Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting

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What is WordPress hosting?

web hosting
Web hosting is a service you can store data and make your website reachable for internet users and targeted customers. You buy a hosting service from a company.
There are different hosting packages that are offered by companies. These hosting packages can range from the bare minimum- just a publicly accessible place on the internet for you to store your website to more complicated packages. The cumbersome and elaborate packages may include features such as security backup, performance, and site management.
Managed hosting tends to provide packages with greater quality service and a greater number of features.

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What is managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a specific hosting that adds several useful features to make it easier to manage, secure, and speed up your clients’ WordPress site.

Managed hosting providers such as Kinsta will keep your software up to date, monitor performance, ensure security, and solve any problems that may occur. You won’t have to continually worry about backing up your data because the managed hosting provider will do it for you.

All of this means that you have spare time to perform other tasks to help add value to your business and build long-lasting, sustainable customer relationships.
Why should I be bothered with managed WordPress hosting is a question that still comes to mind. To answer this question, we have put together a list of all the reasons why you should use managed WordPress hosting and the benefits of such service providers such as Kinsta.

How is managed WordPress hosting different?

Shared hosting is where your website is not alone on a single web server. It shares its resources with several others. The most important benefit you stand to gain from this type of web hosting is the fact that the shared resources makes it very cheap and readily affordable.

Because of shared resources the shared hosting providers are able to provide you with packages that are very cheap when compared to managed WordPress hosting.
Since multiple websites are sharing the server and resources, such companies can offer hosting services at a cheaper rate as compared to managed hosting. So you can assume shared hosting plans to be as cheap as $2.75 per month.
A VPS can be considered a virtual machine. It uses an operating system that exists within an a tangible, physical computer usually situated in a data center. In shared hosting multiple websites share resources on a single server. This is not the case for DIY VPS. In VPS, a solitary physical server is divided into several parts to form numerous self-contained, isolated units. These units are autonomous and independent of its neighbours.

What are the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Here is a detailed list of nine benefits of managed WordPress hosting.

1. You Get Exceptional Support:

If you are a person who is not well versed in technology, then the kind of support managed WordPress hosting can provide unparalleled. This is one of the top reasons why you should choose managed WordPress hosting.
Most typical WordPress hosting service providers have a support team that specializes in only the WordPress platform. However, managed WordPress hosting services such as Kinsta have an arsenal of WordPress developers and Linux engineers on their support team to help you deal with all unforeseeable issues that may arise.

The support team is fully equipped to handle all your problems without you bouncing from representative to representative. Kinsta ensures that you get the same support as its Fortune 500 companies.

Therefore to get the best possible support system available to you at all times, you must opt for managed WordPress hosting.

2. High-performance Optimization:

The second benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that it includes performance optimization.

The amount of work that is required to generate a page view includes aspects such as server stack, architecture, and caching. All of these contribute to the overall performance of your website, and this is where the second benefit of managed WordPress hosting lies and why you should choose managed WordPress hosting over your typical shared or DIY hosting route.
In case of shared or DIY hosting, you will have to separately install various software and plugins to bring your website up to speeds that managed WordPress offers as a norm. Under dire conditions, nothing you do will be enough to bring your shared hosting service up to the speeds that you require for high performance and customer satisfaction.

Managed WordPress hosting services such as Kinta use four different types of cache that automatically perform at server and software-level. This means that all the caching is handled by Kinsta and its staff while you simply sit there and reap the immediate benefits, it saves you the hassle of trying to figure out which plugin the fastest for your site.

Choosing managed WordPress hosting can save you the hassle and frustration of setting up caches. On the contrary, managed WordPress hosting services can provide you with the most updated technology and architecture.
Therefore your WordPress host is holding you back with slow releasing PHP versions because managed WordPress hosts are fine-tuned to run as fast as possible.

3. Strategically Located Data Centers for Global Reach:

Managed WordPress hosting providers have an extensive infrastructure that has been designed to have a global reach. Managed WordPress service providers such as Kinsta have 20 data centers to process your client requests compared to the small 5 to 10 data centers available at your typical managed WordPress hosting providers.

This is the lies the third benefit of managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting allows you to utilize the content delivery network and speed up the delivery of your data. Services like Kinsta use Google Cloud Platform’s “premium tier” network that results in lower hops and shorter distance, which means faster and secure deliverance of your data.
Managed WordPress service providers such as Kinsta have 20 data centers from which you can choose from.
The time taken or the delay that occurs during transmission of data over a network is known as Network Latency. The further the distance the data is traveling, the higher the latency will be. Therefore, the clients’ sites must be placed near to where their customers will be.
Managed WordPress hosting does this for you. These service providers place your clients’ sites strategically close to their targeted customers and visitors, therefore, reducing latency and, TTFB.
Being able to pick local data centers means that the clients’ site will load faster for their target customers, irrespective of their location.

4. Automated Backups:

The fourth benefit of managed WordPress hosting is, perhaps, the most important one. Automatic backups mean that you will never lose your clients’ data!

A standard quality managed WordPress hosting provider will offer you with automated backup at no extra charges. Shared hosts also provide automatic backup, but this feature is usually a part of the more expensive, exclusive packages. With a VPS and the whole DIY process, you will have to set up your backup system, which is not only a complicated and challenging process but will also cost extra.

With high quality managed WordPress hosting provider services such as Kinsta, you will be provided with automatic backups without any additional charges or setup. If you want a little more control with your backups, Kinsta also allows you to create manual backups with the simple click of a button. Moreover, you can download a full backup of your clients’ sites at any given time. Having multiple backup options means a hassle-free and anxiety-free experience for you and your client.

To ensure that the restoring process is as quick and easy as possible, you must choose managed WordPress hosting over your average sharing and DIY route.

