Content Samurai Review: Create Videos With Ease (Comes with 25% off and 7-day trial link)

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SEO or to break it down Search Engine Optimization, is getting more hard and complicated day by day. So, there is a common question that you might have; can I generate my traffic in any alternative way? I have an answer to this; video marketing is the way to go. For people like me who are shy to come in front of the camera or just too busy recording a video, then Content Samurai is the solution for you. There is plenty of software that claims to help you make excellent videos, but in most cases, they don’t work that well and are highly expensive.
So, after using many of the video editing softwares myself, I decided to review Content Samurai, which stands out from the rest. In this Content Samurai review, I will be talking about all the features and a complete description of what Content Samurai is.


Ease Of use






In this Content Samurai review, I have broken down all the features and positives and negatives part by part. To summarize, Content Samurai is an online-based video making software for SEO, marketers, video makers, businessman, etc. What makes this software unique is its ease of use and jam-packed features. You don’t need to have any skills to use this unique online-based software. As you enter the members’ area, you will find a huge number of clips; just select the clips and add voice along with templates, and your video will be ready in no time. If your main goal is to draw traffic, then video marketing through YouTube is a must, and Content Samurai helps you in the creation of that video. You can easily create eye-catching videos by yourself using Content Samurai without hiring any professional. So you will save money and also earn more money using this website.




  • A Very Good support system.
  • The content samurai has very few bugs.
  • The user interface is friendly and easy to use.
  • There is no need to show your face.
  • Have an option for an auto-generated voice, so you do need to use your own voice.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • You can create eye-catching, stunning videos.
  • The Content Samurai takes only a few minutes to create great videos.
  • Make money comfortably from home.


  • Content samurai won't make your videos magically; you still have to create them on your own
  • You cannot have any whiteboard animation.
  • The tool is not fully developed, so it still has room for improvement.

Table of Contents

What is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is an online-based video making software that will help you to create fast, easy videos of professional level within a short time. Well, you might already know this since you have already searched the internet seeing the name. But here in this Content Samurai review, I will break it into more detail so that your whole concept regarding Content Samurai is crystal clear.
Content Samurai is a combination of all other video makers. It combines all the features to transform itself into an excellent online video making tool. Since it is an online program, you don’t need to install or download any additional files into your computer.
In order to engage the crowd, you cannot create dull, simple, and boring videos. Content Samurai will help you by providing a massive collection of video clips of everything that you can think about. You can insert these clips into your video within a few minutes and hence create visually engaging video and content within a short time.
In order to engage the crowd, you cannot create dull, simple, and boring videos. Content Samurai will help you by providing a massive collection of video clips of everything that you can think about. You can insert these clips into your video within a few minutes and hence create visually engaging video and content within a short time.
You might ask what “I can even do this same without using Content Samurai.” Yes, you are right; you can do this without even using Content Samurai, but this work will at least take a few hours, and you will also need high editing skills. While using Content samurai, you can leave the editing on it.

Who are Master Mind Behind Content Samurai?

Eugene Ware
The current CEO and one of the principal Co-founders are Eugene Ware. He, along with a team of 8 members, have created this useful tool. Content Samurai is a part of the main webpage NobleSamurai. Taking about Eugene ware, he is a famous web developer who has preciously made 570,000 dollars online in just 37 minutes.

Who needs Content Samurai?

If you need to make professionally or just an individual who likes to create videos, then this is for you. Content Samurai is for everyone interested in creating high-quality, engaging videos.
If you wish to get more traffic from YouTube, which is watched daily over billion times from all around the world, or if you are just looking to start an income and earn through YouTube, then this tool is for you.
Content Samurai can be an ideal tool for business owners, both small and large, entrepreneurs and internet or SEO marketers who are looking to create engaging videos to drive traffic or wishing to sell their products through these videos.
Moreover, if you need to make videos for your business purpose, but doesn’t want to show your face or your voice. This tool is a must to have for you because this tool will give you the freedom to create stunning videos without showing your face and more interestingly due to the exclusive features you don’t even have to insert your voice. I will be discussing more this and other cool stuff in the features section of this article.

