How to add Google Analytics Custom Dashboard using Monsterinsights

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Google Analytics is essential for an online entrepreneur to monitor his/her sight continuously. It displays all necessary stats, information, and other relevant charts and diagrams to properly understand the flow of a website. It consistently produces huge numbers and info such as bounce rate, conversion rate, cart abandonment percentage, etc. and keeps you updated on how you should run your business. However, the vast quantity of numbers and data may become too difficult for you to crunch at times. You’d need to sum it down then.​

Considering all the pros and cons of Google Analytics, you’d need to add a Google Analytics dashboard in WordPress. And that’s what today’s article is. It’s on how to add google analytics custom dashboard using Monsterinsights.

Why you should add Google Analytics custom dashboard in your WordPress?

Once your site connects with Google Analytics dashboard, you’ll be easily able to see all the information, data, and statistics related to your website in one place. However, crunching all these numbers together may become very difficult for you if you’re new on the scene. As a result, we recommend adding the Google Analytics dashboard inside your WordPress so that you have access to all the necessary information in one place. The data are also summarized for your better understanding. That is, instead of looking at thousands of numbers and loads of comparisons, you only need to look at the Google Analytics dashboard inside your WordPress account and voila! You have all the necessary information and data you need to optimize your campaign.

You could add Google Analytics in WordPress by adding a tracking code in your theme’s Header. However, it’s not so easy adding a system to your WordPress. It’s a bit tricky. If you don’t know how to insert the code into your Header correctly, you may crash your website by using the wrong systems

Secondly, if Google Analytics is not added in your dashboard, you’ll have to visit a separate page every time to check your stats. As this requires constant checking and rechecking of different pages, you may miss essential traffic updates. So, install Google Analytics dashboard in WordPress and you don’t miss the updates.

Finally, Google Analytics is a never-ending maze of numbers that may be very difficult to navigate unless you’re a pro at it. So, if you’re someone who just started a new online business and didn’t want to get tangled up in numbers and forget about the actual work that matters, then I would suggest you to use Google Analytics dashboard in WordPress.

How to add Google Analytics dashboard to WordPress using Monsterinsights:

That’s it for setting the Google analytics dashboard. But make sure first to have a Google Analytics Account already created.

Monsterinsights displays two types of WordPress reporting dashboard widgets. They are the Mosnterinsights dashboard widgets and the Monsterinsights custom dashboards. Here’s a quick peek at the Monsterinsights Dashboard Widgets.

Viewing your stats in Monsterinsights dashboard widgets:

Monsterinsights helps you take a look at all the essential stats of your site quickly as it is displayed in brief on the WordPress admin panel. It shows all the prime numbers, not an in-depth analysis, and gives short corrections, analysis, conclusion, etc. This overview report includes the following:

You can decide if you want to see the stats for the last 30 days or seven days by selecting from the drop-down menu in settings.

You may also add tabs from the publishers’ report and the eCommerce report to the dashboard widget. You may do it by clicking the settings icon within the widget.

Viewing your stats in Monsterinsights custom dashboard:

Viewing your full site report requires Google Analytics custom dashboards. Click on insights and then reports to see fully detailed and beautifully custom template analytics reports of your beloved sight.

First, you’ll see Overview report that includes your page’s page view sessions, top 10 countries, top referrals, top posts/pages, etc.

There are other custom reports as well. Some of them are given in the following list:

Benefits of using Monsterinsights to WordPress reporting dashboard:

Google Analytics comes up with very detailed statistics that can be very hard to interpret if you’re not an expert. That’s why you need it on your dashboard in a summarized and concise manner so that you can understand all the essential information at a glance. This is why experts recommend using it on the panel for new entrepreneurs as well as for veterans.


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