Alidropship Review – Best Plugins and Services to Boost Your Sell

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When you think about a business that needs no physical storage and the least labor but can give you some extra cash just for transferring the customer’s orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, retailer, or a wholesaler, then you are exactly thinking about dropshipping. No tension of stocking or shipping your products, you just need an active site where you can display your products and detailed description to the customers and take orders. It may be hectic to put those products and their description on your site manually. To add with it, receiving and managing orders can cost your time. To solve this hassle, Alidropship offers some plugins and add-ons which will work for you automatically and in this Alidropship review article, I am going to discuss about them so that you have to do the minimum work while getting the maximum benefit.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

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Why Alidropship?

If you are thinking like why Alidropship and why not other options, I would like to suggest you some facts before choosing. You are doing business, and business will be more profitable when you invest less but gain more. For Alidropship, Their estimated cost is like you have to pay a one-time fee of 89$ and if you want Alidropship web hosting, they will charge you 48$ per year.

This is much lower than other dropshipping services such as Shopify that can vary from 360$ – 960$ per annum depending on your monthly plan. Here Alidropship gets the point ahead than other dropshipping services. Alidropship is a WordPress based company, and WordPress is a perfect platform of SEO. If you are familiar with WordPress and installing plugins, then Alidropship will be easier for you. If not, Alidropship also offers custom store creation service that starts from 299$.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
If you ever need to move your online store to another hosting provider or service, you still have complete ownership of your online store, files and all where Shopify has the power to close your account at any time for whatever reason as long as you have your store on their platform. More to add that, with AliDropship, you will get lifelong customer support and plugin updates.

Moreover, if you check reviews from AliDropship users I can guarantee you that you will rarely find any negative AliDropship review. I personally use AliDropship and this is the faith of a user. Because their services are too good and I am satisfied with my journey with AliDropship.

This AliDropship review article will give you some valid reasons to choose Alidropship over other dropshipping services.

AliDropship provides two plugins.
1. AliDropship plugin.
2. AliDropship Woo plugin.
The work of these two plugins is nearly the same except the fact that the first one doesn’t support WooCommerce, but the second one does. Gives you both opportunity either you have an idea about WooCommerce or not. And the most important thing is you don’t have to buy them individually as they both come in a package of 89$. Here I am going to give you these AliDropship Plugin reviews for your better understanding.
AliDropship plugin was created before the Woo version. Normally when you start your dropshipping, you need to do certain works like selecting your desired products, downloading their photos and description to put them on your site. This costs time, but dropshipping is meant to be less time and labor consuming business. AliDropship will make these work so easy that you won’t feel any burden.

There is a feature called “Pricing Automation” which enables you to set your own price markup rule. Naturally, all the imported goods will maintain their original price. But you need to get profits from them. You can create as much range as you need. For this, you will have to set up your pricing rule so that if the product’s cost has a certain range, you will get your desired percent of the benefit from them. A little bit of calculation is needed here. For example, we take a variable ‘cost.’ We want to express that if ‘cost’ ranges from 50$ – 100$ we will get 70% benefit from it which means we will get cost * 1.70 for the product. We will set it like,

$50.00 < cost < $100.00 cost = cost * 1.70
There is no limitation in the number of products you can sell in your Dropship site. And you can order a certain type of products with their different size, colors, materials or versions. There are some built-in themes you can choose from for your website. You can edit your product description or price at any time. Also, there is a built-in image editor for pictures that you will upload on your site.

Sometimes on the different occasion, you may want to offer your customers some discount — dollars off, percentage off, free shipping anything you can offer with this plugin. You can also import reviews from the AliExpress main site to yours. This plugin will send you follow-up emails to recover sales of abandoned carts. Also, you can get your visitor’s data just by connecting Google Analytics to the plugin. You can forget about ordering every product manually. You can place confirm your order only by clicking on ‘Order’ button. This plugin automatically tracks order and will notify you through email.

Payment methods are not a problem as AliDropship supports PayPal, 2CO, Stripe, PayU and many more. This plugin will automatically track your inventory and count your stock, and if any product runs out, it will stop selling that. It provides you with an inbuilt user dashboard that helps you make the correct choices for your business. You can earn up to 12% from each purchase, and this plugin will give you lifelong free updates.

