A Detailed Andy Warhol Review: A Way To Ace Your Dropshipping Business

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Are you looking for a way that can assist you in designing the layout of your website in a more defined manner? Here is good news for you! AliDropship team has a dynamic theme to offer you for your AliDropshipping business called Andy Warhol. There is also a Woo version of this theme. This theme comes with tons of impressive features. Luckily you have landed at the right place, where you can discover more about this fantastic AliDropship plugin store theme.
This Andy Warhol review will wash away your confusion about Andy Warhol by answering all of your questions.









Andy Warhol’s theme for woo commerce is a dynamic theme with infinite scroll. It also comes with many other features that can help you to generate sales. Such as visually impressive layout, necessary information, banners, reviews, easy navigation, and many more. It costs $67, and you have to pay this one time. It will require no additional cost for updates. This theme can be fruitful for any dropshipping business.



  • It has a well-developed layout.
  • Easy to navigate your customers.
  • It can boost your selling rates.
  • It has the power to turn your visitors into buyers.
  • It will help you to build a reputation for your store in the world of the dropshipping market.
  • It is affordable.
  • You can apply a coupon code if you have.
  • It comes with a set of practical and useful features.
  • You can purchase it online.
  • The payment method is secured.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Free support and updates.
  • Wide range of customization options.
  • Blog section.
  • Live search.
  • Free translation platform.
  • Social media icons and widgets.
  • One time payment.
  • 100% ownership.


  • It is such an impressive theme that it covers all the basic need for a dropshipping store. Compared to its cost, it is quite perfect and there are no cons to be mentioned specifically for this theme.

Table of Contents

What is dropshipping?

The internet is vast. Nobody would like to invest their money in the wrong place. But it can be difficult for a buyer to find the right product with the desired quality, and this is where dropshipping stores make money.
Dropshipping is about selling products to your customers without even having the product in your hand. You will take the orders from your customers at a price you set on your website. Then you will order it directly from the supplier at wholesale price and have it shipped directly to your customer’s address.

Andy Warhol

It is an AliDropship store theme that was released back in 2019 by the AliDropship team. Due to its popularity, they have also released a Woo version of it. They have several other free themes that you can use without paying any money.
But the features offered by this theme are going to be worth your money. It does not matter if you are a customer or someone who is thinking of setting your business in the world of dropshipping; you would like to consider this theme.

Why is it important to have?

Before going into the depth of our Andy Warhol review, we want you to know why it is essential to have a good theme for your store? To ace the game of dropshipping business, you need to attract your customers.
And to do so, you will need a well-developed theme for your online dropshipping stores. When people buy things, it is not only about the products. They care for the brand, their money, and trust as well. To sell your product you have to say the right thing at the right moment. Else you will lose the game.
You need to have the visibility in your customer’s fulfillment process. In this case, a dynamic theme like Andy Warhol can come in handy. Your success depends on the emotion of your clients. A plugin store theme will help you in many ways –
All in all, we can say that it will make the entire process a lot easier, both for you and your customers.


This paid theme has tons of features to offer for your store. This Andy Warhol review will zoom into the picture to find out the key features provided by this theme –

Visually attractive homepage:

Home Page Design
It will provide you with an eye-catching display. All of your listed products will be adequately organized with crucial information. Each of the products will be presented in front of your customers within a box.
You can check the price, numbers of orders that have been placed for a particular product, necessary badges all at once just from the homepage. From there, you can add products to your cart easily.

Easy navigation for the customers:

Your entire inventory will be separated in different sections, mentioned at the top of your homepage. From there, your buyers will be able to visit and get what they want. For example, featured products, top-selling, all products, shopping carts, and many more.
They can also search what they are looking for through the search engine on the home page. They will also have the ability to change the currency format and log into their accounts quickly. Social media platforms are essential for marketing.
It will also enable you to easily link your store with your different social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and many more. It keeps your header fixed as you scroll down.

Infinite scrolling:

The chances of selling your products will go higher if your customers are offered with a variety of options. This theme provides endless scrolling so that your customers can keep exploring your inventory. It can increase your dropship sales. You can choose the number of products pulled into your view from the settings.