Features of Content Samurai

Content Samurai is a feature-packed program, and here I will be discussing all the features in detail. Read this part of the Content Samurai review to have a better and detailed idea about all the unique features it has to offer.
However, if you are always confused about how to write good video titles and want to make your videos more eye-pleasing and eventually get more traffic, just enter the link below to download the FREE cheat sheet and learn all the exclusive techniques and increase your traffic today.
If you want to learn more and study digital productivity, then make sure to get your hands on this FREE playbook. The team of NobleSamurai also uses these shortcuts.

Huge collection of video clips and templates

You will have access to a massive collection of different video templates that is sure to check all your SEO requirements.
They have a vast collection of videos that cannot be expressed in words; you have to check them by yourself by going to their website. You can easily access these templates and use them in your videos, and you will save your valuable time.
Video Templates
More importantly, the library contains a massive collection of videos, and there is no limit on the number of clips you can add to your video.

Versatile Sound Options

Sound Option
You will find four different options for adding sound to your video.
Since you are the creator of this video, you can choose your required sound option by yourself. You can either add music only or use the auto voice option, which my personal favorite because this gives you the freedom of not talking instead choose from natural-sounding voice along with adjustment of sound.
But don’t worry if you wish to upload or record your own voice because Content Samurai will even give you that freedom.

Editing Options

Editing Option
Content Samurai offers many different types of editing options; you can check the picture below for more clarification.

Auto Generation with an AI system

I love this AI system. The inbuilt AI system in Content Samurai will automatically cut your video into sections. But, you might not want this auto cut feature. Don’t worry; you can always manually edit this.
For me, this feature saves me time a lot since I don’t have to spend time editing software or ask someone else to do it for me, which will cost me money. Instead, I can just focus on a good quality script and left all the editing works on this system.

How to Create videos using Content Samurai

Well, making a video in Content Samurai is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of skills in doing so. Down below, I will break the whole procedure step by step to make your work much more comfortable.

Step 1 - Login or Signup:

Here if you haven’t signed up yet, you can create your account, and if you are already signed up, you can enter your login details and enter the member’s area.

Step 2 - Create a new video button:

Here you just click on the green button, which is located at the right side of the home page, and says, “Create a new video.”
Create A New Video

Step 3 - Selection of a template:

There are many fresh templates that you can choose for your video, but if you do not want a template, it is not necessary to select one. But selecting a template will make your work much more manageable.
Video Templates

Step 4 - Plan and write your script:

First, make sure to add a title, and you create your script. You have to care about correct spacing while using the auto-generated voice options. But, if you are using any other sound options, then you can write the text you need in the video.
Write Your Script
Due to the built-in AI system, Content Samurai will automatically cut and position your scripts in the complete video. This feature will definitely make your job easier and less time-consuming.

Step 5 - Addition of video clips in your video:

Since you are done writing the title script, you can start working with the video clips. You can now add video clips to your video. I will explain to you the procedure of doing it, you will just search for anything that you want in your video, and they have everything that you will need.
For example, I searched for food, and this massive collection came up. You can moreover, add multiple clips, and also edit texts at the same time.
Video Clips

Step 6 - Adding audio:

Do you like to watch videos without music and sound? I am sure you don’t, neither do I. You cannot expect the audience to enjoy your video without sound, as I mentioned earlier, while discussing features that Content Samurai has four different sound options.
If you don’t wish to use your own voice, then use the auto-generated voice option, which sounds like a real human. You can also record and add your own voice in the video or even music. While using your own voice, you will have the option of making your voice faster and slower.
Sound Option

Step 7 – Editing the Video:

You are nearly done with your video, you have added all the essentials. It is now time for some final minute touchups. You can now click at the preview button and see your video if you don’t like something, just edit it and save it.

Step 8 – Final step downloading

You are done creating your very own video. Just wait for few minutes for the video to be processed and press the “Generate Your Video” button. Well, reading the whole procedure might take you more than 20 minutes, but trust me while actually working, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to do it.