You can:

Search & import products with description
• Set your price of products
• Confirm your ‘order’ fast
• Get ePcaket shipping facilities
• Auto order tracking and updating
• Customize your site with its built-in themes
• Sell products as much as you want
• Import product’s reviews from the main site
• Manage your abandoned card
• Manage your inventory automatically

The woo version of AliDropship came after the original version as there was high demand of WooCommerce compatible plugin. This plugin has all the features that the original plugin possesses except it doesn’t come with built-in themes instead supports Woo themes. It supports all woo plugins. So, if you think you have good knowledge of WordPress and interested in WooCommerce, then this plugin is for you.


All the features of the AliDropship plugin exist here
• WooCommerce compatible

How AliDropship Plugin Works?

AliDropship plugin is activated with the installation of Alidropship Google Chrome Extension. It is an extension mandatory for the AliDropship plugin to be activated and work. After installing the extension, you can directly import products and its description with it from AliExpress. The update is also available for them if you want. It will also collect tracking IDs for you and automatically fulfil your order without any hassle.

After installing the extension, you have to log in it. After logging in when you are about to import products you need to go AliDropship -> AliExpress -> Import Products. There you will find two options regarding importing products. For direct import push the “Direct Import” button and you will be directed to AliExpress in a new tab. Thus you will be able to import your products.

You can import a single product or a massive amount of products. There are available options on the extension regarding this. If you select any product that has no active web store, you can also identify it by its grey icon. You can even see any product’s seller’s score from the single product page. Item description, title and permalink are also editable. Also, It has a built-in powerful Image editor with which you can edit your product images.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
Dropshipping is one of the most comfortable business where you don’t even have to make a huge investment. But at the very beginning, people with less technical education may find it a bit tough to start his store. So, I am here to give you AliDropship custom store review. AliDropship made a custom store service with which one can start his business as early as from the first day. This custom store is built with their best web developers to make your business smooth and hassle-free. From designing the logo of your store, they keep ready everything in your new store you may need to start your new business. This custom store service comes with three plan from where you can choose yours according to your budget.

Basic Package

$ 299
  • Provides all the necessary tools you will need for starting your new business

Advanced Package

$ 499
  • Provides additional tools and feature for the betterment of your business

Ultimate Package

$ 899
  • Provide everything necessary for you to get instant profit from your business
Every package comes with WordPress CMS setup, AliDropship plugin installation, and SSL certificate and you have to pay the costs one time. The custom store is an all-inclusive store, and you don’t need to add anything from your side, and it is fully automated with AliExpress.The fascinating thing is you are the only owner of your store. The website will contain PayPal and Credit Card payment methods set up. From the basic package you will have a facebook page related to it but with Ultimate package FB, Twitter, G+, Instagram, YouTube pages also. The number of your ready to sell products will changes from 50 to 200 depending on your package. After getting your store, you don’t have to pay any additional charge besides the hosting fees. So you have to do the least work for your new business. So, the price of it worth it.


Get your store ready
• Start a business from day one
• Hassle-free starting
• Rapid business growth
• Immediate profit plans

Every website needs a hosting server. If you are creating your dropshipping website, you must need good hosting plans for it. With all great tool & features, AliDropship also has the solution to your site hosting. Here I will present Alidropship hosting reviews for your convenience. Alidropship is currently one of the top growing business platforms. There are certain things you need to check before you choose any hosting service. They are – the time taken off their websites to load, the security they offer, and the availability of your site.

The loading speed of AliDropship hosted websites are Up to 2,000 Mbit per second which is pretty fast. They provide with 24/7 support and free website setup and easily managed cPanel. AliDropship hosting packages start from 48$ and has a range to 220$ per year. With every package, you will find unlimited bandwidth and control panel with free SSL certificate for your website. They provide 3GB – 17GB disc space according to your package. With their advanced security system, your site will stay secured.

Domain name is not included with their feature. To get a domain, you’ll have to apply to domain name registrars like GoDaddy or Namecheap.


