What is Cart Abandonment? How OptinMonster Can Save Your Business?

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Just think about this situation. You are on an online shopping website. You select some things that you want to buy. You choose the add to cart option. After some time, you suddenly remember that you had other works to do. You leave the shopping website, and the things are on the cart, and you haven’t bought any of them. It might sound very normal to you. But think about it from a business perspective.

When you visit a website and select products, they can do business with you. They have the chance to earn profits from you. But due to you doing other works, they are completely losing the opportunity. They are losing out on sales and profit. I think you all have understood what the cart abandonment issue is but let us now talk about this in details about this issue.

What is Cart Abandonment?

When a customer adds items to the online cart in an online shopping website and closes or exits the site without buying the products and the products remain in the cart, it is known as the cart abandonment issue. The cart abandonment rate is usually counted by using the ratio of the number of people who adds things to cart and the number of people who buys products from that website after adding. To the businessmen, it is becoming a big issue.

Cart abandonment issue from the Website Owner (Business) Perspective

This article is mainly for those people who are doing any business through their website. Cart abandonment rate is high means that the customers surf the website, select the products but ends up not buying anything. You are losing out on a lot of sales if you have to deal with this daily. You cannot achieve your full potential due to this. If you think about it, having a high cart abandonment rate means that the consumers are finding what they want to buy from your website, but for some reason, they are not buying anything. There might be various reasons behind this.

Reasons for cart abandonment

There are various reasons for which a customer abandons the cart. While buying, a shopper sees multiple things. He or she considers different things like if the price mentioned is clear or not. It means that, if your site shows that the price of a product is 100$, but in the cart, it shows that the product will cost 120$ due to extra charges, the buyer is likely not to buy as he or she will not get the confidence to buy from your site. They would think that it can’t show the price properly and there might be other hidden costs with it. So it is better not to buy from here.

Activation of different discount codes is another reason for cart abandonment. If you have given some discount codes or coupon codes to the customers to use, but they see that the site is not accepting it or there are hidden conditions, they are most likely to abandon the cart. They will have a negative impression of your site from that time.

Besides, security in transactions is a big issue. You have to ensure secure transactions if you have the option of paying through credit cards on your website. If someone sees that, the data is vulnerable, they will not be confident about buying from your site, and you will lose out on customers even when you have everything they require in your website.

Besides, there are various other small reasons like people starting to do something else and later forgetting about the cart or they seeing better offers on another site and then abandoning the cart of your website.

What to do?

To solve this problem, you can take some measures. The first thing you should do is to see if your site has any of the issues that I mentioned in this article. If your site has any of the problems, take steps to solve it. Make the changes required. Things like making it mandatory for the customers to create an account to buy something can sometimes make them lose interest. Keep guest checkout option so that they don’t have to go through the hassles.

allow guest checkout

Another effective thing you should do is do email marketing so that you can recover those abandoned carts and turn them into successful sales. Email marketing can go on a long way to turn probable customers to actual customers. To do that, you have to follow specific steps.

Recovering Abandoned Carts

what to do

You can send emails to those customers who have products in their carts but haven’t bought those yet. Emails would act as a reminder for them, and it can help to make the consumers revisit your website. But how can you get the email address of the visitors of your website? For that, you can use OptinMonster if you have developed your site through WordPress. I have already done a review of OptinMonster on my website. You can visit that.

There are different ways to get the email address of the people who visit your website. Asking for it in the checkout form or using pop-up dialogue boxes to ask for the mail address can be a great way. You can use OptinMonster to generate the forms required to get the email address of the people.

cart abandonment fix

As the website owner, you can get the access to the data regarding who are the people who have left their cart abandoned as you can know which accounts have products in their cart for more than a certain amount of time and haven’t bought the things. You can then use the data to send emails to them. The emails should not be annoying or seem like a formality. Those should have a personal touch. You can send emails regarding their cart products or recommend them a new product to buy after analyzing what they have in their cart. You can also send them coupon codes and discount codes to encourage them to visit your website and purchase products. You can also ask them various questions like why they abandoned their cart or how you can make your service better. These would help to make them feel special, and you will get the idea about what you should do to make their experience better.


Through this website, I always try to help those people who try to use WordPress to make websites and run their business. I hope that this article was fruitful in helping you in some way or the other to understand better regarding how you can have more and more buyers. Read other articles on this website to learn more about WordPress and Marketing.

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