5. One-Click Staging Environments:

You cannot afford your website to go offline or malfunction in any form; therefore, you need to be testing all the time. Test any possible new changes, such as plugins, PHP versions, and any updates on your development site. However, the testing process is usually very lengthy, time-consuming, and tiring.

Therefore you should choose managed WordPress hosting because they take this entire process, simplify it, and make it easy for you to run tests on your site and its environments constantly.

A lot of managed WordPress hosting providers, including Kinsta, have a one-click stating and testing option making the testing process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

If you choose managed WordPress hosting instead of shared hosting or the DIY VPS method, you can get to test your clients’ sites with just a click, which is so much easier and a hassle-free process.

6. Developer-Friendly:

A significant advantage of managed WordPress hosting over your average shared ITI hosting is the fact that you have access to extra developer-friendly features. Search features include Composer, SSH access, HeidiSQL get, and Sequel Pro. You might be able to access these features using a DIY VPS, but that requires extra setup, which is time-consuming and energy-draining.

WP-CLI is a tool that is quickly gaining traction in the WordPress community. It is a command-line tool that manages many facets of the WordPress installation process. It can add and remove users, categories, and simultaneously insert test data and so much more. This tool is a big help for most developers.

Elite and good quality managed WordPress service providers such as Kinsta offers a unique feature called the myKinsta dashboard, which allows you to access the SSH connection easily. Kinsta also offers various other developer-friendly features, which includes features such as the facility to run multiple PHP versions between sites and Staging sites. You are forgetting the necessary support needed to perform custom setups and reverse proxy configurations.

Managed hosting equips your team with the latest rules that would help them in developing their clients’ website and take full advantage of the available WordPress features.

7. Security Is Taken Seriously:

In the event of a hacking or encounter with a malware, shared hosting providers or DIY VPS does not provide any sort of assistance- at least not for free. The support ad assistance they provide on such occasions is usually part of their more exclusive packages that result in hundreds of extra dollars in charges.

To put it into simple words- you are responsible if your clients’ site gets hacked. Here is the seventh reason why you should choose managed WordPress hosting over the traditional shared hosting providers or the DIY VPS route. Most managed WordPress hosting providers offer support in the event of a hacking. Moreover, they take security very seriously and tend to have systems in place to prevent any form of malware attack.

However, what kinds of managed WordPress hosting service provider you use also has a significant impact on how much and what types of protection you have against hackers and malware. If your managed hosting service provider is a good one- such as Kinsta- then you will get passive and active measures to stop malware attacks. Kinsta also blocks access to XML- RPC and disables the execution of code in WP- content, and uploads so that hackers can’t exploit it.

High quality managed hosting providers such as Kinsta also provides free malware removal and hack repairs. The Kinsta support team is usually on your site, repairing things before you even realize that your site had been infected. The provider, your web host, uses is crucial. Therefore managed WordPress hosting services such as Kinsta that use Google Cloud Platform firewall have the strength of a well-built security system that has matured over the course of 15 years.

You want to make sure that your clients’ sites are always secured. Managed hosting provider ensures this for you and provides any form of assistance in the event of a security breach.

8. Built with Scalability in Mind:

When you are setting up sites for your clients, one of the main targets is good—the growth of both the side and the business. When you outgrow your resources in a shared hosting situation, your only option is to upgrade to a better package. Which again will cost you extra charges. This is the best-case scenario. Mostly, with shared hosting as you keep on growing at one point or the other, you will be required to move on to a dedicated server that will be able to handle the growth of your website.
The migration process itself is time-consuming, and you must constantly be cautious of your growth limitations. DIY VPS may be easier to scale when compared to shared hosting, but it is still time-consuming and requires extensive server and disc knowledge.
This is where the real value of managed WordPress hosting lies. They usually handle all of the scaling issues for you so that you can remain worry-free. If you go over their previously defined limits, you will be notified and upgrade with just a click.

High grade managed hosting service providers such as Kinsta uses Google compute engine server. This gives Kinsta a unique advantage over other managed hosting providers. Kinsta can automatically scale your site, when your client site experiences a surge in load and traffic Kinsta allocate resources as needed without any prompt. This results in a hosting configuration that is private and secure, and you have the necessary leeway to scale up or scale down depending on the situation.

Managed WordPress hosting will grow with you and your business so that you can scare to meet customers the man without the Hustle of switching providers for incurring any extra charges.

9. Reliable and faster lookup times with the premium DNS:

The ninth and last benefit of managed to WordPress hosting is because you should be implementing a premium DNS provider. This feature is not available with shared hosting for the DIY VPS method. I get in order to get this you have to sign up separately, which results in an extra hassle and additional charges.
Usually, the free DNS provided by domain registrars is very slow and inconsistent with varying lookup times. The best DNS providers are companies like Dyn, Amazon, Cloudfare, and DNS made easy. They all have specially designed extensive infrastructure for DNS.

Kinsta is one of the few managed hosting providers that offer premium DNS through the Amazon route 53. A reliable TNS provider is also needed to protect your sites from DDoS attacks.

The human attention span is about a mere 8 seconds. Therefore for customer retention, you want your clients’ site to have fast loading and lookup times so that your customers don’t leave before the site has even loaded. This is only possible with a premium DNS provider, which only comes with a few premium high quality managed WordPress hosting providers such as Kinsta.


The main point of choosing managed WordPress hosting over your regular shared hosting and DIY VPS method is the fact that despite the higher price, managed hosting providers have been designed to make your life easy and remain as tension-free as possible. You want to able to guide and help your clients grow their sites and their reach without constantly worrying about security breaches, constant backups to avoid loss of data, outgrowing your resources, etc.
This article defines and describes the nine benefits of managed WordPress hosting. So what are you waiting for? Choose your managed hosting package now!

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