High-speed loading of your website
• Free anti-Dos guard
• Secured website hosting
• High-end hardware
• Free SSL
• 24/7 support with the free website setup
• Easily managed cPanel

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
You have a dropshipping site, and you may want people to buy products from your site. For this to happen, people need to know about your website and its contents. Nowadays social media plays a vital role to raise awareness about your products. This WordPress based add-on can help you with this. It will non-stop generate social traffic(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) to your WordPress site thereby make your website popular while costing an only one-time payment of 69$.

It will auto-generate likes and comments on peoples Instagram account about your website and post your website content on social-media automatically in a human-like method. Again, it will find content similar to yours and post it on your account without any hassle. It will also add descriptions, hashtags, and links to your products on your behalf. It will work non-stop 24/7 for your site saving you up to 40 hours per week. It works on autopilot, and it is easy to install. It will give you a lifelong service and updates free of cost which and why it is called One plugin instead of an entire SMM department.


One time payment
• Make you AliDropship website popular
• Gives auto likes on people’s profiles and comment about your site
• Promotes growth on your sales
• Easy installation
• Lifetime service
• Works nonstop

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
This addon is also Woocommerce compatible and has a user-friendly interface to use. This add-on works on tracking your sales and notifies your visitors about what others have purchased. This will create a feeling on your visitors that they are missing some essential deals and psychologically inspire your visitors to buy from your store.

Users highly recommend this add-on for those who are trying to increase their sales. It will make your website look trustworthy to visitors. You can choose any regions and customer’s name to be shown on the notification and pick up your particular item or all the items to be shown on the notification. This easy to install add-on comes at only 29$ of a one-time payment.


Make your website look busy and reliable for visitors
• Motivate visitors to buy from your store by notifying them about recent sales
• Promotes your sales
• Easy installation and user-friendly interface to use
• Mobile friendly & Woo compatible

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
Sometimes customers tend to wishlist a product but make a delay in buying. After sometimes they lose their appeal and that cart ends up being abandoned. The countdown timer works on showing your customers that the deal is going to end up soon if he/she doesn’t buy them early. Customers will feel like they are losing some essential deals if they delay further and prompt them to buy as soon as possible. This add-on also persuades the customers that the product is precious and limited.

With this add-on, you can offer discounts on products and set and edit timers for them according to your wish. The timer will be restarted after the given date. You can run flash sales which will promote your customers to show interest in your products. This add-on is also easy to use as you can turn on or off the timer by clicking a single switch. It comes at 19$ of onetime payment.


Boost your sell
• Makes your products look valuable and limited
• You can give offers and promotions and set their timers
• Results are less abandoned carts
• Run flash sells
• Easy to install and use
• Woo compatible and has customization options

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
People seldom buy a single product. They tend to buy more than one product in any purchase. For example- if any customer is going to buy shampoo, he/she may also buy a conditioner with it. When any customer is going to buy any product this add-on will suggest some complimentary products with it and offer it as a bundle which will look catchy and discounted to buy. That’s how this add-on will multiply your sell and boost your business, and you can set limitless offer with it. It comes at 37$ of onetime payment.


Offer bundles to customers
• You can add coupons with offers
• Inspires your customers to buy more products
• You can create an offer for a specific product or a whole category of product
• Easy to install and mobile friendly

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
People tend to search their desired products online on the Google search engine. This add-on works in a way that if anyone searches any product on google, google image or YouTube; it will allow your products to be shown on their search. That means people can find your website just by searching for their products. Thus your site will get more visitors, and your sell will be boosted. This is a way as we all know that Google is the largest platform for e-commerce. It comes at 27$ of onetime payment.


Populate your website by it in an efficient way
• Endless opportunity as it is linked with google
• WooCommerce compatible
• You can edit your product description if necessary

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
Many people spend their off-time scrolling on social networks like Facebook. It has vast popularity among general people. So, introducing people with your website through Facebook is not a bad idea. This add-on will display your products on Facebook from where if someone has to buy any products they can visit your website. This add-on helps to make your product catalog to look more appealing. It will also remind the user about products they have browsed. It is a WooCommerce compatible add-on, and it has a very clean interface. It will show ads of your products on people’s devices. It comes at 27$ of onetime payment.


