Canva Reviews: The Most Budget-Friendly Tool For Graphic Designing

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This is precisely the right place if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur who wants to generate attractive posts through his social media account. Are you a marketer who wants to grab the attention of your targeted audiences by creating trendy images? Don’t worry anymore. We are here with a user-friendly product named Canva, and these canva reviews are going to change your life for sure.

Using Canva, you can make your desired customized images and graphics without the help of some expensive products like Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator programs. Canva is a budget-friendly solution to all your problems and provides high-quality images and graphics.

In this review, we will talk elaborately about Canva’s services, features, pricing, and many other things, which will help you to choose just the right product to give your images an extra eye-catching vibe. Let’s get initiated with a brief introduction to Canva.

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Canva is one of the most accessible designing tools of all time. It has made it easier for beginners to ideally imply his/her mind thoughts as forms of images. Now, you can design simple images or banners for your brands or your companies, and that too free of cost. A lot of reviews about canva can be seen while surfing on the internet. Some say it has been them amazing designers. Others say they face fewer constraints while using this tool. Canva comes with numerous built-in templates that make it even more effortless for its users by simply choosing the desired template and working on it. You can select or upload various images with different colors and also select the trendiest fonts that go with your logo or icon. Canva opens a vast opportunity for you to put your innovative ideas on images. Canva is indeed full of surprises if you choose to explore it.




  • There are numerous templates designed with brilliant ideas and guidelines.
  • Amazingly simple to start working as a beginner.
  • It allows anybody to imply his/her perfect planning or ideas roaming around in their minds on the images.
  • It’s free to use. For the paid version, you can experience better templates and premium facilities.
  • Fewer options make the designs more specific and cleaner.
  • The images load fast, look great, and work in any part of the world with access to the internet.
  • You can either choose from the various images already given in the tool, or you can customize them to make it look even better according to your preference.
  • The processes and options of the app are pretty simple, and so, you don’t need anybody’s help to start learning how to use Canva. Become a rock star in designing everything by yourself.
  • You can create posts of various sizes and dimensions that go with the different social media types by merely choosing options like the Facebook post, twitter banner, and so on.


  • Dimensions of an image cannot be altered when you start designing on it.
  • Content for exporting cannot be combined.
  • Only 15 pages can be used in slide decks.

Table of Contents

A brief introduction to Canva:

What is Canva? Canva is an online platform for graphic designing and photo editing. You can use it for any custom graphic designing and become an expert graphic designer by practicing in your home. Starting from templates and different styles of text formats, Canva gives you an enormous chance of ideas to choose from and make the best use of it. Not only that, you can enhance your photos or designs with special effects and textures.

You no longer have to pay bulky chunks of amounts to use some features of the pricey Photoshop or Illustrator programs. Canva enables you to design logos, infographics, photos, and other visual images for your posts and your brands. This fantastic platform comes up with a diverse number of resources, including a logo maker and a palette generator, which will undoubtedly make you create designs combined with professionalism.

Let’s get in-depth discussion about the Canva Reviews and enlighten you with its layout and features.

The registration and the log-in process:

Sign Up Process
Canva has got the most simple registration and log-in procedures. For the registration process, you can use a Google account, a Facebook account, or any email according to your preference. For the log-in process, you can just put up your account’s information tagging the password that you have registered with.

Doesn’t it sound effortless? No doubt that you love the most uncomplicated registration and log-in processes without needing to put up a bunch of your information in an online platform. We, human beings, are lazy and prefer things to be more accessible, and Canva supports us in this preference.

Get to know Canva:

Once you log-in to your Canva account, you will encounter various options to choose from. The “Create a design” will show you a list of the types of posts you want to make and will display the templates accordingly. For example, if you are planning on to make a Facebook post, you can choose the “Facebook post” option from the “Create a design” option and select your desired one among the variety of the templates according to your preference. The list of some of the options that you can choose your template from are:

Canva Environment
If you choose one of the options mentioned above, you will be shown a variety of templates that go with the selected theme, and later, you can add your flavor of designs, cropping, effects, texts, and other illusions. Canva is an efficient tool that will turn your opinions and vivid imagery to reality.
Canva reviews on how to create a design will surely help you out to design your graphics and images with fluency. Let’s get to know more about it.

How to Create a Design:

How To Create A Design
Canva allows you to customize your design by the selection of the “custom dimension” option from the “create a design” option. You get to choose your preferred dimensions of the post or graphics you are going to create. Later, you can upload images accordingly from your desktop or internet and work on that to the extent you reach your goal.

However, if you select an existing template from the “create a design” option, your eyes are going to be blessed with several designs of the images with a quote or a saying attached to it. You can scroll down and never get tired of the numerous beautiful and trendy graphic designs. You can select one and do your further workings on it. You can change the color of the background, resize the image, and also upload new photos if you want.

Create A design
Canva consists of a list of different types of fonts that you can choose from. Each font is equally beautiful and gives your designs a stand-out look in the public media. The texts can be enlarged or demeaned according to your needs by simply changing the font size. Not only that, you can manage the spacing of your texts with the “spacing” option.

After producing your graphics or images, you can save them on your desktop or laptops, along with your designs being kept in “All your designs” space. Doesn’t it sound great to know that you are not losing your designed images and also getting to use them again just by logging into your account? Just log-in and get to see your beautiful collection of customized images saved there.

Now that you have been educated enough to create your designs via Canva, let’s move forward to look at some of the critical features of Canva. We guarantee you that the Canva Reviews on its key features will enrich you with mass knowledge and techniques of how to use Canva.

