Activecampaign Review: Your Solution To Next-Gen Email Marketing

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Undoubtedly, one of the best and most advanced all in one marketing tools in the market right now is ActiveCampaign. Alongside all the regular features you’d expect from an email marketing tool, Activecampaign also offers advanced automation that sets this tool apart from other ones. So buckle up because today’s article is on Activecampaign Review.

In this era of digitization, almost all ventures, no matter the size, have their online presence. And this is very necessary to keep in touch with your customers since people nowadays prefer online communication and trade over physical ones anyway. And for you to have a robust online presence with your venture, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is very important. There are a lot of methods and tools to help you maintain CRM. However, the most crucial method hands down are Email Marketing as it engages with each customer individually.


  • It performs multi-channel marketing.
  • It’s an all in one integrated marketing tool.
  • It has excellent automation that reduces manual labor.
  • It enables you to focus your attention where it matters.


  • It requires high maintenance.
  • It can be a bit expensive.

Table of Contents

What is ActiveCampaign:

The true answer to this question cannot be provided in a single sentence, to be honest. ActiveCampaign has crossed the limits when it comes to the typical definition of Email Marketing tools. ActiveCampaign can be said to be an all in one Email Marketing tool which has achieved high levels of automation in its system. It’s a great customer friendly tool with layers of sophisticated features that can help you take your online game to the next level.

Who can use this

Any venture with an online presence can use it. However, if you are just a beginner or a new entrepreneur looking to make your mark in the online world, this tool may prove to be quite challenging to navigate around with its plethora of features. The developers of this tool themselves suggest this tool be used for middle to large-sized ventures, and it’s rightfully so. This tool can be called the ‘Tesla’ of email marketing tools with all of its ambitious automation and features.

Quick Look at the key features

So that now we know what can be expected from the tool let’s get straight to the details in today’s article on ActiveCampaign Review.

Deep into the amenities of ActiveCampaign

So basically, the features of ActiveCampaign tool can widely be divided into five categories which are:
These categories can then be again divided into various sub-divisions based on their usage.

1. Email Marketing:

The Email marketing section again offers you four facilities, which are Email Segmentation, Subscription forms, Dynamic content, and split testing.
With email segmentation, you give your customers specialized personal emails that they want to see, not force-fed information. This converts more leads into customers and paying customers. You can also add tags to your emails through their segmentation. Tags, custom fields, and data collected from within ActiveCampaign let you segment your client base however you want.
The data include the last purchase, date of subscription, price of the product purchased, contact with your sales team, quiz results, click time, etc. of a respective client.
With the creative, natural, and advanced subscription forms of Activecampaign, you can now tag people based on their contact info, interests, etc. It also helps you create a list of potential leads for you to send emails to. ActiveCampaign follows the following method to keep your points captured – Start automation, add a tag, notify your team, add to lists, ordeals. And all of this is sourced from the original subscription form. ActiveCampaign’s Dynamic content changes the content for different segments of people by incorporating tagging with restricted content.
That is, for example, you may send the same email to a dog lover and another cat lover, but when you send the email, certain portions of the content will automatically be changed to accommodate the different segments. With the split testing feature, you can get more clicks and views. You can test email subject lines, email contents, images, calls to action, etc.

2. Marketing Automation:

ActiveCampaign is a pioneer of automation in the marketing tool industry. With its advanced site tracking, event tracking, automation goals, automation map, attribution, and split action, you can now map out each scenario correctly and pan out how each scene plays out according to your wish. That means no more tending to every client action manually.
Now you can save your time as well as perform client interaction more efficiently. Track your goals to see what works and what doesn’t with the help of ActiveCampaign like never before.

3. Sales & CRM:

Sales & CRM with ActiveCampaign includes Contact & Lead Scoring, Gmail extension for Chrome, and mobile app. All of these features make sure that you get to enjoy the following amenities to the fullest. The facilities include sales reporting, win probability, segmentation, lead scoring, and notification emails.

With the help of ActiveCampaign’s sales reporting, you get to track how each team member in your team is performing and how your sales funnel overall is performing as a whole.
But, probably the most fantastic facility that ActiveCampaign offers is its mobile app available for iOS. Your business never stops, so why should you? ActiveCampaign brings you the facility to take your activities on the go. You can now assign tasks on the go, call and email contacts, manage and create deals and do everything while being away.

4. Messaging:

With email marketing, site messaging like SMS and facebook custom conversations, you can now reach more people using the ActiveCampaigns interface.

5. Machine Learning:

This is ActiveCampaigns most ambitious and visionary technology. Using AI, the developers have made it possible to predict the win probability of turning a lead into a customer. They have also developed algorithms to master the art of predictive sending. This means that your resources are focused on deals more likely to close. And thus, giving you a higher chance at closing a sale and turning leads into loyal customers.


ActiveCampaign provides four pricing packages. They are the Lite, plus, Professional, and enterprise plans. They are priced at $9 monthly, $49 monthly, $129 monthly, and $229 monthly, respectively. The Professional plan priced at $129 monthly is their most popular plan.


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