Create popularity of your website through Facebook
• Remind users about what they have browsed
• Easy making of product catalog
• Popularize your site by showing ads of them on people’s devices

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
For your web store, I have already suggested you about add-ons. Each add-on has their unique features to make your website trustable, convenient, easy to handle and most importantly profitable. The first six add-ons which are-

Which I have already described are not free. They come in a onetime cost. They can be bought separately according to your need. You may want them all, but they will cost altogether 208$. But AliDropship gives you the opportunity to buy them all at a discounted rate which is 145$. It is a great cost saving idea for your startup business. You will get 63$ spare which you can add on the next DropshipMe add-on. It is a pretty good deal as you will get all the six non-free add-ons with all their features intact at such a low price.

There are numerous products on AliExpress to order from. But to grow your business, you must choose products which are the most appealing to buyers and order from good sellers. To know about products one must go through a lot of products, their reviews and know which seller will prepare orders in time, etc. This is something to research a lot. Think if you give 20 sec reviewing each product how much time you are going to spend. It is hard even to imagine. Whatever with this kickass add-on you can see 50,000 top selling products from best suppliers and choose from them. Also, you can add them to your store and add the more appealing description about them.

The most exciting thing is, this add-on will let you import your first 50 products for free of cost, and it is as easy as to click a single button. Installing this add-on is also free, and you can start selling your products as soon as you import. There are different plans if you want to import more top-selling products with it. For example, after 50 imports you can add another 100 imports just for 29$ and further 500 imports will cost you 119$ and another 1000 imports will cost not much than 199$. Why waste time and energy on researching when you can erase your hectic with just a single click!


Reduce your research time & energy
• Let you choose from the best 50,000 products
• Import products & get their title and description more appealing automatically
• Free to install
• First 50 imports will be free
• Hassle free selling from the bestsellers

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
This add-on will help you manage the service of your suppliers. With the help of this, you will be able to see the ratings of different AliExpress sellers. From them, you can compare each seller’s performance and choose your particular supplier. You can keep track of the sellers you have imported from and which products you have imported and also their quantity. You can also track how much profit you are having from each seller. Overall this one add-on will keep you tension free about your suppliers. It comes at 27$ of onetime payment.


You can view seller’s ratings and compare
• You can track your product quantity ordered from each seller
• Easy to install and WooCommerce compatible

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
Sometimes people add products to their cart and later lose interest on them. Which eventually cost you an abandoned cart. This add-on will help you to decrease abandoned cart rate by sending them a reminder via email. This will also help you to track the orders of the customers and check if they have left any cart. You can also send your customers emails containing promos using its customizable templates. The most appealing thing is this add-on comes free.


Free to use
• Track if your customer left any abandoned cart
• Get the less abandoned cart
• Notify your customers about their abandoned cart
• Send your customers emails containing promos

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
In any business, you may want to know about the growth of your business. With the help of google analytics, this add-on will enable you to get an idea about which product of your site is selling well among customers. You can even see which version of your site(mobile or desktop) is working well. Tracking the highest selling products you can predict which product will be better to bring on your site and which product customers will like more. This useful add-on also comes for free.


Optimize your sales
• Learn about your best selling products
• Learn about your customer’s reaction to each product
• Learn if the mobile or desktop version of your site is popular
• Free to use

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping
Another free useful add-on from AliDropship is this Customers Gallery. New visitors often hesitate to buy from new websites. With this add-on, you can ensure the trust of your new customers. This handy tool will let you share your other customer’s experience and their reviews about your products. You can link their real-time photo and experience with your website. You can also add your comment in them.


Build trust with your customers
• Works as a proof of your dependability
• Boost your sells in a more effective way
• Let your customers share their experience with you
• Comes free of cost

We, who are doing dropshipping business know well that it is not enough to make a website and listing products from AliDropship to make a fair income. Your website needs to be well responding and bug-free and eye catchy enough to lure the visitors. And it is always necessary to gain the popularity of your website and products so that people can know about them. As more people will know about your site, your sell will get increased also.