Informative layout:

The layout is filled with information. Let us focus on some of the key details in our Andy Warhol review –
Product Layout
Price of the product: The cost of the product is mentioned under the bottom of each product. It will enable your customer to pick products considering their budget.
Discount: Discount is loved by every customer. So it is a vital feature to grab the attention of your customers. The percentage of the discount for each product is available in the top right corner of the box.
The number of orders: Often, the number of ordered products plays a pivotal role in creating a great impression in front of the buyers. Customers believe that the higher the number, the greater the product is. Your customers will be able to see this data as well, which is pulled directly from the product page of AliExpress.
Ratings: A very effective way of detecting the quality of a product is its rating. Customers prefer to order products based on the ratings given by other purchasers. This theme will enable your customers to check the rating. This data set is also pulled from the product page of a particular item on AliExpress.

Detailed information:

Your customers can find out the details about the pricing and discounts on the right side of their screen by clicking a particular product. By doing so, they will receive tons of other necessary information that they might want to know.
Single Product Page Design
Including designs, shipping and payment details, product details, item specifics, free returns, and many more. They will also be able to read reviews about any specific product that they are planning to buy. This feature will help your customers to have a prediction about a particular product.

Trust banners:

Trust Banners
Trust banners help to grab the attention of visitors. When someone lands on the page of a particular product from your drop ship store, a message will pop up on the image of the product.
It will stay on the screen for a few seconds, which will tell you about how demanding the product is! It will also state the fact that other people have also checked this particular product in the last few hours. However, you can change the default version of this banner, and it will display your written message.

Social proof banners:

Verification proof
Your customers will also see a banner that will talk about the verification of your products by the shoppers and the satisfaction ratings received by your products. Here you can also change this banner as you want. This banner indicates the fact that the product is verified by the shoppers, which will help you to gain the trust of your customers.

Selling alert:

Selling Alert
This banner will appear under the price tag of a product. It states, “Selling fast! Get yours before it’s gone!” This banner will inform your customers about the urgency of that particular product.
It can help your customers to get notified about the fast selling products in your store. It is a way of asking customers to order a product as soon as possible. You can also change it based on your preference.

The number of items left alert:

This particular banner will highlight the products with high demand by mentioning the total number of products left for that specific item. It appears under the image of a product. It can influence buyers’ decision to purchase a product.

Homepage ad banner:

You can add banners to your homepage for promotion. You can also link it to any other product or page.

Videos on the homepage:

This feature allows you to feature a Youtube video, which through you can tell your story and more about your products. In this way, your customers will know more about you. Videos can create a significant impact on your customers and influence them to buy your products.

Side shopping cart:

This will allow your customers to add products to their cart quickly after choosing a specific model, color, design, or other important things of that particular product.
Side Shopping Cart
They will have access to view all of their added products in the cart before proceeding to checkout. It will also allow them to check the price, shipping details, and other necessary information to have a complete idea about their entire shopping.


If a customer has a plan to buy something later, using this feature, they can keep track of it. Else, your customer might forget about the product or lose the interest to buy it — a great way to enhance your sales.

Live search:

It is an enhanced form of searching. Before your customers type the entire thing, it will keep suggesting products in the same view.
In short, it will guess the outcome that your customer is looking for before they complete typing the entire thing. It is awe-inspiring and can save a lot of time for your customers if they do not like to browse.


To purchase Andy Warhol theme, you will have to spend $67. You have to pay for this one time. It is quite budget-friendly compared to the services it will provide for your store. For this money, you will get access to the entire theme with all of its features. Moreover, you will get 30-day money back guarantee.
money back guarantee


Before you purchase the theme for your store, make sure to have the necessary knowledge about how it works and how it can be fruitful to your business. Try to trace out the fact that whether it is compatible with your system or not. Invest your money smartly based on your requirements.


Andy Warhol’s theme can prove to be an excellent investment for your dropshipping business. In this Andy Warhol review, we have tried to give you a complete insight into the theme. It has the potential to increase a store’s conversion rate. Its unique features can grab your customers instantly. If you are someone who does not have enough will power to take the hassles to do everything in detail on your own and want to take over the world of dropshipping business, purchase the theme and install it now to get the best out of your store.

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