learning beyond the boundary because of the immense work pressure of my clients. I immediately opt for the decision to pause my work for a while to get started with learning some new skills, the skills I have my faith and passion for.
I was finally walking the way to pursue my dream and accomplish my aim. From the early phases of my life, I never wanted to run after a job. For me, a job was an obstacle on my path and would have snatched away my freedom. I always wanted to build my own empire, and thus, my love for the business started growing day by day. Keeping in mind my goals and aspirations, I finally started my digital marketing journey. This journey is a long way to go and has not yet finished. I am still a learner who is still learning new things every now and then from online. Tiresome was not my thing due to the great passion that I had on marketing. Besides all these, I educated myself with SEO, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and lead generation. Along with all these, I am investing my time in digging deeper into learning business funnels and automation.

My Experiences & Some Achievements

I never stopped myself helping others from very early childhood. I believe in a saying, “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” And my heart received its happiness whenever I was successful in helping people around me. I always endured supporting people by advising the best suggestions. I started sparing some of my time to chat with people on social media one by one to listen to their problems and always tried to provide the best possible suggestions. Unfortunately, one day, I realized this work pressure was getting on my nerves like crazy, and there was no end to it. A lot of people tried reaching me personally, but I wasn’t able to afford the time, and gradually, I started feeling low about the matter. Later, a surprising idea popped in my mind about starting my own blog, a blog that would not only spread the knowledge about numerous issues but also share it among the people without spending a single penny. That’s how my personal blog of Easy WP Solution began with a massive dream of making a free resource hub where I would be able to share my experiences, my learnings and would be able to teach people how to be successful in a proper way in online platforms. My blog contains a lot of ideas about WordPress and marketing. People can learn from my free resources, solutions, and tips about WordPress and marketing. Moreover, I offer free ebooks, cheat sheets, and reports, which are really valuable and can bring life-changing moments for the visitors.
Along with that, I promote the best online products like themes, plugins, hostings, and tools. I only promote the products which I have personally used on my own businesses or my clients’ businesses and found that these products are precious. Yes! As an affiliate marketer, I promote the products with my affiliate links so that I can earn a commission from that. Earning commission is a part of life. I don’t actually care about the commission. I only care about my audiences from the bottom of my heart and want to assure them so that they can find the best products from my blog and endure the best experience using those on their businesses. I believe that if I provide value to people, people will always remember me. Gradually, I started an agency with an experienced team. My agency’s name is CenterTroop. CenterTroop is providing various beneficial services like web design, graphic design, content writing, SEO, and other marketing services. My foremost goal is achieving clients’ satisfaction, helping them grow their business, and helping them increase their revenues.

My Early Life Story

From early childhood, I was always hopeless with whatever I do. I never had confidence in me and always thought that I wouldn’t be able to anything and end up becoming a failure. My eagerness to working hard to achieve my dreams also faded away with my thought of considering myself as a worthless guy. I started spending my valuable time in gossiping, going on an outing with my friends, chilling out with friends, gaming, and doing what else not. I always felt jealous, looking at the successful people and wished whether I could ever be successful like them. I was not doing anything to make my dream come true, and gradually I was losing all my hopes on me. Depression and frustration became my friends. I had no passion for my education too, and soon dropped out of school when I was in Class-8. In today’s generation, certificates hold a massive value, and people around my society started taunting me by saying that my future is going to be dark without a certificate and that no matter what, I should complete my graduation at least for a job. And this is how basically I spent my early life and wasted a lot of time doing nothing. I lost a lot of precious time from my experience, the times that could have been of the most exceptional value if I utilized them in the right sector. This is the reason I always suggest people work on finding out their passion in life and work hard to make their dream come true.
2015 was the significant time changing year of my life. This was when I realized that there is no life if you don’t utilize your time working for your passion and goals. My eyes opened, and I had a strong feeling about becoming severe in my life and tasting success with my hard work. Being successful isn’t impossible; it requires hard work and consistency. I feel lucky about the fact that I ultimately was able to find my passion, and I never stopped after my realization. I steadily started learning new things daily so that I can become an expert in the industry I’m passionate about.

What I Cover

Easy WP Solution is a full package of WordPress & Marketing solutions. I have mentioned below the numerous context that you will encounter and gather knowledge about in my blog:

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