As we have discussed before on AliDropship (paste link here) Alidropship is always trying to give the best service and benefits to its Dropshippers. So they have included some awesome services that can save your time as well as able to increase your sell and publicity. Let’s see some of those services –

The dropshipping business pretty much depends on reaching out your fame to people. When people know more about your store, you will get the maximum selling. Google is the no 1. Search engine today. Most people first check their desired products on Google. By search engine optimization (SEO) you can ensure people to find about your website more easily. An optimized site has a better chance of getting more visitors and better profit. AliDropship offers an SEO starter pack for those who want to make their website popular. AliDropship appoints their SEO experts to help your dropshipping business with SEO at only 59$.


Get exclusive article for your home page
• Customized titles, description and other elements for your home page
• Google indexing
• Technical SEO website audit
• Get strong backlinks for your website

Facebook & Instagram both are social platforms. Nowadays, you will hardly find any visitor/buyer who is not connected through Facebook or Instagram. These two social platforms are visited by numerous people daily and people use these sites for a long time every day. So it is a useful idea to show them ads that contain your products and tells about your store. In this case, AliDropship Facebook & Instagram Ads service is a handy option for you.

Images can tell better than words. With this service, you can use catchy images of your products in ads to be shown on Facebook and Instagram feed, which can lure customers instantly. Some catchy and convincing lines are also provided with the service, which will further motivate the viewers to read and know more of your products. Overall, this service from AliDropship will provide you every material to make a meaningful ad.

Your ads should be shown to the targeted audiences. This service will help you to fix your targeted audience based on age, location, behavior, and interests. The service actually makes your ads ready to be published. Moreover, you will be given a detailed guide about how to promote your store and ads launch. It is a great medium to make your products to reach to the core of people who have an interest in them.

You can purchase it for 1 ad to 20 sads at a cost ranging from 29$ to 199$. So, choose your package and boost your sell with this amazing service offered by AliDropship.


Huge people who use social media on a daily basis will know about your store
• Targeted audience are more likely to buy products from your store
• Sell will get boosted
• Images and catchy lines will create interest in people

This service enables you to send automated emails to achieve sustainable growth in sales. This process is effortless, but the result is noticeable. With this service, you can notify people by sending your products and categories automatically.

You will get templates for ads that are reusable and cost-effective. Well, it will save you time too. Moreover, You will get a complete guide to create follow-ups (promo emails showcasing your products) in MailChimp service.

Without the help of this service, it would take a lot of time to do these all by yourself. The setup will be done by the AliDropship expert team. So, you don’t need to be concerned. This service will increase the volume of your sell. People will get notified about your products via emails.

People who once bought something and knows how good your store service is will be connected through emails. They will regularly know about your new products and offers. So, you will also be getting repeated buyers. The automated emails can continue to function many years once it is set up.

This service alone will cost minimum 69$ and with upgraded facilities in Premium package it may cost up to 149$.


Sends automated emails to people about your store
• Time-saving and cost-effective option
• An effortless way to increase your selling
• You will get reusable templates and a guide to creating follow-ups
• Increases repeated buyers

Reviews are always important to know how much your site can influence visitors. It helps to give your site a more professional look. With the help of this service, your online store will get reviewed from the expert perspective.

This service will let you know how you should update or renovate your site/store to get more viewers. You will get a complete list on which individual area of your store needs improvement to get more attention of viewers. It will go through your site in details and give you reviews covering all important aspects. Moreover, you will get important tips and suggestion to give your store a perfect shopping spot for visitors.

To say more clearly, you will receive a document carrying important screenshots and recommendations. Don’t worry, you will get all necessary explanations with it in simple words that are easy to understand.

Individually its price starts from 49$ and depending on the package selected, it can range up to 149$. The Premium package may look costly, but it will worth its price. The revenue you will get from this service will eventually cover it up. And you will get more from your store than invested. So, it is not a bad idea to get your store reviewed before you start to promote it.


