Disadvantages of Digital Marketing: 10 Things We All Hate About Digital Marketing

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Disadvantages of digital marketing and technology are entangled! Speaking from the origin of Digital Marketing, it is defined as the use of digital channels to promote or market its products and services to their targeted audience. 

It is the best substitute for the traditional marketing platform you have seen over the ages. Digital marketing allows you to promote brands conveniently on a daily basis through digital marketing strategies and content. 

Unlike traditional marketing, it has its advantages as technology is advancing and enlarging every day. As marketing has moved to handy devices, life is more comfortable to reach a larger audience in a shorter period.

Like the other side of the moon, it has left us with some significant disadvantages. You see, Gartner predicted by the year 2015, that around 80% of consumers spending time on devices, whose decisions will be heavily influenced by mobile and social media marketing! 

To gain a better understanding of why digital marketing has become so popular over the years, one should first gain an insight into the advantages that lie in digital marketing, which is present in all businesses, no matter how small or big that business/industry is. 

It is also significant to take into consideration that some of the disadvantages present is to help them in considering which digital marketing strategy will work best for their business. 

Believing in digital marketing is not a bad thing. After all, this is how some people make a living! So, when a potential client asks about the disadvantages of digital marketing campaigns, it does get tempting to say that there isn’t any. Digital marketing isn’t flawless with its products and services. 

Professional marketers tend to make mistakes all the time, and some digital marketing practices can backfire terribly. So, let us walk you through the ten disadvantages of digital marketing which we all hate about digital marketing.

10 Things We All Hate About Digital Marketing


1. The Magical Digital World of Marketing:

A misconception comes from the perception that digital marketing has wholly tossed over the traditional marketing stratagem.

Only a handful amount of people indeed watches Television, and those adverts just don’t charm like they used to and make people actively engage with the brands to buy it. We comprehend that anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn’t understand this magical world of digital marketing.

The way we consume media is continuing to change very fast, but the truth is that proper marketing technique and strategies are what matters the most than the new ideas which are yet to come and go. 

Advertisers need to reach enough of their targeted audience, at the right times, with a powerful message to drive results. Digital channels offer new ways to support traditional marketing efforts to continue having a relatively luxurious experience with brands.

2. The Chase for Engagement:

Digital channels can check on the activity, that is, who is clicking/liking/commenting; hence, it needs to optimize. Time and again, studies have shown no relation between engagement rates and brand sales results, but something can communicate a message without you needing to click on it.

3. The Want for Organic Reach:

When it comes to the social platform, one of the biggest false promises the digital marketing world has to offer is that: the free ways of getting content to consumers. It is the nirvana of advertising to cut off the ‘middle man’ media fees just to focus on making the content high.

The opportunity to get genuine content without a paid investment are few and far. For instance, take the Dove Sketches advert, which spent tons of dollars behind it for an organic reach. 

Unfortunately, a lot of content vanishes almost without a trace! It would have been much more impactful with just a tiny more of an investment put behind the content. 

Battling to optimize your content to reach a little percent more of your followers is meaningless, given in reality, you may need to reach around a 1,000 percent more of people for digital marketing. 

The answer lies within the question itself, that how much content you need to make that is nearly dependent on how much you can afford to promote to a big enough audience.

4. The need for Real-Time Marketing:

In the past few years, marketing needed brands to react to every event going on around the world.

It’s a silly way of trying to be relevant to people and wait for them all to think and talk about the same thing and then try to say something to be connected to it. There are far better approaches to this sort of relevance when you need to make one, and that is by genuinely apprehending what your brand stands for since it launched.

Using your customer’s data to understand what your consumer’s interest lies in and then target the right content to the right kind of people, thrown at the right time is what should be done for marketing.

Sometimes it is seen as a way for brand visibility by jumping on the trend, but in the real world, it means pushing out content at the wrong time when it’s most likely to get lost. 

Take Oreo as an example; it reaches more people on an average day’s Facebook advertising than it did with its unpopular ‘Dunk in the Dark’ Tweet.

5. It is all about Targeting and Wastage:

While you cleverly target your audience and make yourself feel relevant to people, you shouldn’t forget the need to reach a broader audience. It is a risky job itself to target a particular audience, given our tendency to idealize a niche consumer. 

You may call someone who watches it on TV only, ‘wastage,’ it doesn’t hurt for a larger group of people to be aware of your brand. When you target a particular interest group digitally, no one else sees your advertising at all, making it effectively invisible. 

How broad should you go if it is of something debatable? The biggest and the most successful brands ultimately expand their reach out to anyone who shops the category they play in. 