Key Features of Canva

Key Features

1. You can create graphs in Canva to share data:

Graphs and charts are the most efficient form of showcasing your data effectively to the audience through the blog or social media posts. Canva makes it easier for users who plan to design posts or images using various forms of graphs. Canva provides you several attractive graphs and charts to display your data efficiently. There are several formats of charts you can choose from. These types are Venn diagrams, flow charts, bar graphs, and pie charts.

Once you choose to generate a graph or a chart, you can also customize them by either editing them directly or by entering your data as inputs and letting Canva produce the desirable graph for you. You can use this graph or chart in your social media posts or blog graphics after creation by merely embedding it in another Canva design. Detailed and elaborate infographics can also be designed by using this variety of charts.

2. Improve the quality of photos utilizing editing:

Pictures or images play vital roles on websites. You can feature images for your social media posts, blog posts, and personal photos that make your brand or portfolio authentic. That means you want your pictures to be looking the best among all others in the field. Now, editing might be required to make your images appealing and eye-catching.

Canva is the best when making your images stand-out among all the competitors. Canva is capable of taking care of many of our simple and basic photos editing skills, such as cropping the pictures and also straightening them. Not only that, Canva has become a famous tool for possessing the qualities of handling advanced techniques.

For example, You can use Canva to apply effects, filters, and transparencies. By doing that, you can design the images to highlight certain parts in the photo and also adjust the mood of your photos accordingly to fit the content of your posts. Moreover, you can control some features of images like increasing or decreasing the brightness, contrast, and saturation to foster your images with the quality of debuting them on your site.

3. Designing to enhance your posts:

Images or graphics can be used for a lot of reasons. You may create a photo collage and add it with your social media post to gain more visual interests from the audiences in your lengthy blog posts. To explain research, you may want to add an infographic along to make it jollier. Or you may want to create your memes to bring some moments of enjoyment and fun in your friend circle or even in your social media.

As we have discussed earlier, Canva will consist of a tool or a template to help you create your designs regardless of your design needs. Canva contains a free library of graphics, icons, images that you can choose from, and the simple drag and drops editor makes Canva even simpler to use.

The package of Canva includes the abundant number of free backgrounds you can use as well as with different colors and fonts. Sometimes, a lot of variations can confuse you to make your decisions. In that case, there are resources in this platform that will help you whenever you get stuck. To bring inspiration to you and motivate you, you can go and check out their color wheel, font combinations, and design size guide.

4. Layouts and templates make the design process simplified:

As we have mentioned above, Canva includes a collection of templates and design layouts to streamline your design process. For example, the logo templates in Canva can be used to create a logo for your business or your site. You could also make effective use of newsletter templates to add more focus to your marketing emails by customizing the brand or a book cover templates to create an e-book.

5. You can optimize your designs created in Canva for the web:

You can resize your designs anytime in Canva to meet your necessities. But, sometimes, before adding your graphics to your website, you will still need to optimize the files of your images. Optimization of your graphics or images will help the prevention of the slow surfing of your page load times and also from discouraging the audiences or users from visiting and staying on your website.

Image Optimization plugin like Optimole is the easiest way to handle the slowing down of the website. Now, you can combine Optimole with Canva to not only create top-notch graphics and images but also enhance your site by making it fast and avoiding it from slowing down. We know, improvement in the overall site performance and even in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential, and optimization is the only practice to bring that. Canva makes it a successful business or website for us in terms of optimizing our images or graphics.

Let’s get to know about the Canva Reviews on the price to make it even more knowledgeable for us to make efficient use of Canva.

What is the pricing of Canva?

There are two versions of the Canva tool:

Canva Pricing

Free Version:

You can merely sign-up for the free version by creating a free account. This will grant you with the necessary tools of Canva and some of the main features like two folders and one gigabyte of storage space to upload and save your designed photos and graphics. You will get access to 8,000 templates. In addition to that, Canva will offer you a library of free stock graphics, photos, backgrounds, and templates. However, you cannot use any images at all. To use any image, you will get access to it for just $1 per graphic or photo. It sounds like a great deal when it comes to the free version.

Paid Version:

If you opt for the paid version of Canva, you will encounter lots of scope of Canva’s features. The features include GIF creation, exclusive free design elements, unlimited storage, 400,000 free illustrations, photos, and templates, set brand color palettes, and custom resizing. If the free version sounds like a great deal, then the paid version looks the best deal ever. Anyone can register the paid version, and the remarkable part about Canva is that the paid version is just $12.95 per month. Moreover, you are lucky enough to get priority support with the paid version.

Customer Support Service:

Whenever you face any problem regarding Canva, visit the customer support page of Canva. This page has got the complete detailed articles and tabs that will ensure to find quick solutions for the users whenever they face any problems.

>However, the drawback of Canva’s support system is that they haven’t given any email contacts or phone numbers through which urgent problems can be consulted. Sometimes, this can become a severe issue for users when it comes to saving time. Canva does provide some contact forms for more significant issues, such as problems related to billing.

Final Thoughts:

Canva has gained a lot of popularity in the past years for being the most reliable and user-friendly tool when it comes to designing graphics or images. A lot of bloggers, social media marketers, graphic designers, and professionals are making use of Canva. The Canva reviews found on the internet are highly positive, and everyone highly recommends this tool.

When it comes to creating high-quality images, no doubt that Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop are doing an excellent job there, but, Canva is providing almost the same quality of graphics and models for the most reasonable price. We have covered the smallest detail of Canva in this article and hope that this Canva Review will change your professional life.

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