Sends a review of your store from a professional perspective
• Provides useful tips that can help your store more attractive to buyers
• Send detailed information on where your store needed to be renovated
• A well-made store is the first thing to do to convince customers

There are several individual services to make dropshipping easy and they cost individually. The Marketing Service Bundle is actually a combo that enables you to purchase 3 services at a discounted rate. I have explained them before. This is a preferably cheap and time-consuming option for your dropshipping website.

This package includes the 3 most important key to online marketing.

Review Of Your Store:

This service will go through your site/store in detail and send you a list of all necessary upgrades and give your store a review to make it more alluring to visitors. Moreover, you will get good tips and recommendation. All essential explanation will be provided so that you have no problem to understand clearly.

Great Advertising Service:

To boost sales, your store needs to be popular among those people who need products that your store sells. This service offers ads. The ads will include images and text so that they can earn the attention of viewers. It also offers recommended target audience settings. The main benefit is this service can drive traffic to your store.

Email Marketing Setup:

It will send auto-generated emails to your visitors about newly added products to your store or offer that may make him want to visit your store and purchase. It will maintain a connection with your buyers. It will make them want to purchase again. That’s how it increases the sell. It will give you some cost-effective and reusable temples too.

Now, if you are thinking if it is gonna be a wise decision and the service quality then let me tell you that this bundled service is used by a lot of dropshippers nowadays and every feedback was positive. And this service is supervised by the AliDropship specialists. This service is especially recommended for people who are new in this field and want to boost their sells.

The marketing service bundle offers you to get the benefits of these above 3 services at a discounted rate. There are two different packages: the Extended package costs 269$ and the Premium one will cost 422$. Premium one gives you more slot. If your store is new and a large one and you want heavy promotion then take the Premium one. Overall you will get 15% discount on services which will let you save up to 75$ and it always feels good to save money.

A video says more than ten pictures. With a video, you can show the visitors what the products look like and explain how it functions. People will have a better understanding of your product through videos, and it is a more convenient way to reach them. It increases the chance of your product to be sold to a great extent. So you cannot deny the power of video marketing. With the Promo Video Creation service, you will get high-quality promotional videos of your products up to 2 minutes. It comes at 59$.


Promote your products through videos
• Better understanding for the customers
• Get videos up to 2 mins
• Video quality is high
• Way to advertise your products as well as you store

An offer from Aldropship service to make your social media accounts look more professional and have a good social media status. Nowadays social media perform a crucial part in trafficking any website. People use their social media platform for everything and even spend hours and hours on them. This service will provide you with a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Instagram account Setup so that your dropshipping store can become famous on each social platform individually. This service costs not more than 19$.


Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Instagram account & Google+ account Setup
• Each account contains a unique professional design
• Website integration
• Less costly


From the user experience, I can say that this is the best platform if you want to start your dropshipping business. Because they not only charge less but also give full support to new businesspeople connected with them. Alidropship has already powered numerous websites from different countries. They have many plans profitable for your dropshipping business. They always care for those who are connected with them. That’s why they have created these useful plugins and services. The costs are also less than other dropshipping services.

If you want your business to be hassle-free where you have to give your site the least labor and time while being profitable at the same time, use Alidropship plugin and their services without any other thoughts. I hope you can compare them well with this AliDropship review article.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.
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    1. Dear Frea,

      The answer to your question is No. There are 3 different custom store plans for AliDropShip. There are no add-ons in the basic and advance packages. You have to order the add-on, promo video and SEO starter pack differently.

      But You’ll get Social Rabbit add-on with the ultimate package as well as its setup. The better option is to buy the add-ons separately because these are very helpful for marketing. But if you’re buying the ultimate pack, then the add-on bundle will be enough since they’ll set up everything including promo video, SEO, social rabbit set up, youtube set up etc.

      And the hosting is excluded for all of their custom store plans. You need to buy the hosting separately.

  1. This is an excellent review of all the options and features of Ali Drop Ship and adds additional products that can be added for additional functionality that may not be included in the package you purchase. I think this is the best and most comprehensive review I’ve ever read. Thank you. I’ve bookmarked your site and will explore it in greater detail as the need comes up.

    1. Glad that you liked the review. We will keep working hard to research more tools and services and share our user experiences with detailed review articles. Stay with us to find more helpful articles. Thank you.

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