ClickFunnels Review: An Overview That Is Worth Your Read

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Clickfunnels has been a great sales funnel and landing page builder. It is also a general-purpose hosting solution that enables users to create highly optimized sales funnels and landing pages. This in-depth Clickfunnels review exposes the various features of the tool. It will talk about the cost of getting the tool. Ever since its creation, Clickfunnels has offered its users a tool packed with creative features and functionalities, which makes it easy to use.

This powerful tool delivers excellent features that make it one of the most natural landing page builders. The drag and drop feature is the stand out feature of this tool. Users find it as the most captivating part of the tool. Though getting this tool comes with a hefty price, this Clickfunnels review 2019 will show if it worth the high cost or you should avoid spending too much on the tool. With this tool, creating your sales funnel and landing page is just a click away, unlike Clickfunnels competitors.

Though sales pages and funnels have been in existence for so many years, there is a new dimension being created by Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is making it easy for anyone to create an amazing sales page even without any prior web design skills. Any website you can think of can be created with the Clickfunnels website builder. This is why the tool is handy and exceptional. The tool has exciting features like the drag and drop editor that makes everything easy to achieve. There are certain things that Clickfunnels can be used to build, and they include:

ClickFunnels Review


Ease Of Use






Are you looking for a high sales funnel and an incredible landing page builder? Then, ClickFunnels is an excellent choice to rely on. To make it more attractive, this astonishing platform also has a general-purpose hosting solution. We are presenting you with an overview of ClickFunnels that will discuss in-depth about the features, the pros, and cons of ClickFunnels. The original features and functionalities of ClickFunnels, especially the frag and drop feature, make it a stand out feature of this tool. Though sales pages and funnels have been in existence for so many years, there is a new dimension being created by Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is making it easy for anyone to create an amazing sales page even without any prior web design skills. We will highly encourage you to try this fantastic package of useful and efficient functionalities and enjoy the best deal. What are you waiting for? Go and give your try with the 14 days free trial!​




  • All-in-one system
  • The drag and drop feature of this tool makes it very easy to use
  • Easy integration with WordPress websites and custom domains
  • Easy data tracking
  • It comes with many excellent built-in features
  • ClickFunnels has an impressive affiliate program
  • Email marketing automation feature
  • It also offers an easy way to copy or duplicate share funnels
  • Sales funnel flows
  • Extensive A/B testing tools
  • Built-in checkout pages


  • The monthly cost is on the high side
  • ClickFunnels does not have 24 hours' chat support for its users
  • The number of funnels and visitors are limited

Table of Contents

ClickFunnels is one of the most efficient sales pages building tools on the market. There are a lot this sales funnel platform offers its users, ranging from shopping cart to email service and autoresponder, and so many more features to cherish. The various elements that make this tool exceptional will be briefly looked into.

Drag and Drop Editor

The highest catch of Clickfunnels is the drag and drop feature. This feature of the tool makes creating Sales pages extremely straightforward and easy. This sales funnel platform is specifically built to make the process of designing and creating funnels smooth and fun experience, with the drag and drop editor.

The tool eliminates every need of coding while creating a sales page. So unlike Clickfunnels competitors, you don’t need to be a professional web designer to create a stylish and converting sales funnels.

Elements of the Drag and Drop Feature:

There are several things users can find in the drag and drop editor of Clickfunnels. They include:

Users will find the Content Blocks of the editor handy. The tool has several blocks that can be dragged and dropped onto the desired location on your sales page. Some of the examples are a progress bar, FAQ section, timer, pricing table, and a whole lot more.

With the media section of the editor, users can choose and include media files into their sales pages, such as audios, videos, or images. You can upload your image or choose from the pre-loaded stock images available from the tool’s library or Unsplash, IconFinder, or Pixabay. All these are done within the editor. Users can also add a video to their funnels from Wistia, YouTube, and Vimeo.

The editor has a variety of font sizes and colors that you can use to alter the size and color of your content.

With the editor, users can change the background images, colors, or even videos of their sales pages.

The editor offers a variety of forms that can be added to your sales funnels. Some of them include survey forms, billing and shipping forms, SMS forms, and sign up forms.

With the popup feature of the editor, users can easily choose where to add popups to their page. Users can add extra beauty to their sales funnels with this feature by choosing when and where the popup will display. You can set it to show when visitors exit the page.

The social media section of the editor helps you display social share buttons or sign up options anywhere on your sales pages. If you don’t like the precept buttons, you can easily change the way it looks to match your branding.

There is an SEO part of the editor where users can add description, keywords, title, and other search engine parameters to their sales funnels.

Though Clickfunnels is all about drag and drop, for users who are good at coding, they can add their custom CSS styles to their sales funnels. This option is strictly personal and not one of the mandatory options.

The editor of this great tool provides users a flexible way of creating their sales funnels. It is packed with excellent features that make creating an exceptional and converting sales pages easy and straightforward.


Web page hosting is one of the impressive features of Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels offers an all-in-one hosting solution. With this tool, users can host all of their sales funnels and landing pages with ease. Together with the hosting, Clickfunnels ensures the safety and maintenance of your web pages, also ensuring your website experiences lesser downtime by making them load faster.