Pricing of Content Samurai (25% Discount)

I would suggest you to visit the Content Samurai website for the actual pricing since the price varies from time to time.
However, I have a tremendous gift for all of you readers out there. Since you guys took out your time to read this Content Samurai review, I am giving you a link to actually get a solid 25% off on your account opening of Content Samurai. You just need to click this link to be selected for this huge discount gift. Hurry up and click the link, do not waste your time.

A Special 7-day trial option

Previously I have given you a 25% off link, but I have something more to offer in this Content Samurai review. Some of you might still be confused about whether to buy Content Samurai or not and try it before going to but it with your money. I totally understand that, and hence I will give you an exclusive link which will provide you with a 7-day trial option.
So try it yourself for seven days and then buy it. Stop worrying this link is absolutely any risk-free, and you are not going to add your credit card for using this seven-day trial.

My personal experience with Content Samurai

I decide to write the Content Samurai review to share my personal experiences with you all out there. I have been working as an SEO marketer and creator of niche sites myself; hence my strategy is always to attract customers at any cost. While browsing through the internet randomly, I came across the Content Samurai website, and I was impressed with all the cool features.
I was always shy to show my face in front of the camera, so I was never willing to create videos for my SEO. Even though I generate niche sites, but video making on YouTube is very important, or else you will be missing a lot of high-quality traffic.
I personally used the trial at first, and I was pretty impressed and hence decided to buy the full package. So, I will request all of you out there reading this to try out the trial at least, which you can quickly get from the link I provided upwards.
After getting Content Samurai, I have planned to make a video for my every post on my niche websites, and hence I can expect to get traffic from Google as well as YouTube also. I could have used many other available videos making software, but none could have given me the easy accessibility that Content Samurai has to offer, along with a short time to create my videos. That’s not it, the huge collection of clips in the library makes all the videos very stunning and attracts lots of traffic.
I personally love the Auto-generation voice because this allows me to use the narrator’s voices in the system, which sounds like a human. So, I do not always have to use my voice, and besides, I am not very comfortable to record and use my voice.
On the contrary, if you ask my opinion regarding this. I will say Content Samurai has exceeded my expectations. Before starting to use it, I thought it will also be like other regular available video making software and will have nothing fancy to offer, but it completely shocked me.
Content Samurai is more than a video maker, it will not just create a regular video but amazing videos because of the great video clips in the collection along with auto narrator voice-overs or awesome templates.
Moreover, if you want your videos to look more professional, you can easily hire voice over experts for a very low price on Fiverr. This will make your videos more crowd appealing, and you will definitely gain more traffic. You just have to ask, and you will have everything that you are ever going to need for creating videos. All these exclusive features, yet you can create good quality videos within minutes.

Final Opinion on Content Samurai

Do not just buy this product according to my review. If you have made towards this in the article, then I can surely say that you are an individual who needs to create videos. If you are interested in creating high-quality, stunning videos the I will definitely suggest you try the Content Samurai.
I have used other software, but it will be very hard to find any other product which is as good as this one. You can create all the fantastic videos using Content Samurai with such ease that you can’t even imagine before using it by yourself.
Yes, I know what you might be thinking that you can create videos without this also, then why should you use this software, but I assure you that it will take you at least ten times longer to create videos without Content Samurai.
If you have access to this, you don’t have to go to someone or hire a professional to help you create a video, and we all know how costly it can be to hire these professionals. So just start using Content Samurai and save your money.
Video marketing is getting more famous every day, and as a marketer, if you are not using this, then you are definitely losing a considerable proportion of traffic. Let’s just face the fact, in today’s time, no one has the time to read the enormous description of your products, so the solution is creating videos that are short and also an excellent tool for attracting traffic. And to make this video making easier, Content Samurai is here for you.
Moreover, you can earn additional money by creating videos; there are plenty of freelancing services on freelancing websites related to this video creating. Hence, with Content Samurai, you can easily make videos and take these works to make a hefty addition to your cash earning. So I hope that this Content Samurai review will definitely help you in your money earning journey and make your life much easier.
This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.
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