Users can increase their sales with the Clickfunnels solution. They can achieve this by promoting their products through a multi-stage sales funnel. By promoting their products and services, users generate more interest and ultimately rake in more sales. There is nothing you cannot sell with Clickfunnels, both physical and digital goods can be sold.

ClickFunnels Sales Funnel
Users will enjoy the integration of Clickfunnels with ShipStation. ShipStation is an eCommerce fulfillment center that caters to all the packing and shipping of items, which in most cases, can be highly time-consuming and demanding. Whatever your eCommerce preferences, be sure to know that Clickfunnels will get all your needs covered. Clickfunnels can integrate with several payment gateways including EasyPayDirect, PayPal, Authorize.Net, OntraPort, Stripe, and others.

Predefined Sales Funnels

Predefined Sales Funnel
This landing and sales funnel builder offers several template sales funnels that users can choose from when creating their funnels. As a user, these preset sales funnels come in handy because they’re easy to use.

The template funnels are grouped according to industries and the goals they are supposed to meet.

The best catch is that each template has its video that explains what it can be used for and how it can be used properly. And for users who want to create custom sales pages, they also comfortably do so with Clickfunnels.

BackPack Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels’ affiliate program is another impressive tool that is worthy of mention. Most that don’t know much this program often ask is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme? The answer is no.

This affiliate program allows users to set up an affiliate platform to sell their products. These products can either be physical or digital good, to help drive traffic to their website.

Creating custom affiliate plans:

Under ClickFunnels’ affiliate program, users can create different types of affiliates, which can include Regular affiliates, Super affiliates, Friends, and Family, among other examples.

The affiliate program is provided as part of the top-end Etison Suite plan of the Clickfunnels pricing plan.


The ability to create webinars is another incredible feature of Clickfunnels that users find appealing. With Clickfunnels webinars, you can create webinar funnels to help your brand grow. The webinar funnels will also increase the chances of selling your products and promote your service to a broader audience.

ClickFunnels Webinar Sales Funnels
Clickfunnels offers users two ways of running webinars. One way is to make an already recorded webinar that the platform plays when required. The other way is to host a live webinar using Zoom or GoToWebinar.

Membership Site Functionality

The Clickfunnels membership functionality enables users to sell access to their premium content areas or their membership site. Their landing page templates and membership funnel functionality increases the number of signups to users’ website.

This membership funnel begins with the advertising of your website, displaying high-quality content and generally give users reasons why they should subscribe. This scenario leads visitors to a page where they can signup to have access to your premium content. You can, alternatively, create a custom membership funnel from scratch with a blank template.

Split Testing

Clickfunnels allows users to split test funnels for maximum conversions. This testing is crucial in getting to know what works and what doesn’t. All sections of a sales funnel can put into split test such as –

Email Services

Clickfunnels has its marketing automation platform, which is known as Actionetics and its part of the Etison Suite plan of Clickfunnels pricing plan. However, they also integrate with some other email responders, which include GetResponse, Hubspot, MailChimp, Aweber, among others.

Their marketing automation platform seamlessly integrates with your sales funnel and keep track of all your transaction with Clickfunnels dashboard. Actionetics offers an impressive feature that makes it easy to connect with clients more personally. Users can utilize the marketing automation platform to:


Clickfunnels can automatically track your funnels analytics. Monitoring funnels’ analytics will help users understand their customers’ behaviors. These behaviors include what they are responding to, and also assist in planning changes and improvements for future funnels. The analytics will provide you with details of how your pages are performing and stats that can be viewed within the Clickfunnels’ dashboard. Some of the data you can see include –

How To Use Clickfunnels

I believe by now, the question on your lip is how to use Clickfunnels. Well, rightly so, the platform offers a 14 days’ trial period where you can try out the features of the tool and see how they can help you grow your business.

If, at any point during the trial period, you feel that Clickfunnels isn’t what you want, you can cancel at any time. However, most Clickfunnels testimonials show that many users do not cancel because the features of this tool are too much to turn down.

Clickfunnels Pricing

In the Clickfunnels pricing 2019, it shows that they offer two pricing plans that don’t come cheap.

The top tier plan is called Etison Suite, which is worth $297 per month, while the second and cheaper option is the basic plan, which is billed at $97 per month. However, you can make good use of the free 14 days’ trial and check out the benefits of Clickfunnels if it is right for you and your business.

The details of the Etison Suite plan of Clickfunnels include unlimited access to all the features of Clickfunnels, which include their affiliate program and the marketing automation platform (Actionetics). Users within this subscription are also allowed to create a countless number of pages and funnels as they need.

On their basic plan, users have access to create only three domains, and 20 sales funnels with 100 pages. Their sales funnels cannot accept more than 20,000 visitors. Other features subscribers on this plan will enjoy include: access to predefined templates, eCommerce integrations, all features of the editor, emails, among others.


This in-depth Clickfunnels review has exposed the incredible features of this handy marketing tool. Most internet marketers may not be aware of this tool or may not be conversant with its features, but this Clickfunnels review has exposed this hidden gem.

The stand out feature of Clickfunnels is the drag and drop editor that makes creating sale funnels easy and straightforward. Users don’t need to have any website design skills to use this tool. However, the major drawback is the hefty price tag. Users can take advantage of the free 14 days’ trial to test the features of the tool to know if it is right for them.

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