Remember always to check if you’re reaching enough people to drive the business impact you need. For example, P&G popularly went on the record that it was backtracking from overly targeted adverts instead of maximizing the broader reaching powers of digital.

6. The Programmatic Complexity:

There is a lot of technology involved in making programmatic. It can be an impactful way of improving your efficiency, applying more science to your media buying, and of controlling to reach the frequency.

Additionally, it can be a powerful creative tool to allow the customized messages you want to send to your valuable customers. Digital marketing trainees can learn something here – we spend a lot of time teaching people exactly what and how they can do things in digital marketing and not enough exploring why or focus on the right things we should be doing.

7. Showing the Un-Adapted Creativity:

With your content running across the globe on multiple different digital sites, you can forgive marketers for looking for a natural creative way, and videos do seem to offer a solution that can run across the entire media properly. 

It may seem a simple solution, however, and in reality, platforms can be quite different than you think. People just don’t always sit back and watch Television adverts on YouTube, for the most part, they skip it after 5 seconds! It is not a creative decision whether your brand should be in those seconds unless you 90% of your media thrown away into junk! 

It is a simple step to take during the production to plan what your videos will look like in square & vertical formats according to your preference, or how the first few seconds will grab the attention of the viewers. 

Even this may not be enough for Facebook, as most people are watching it less than 3 seconds, rather than trying to compress down a video, consider starting with an outdoor advert and bring it to life with some astounding animation. 

Just blindly running the same assets across channels without basic adaptations is like throwing money in vain for nothing.

8. Don’t Forget the Business Objectives:

The digital world is full of opportunities, it is effortless to get lost to data and start optimizing it purely through engagement and participation to reach and view-ability all of these are proxy measures. 

Without a doubt, it is significant that people see the messages you sent, but does a low view-ability score mean that no one is watching or that they are watching them briefly?

Is it also essential to notice the fact that is it enough to drive results? It is often tough and time consuming to try and measure the actual impact of digital marketing on brand scores or actual sales. 

The digital industry always looks around for a fresh new metric to make it look easy for comparison between channels. Though, there are a few digital platforms simply work in different ways rather than the black & white contrast. 

Thus, it is always wise to take a look at your overall business objectives as a baseline sense check. Whether your campaign is reaching enough people with the right messages to stand a chance?

9. The Early Adopter Bubble:

Case studies and tech demonstrations make it easier to be caught up with the latest technology innovations, and the rising want to include them in the next plan.

Well, it is a good thing to try new things and test, but the approach to such projects should come with a touch of realism and proportional budget to match just not out of excitement by the latest innovations in AR, VR, and messenger bots. 

If, in the real world, only small numbers are doing so, you should moderate the expectations of the results. These are often light-weight ways of scaling new technologies. 

Turning a full VR experience into a simple 360-degree video. Make sure you are using the technology because of the experience. 

A lot of innovation comes from time to time by thinking more deeply and creatively about the existing platforms and media, rather than chasing the new thing and trying to force an idea to suit.

10. Bad Digital Marketing:

How annoying does it get when you see the huge banner of awful ads which crowd your cellphone screen, and you can no longer see what you wanted to see. 

The arrow you click on to see the next ‘celebrity plastic surgery disaster,’ which just opens a pop-up window. It’s this kind of stuff that can turn the best of us using an ad blocker. Advertisers and media companies need to take responsibility in hand for delivering quality standards in how they should be advertising. 

The level of ad blocker adoption is often hugely exaggerated, but it reflects more the messy kind of advertising than an actual rejection from the consumers. As an industry, they need to find ways of being more respectful in how they advertise to people before they push too many of them to the point of no return. 

Wondering what else you should be aware of to get rid of the disadvantages of digital marketing? Well, we have your back. Here, we will be explaining three more mantras which we think is vital for you to know.

Digital Marketing is Fluid


It is a big challenge for marketers in the digital age to keep up with Google. One significant aspect of contemporary marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO techniques say how marketers should create their content, design their web pages, and how to build websites. 

These actions are done for boosting a company’s visibility on search engines. Google regularly changes the rules and continuously adjusts the algorithm and keeps the methodology a secret. 

Google makes minor adjustments to not have a big effect suddenly on search engine rankings. This means that how Google determines which web pages appear at the top of search queries that can alter from year-to-year.

It does get frustrating for business owners that they have to invest in marketing strategies that could prove less useful in the next five years. 

Now that you understand why exactly digital marketing is also called fluid, you must understand why sellers only want to keep up with SEO, forgetting about the quality of their products they should be delivering to their consumers.

Digital Marketing needs confirmation from your budget


Though, there are several processes to establish automation into campaigns of digital marketing. The summary of digital marketing is sheer hard work as it takes a lot of time and energy to craft a perfect blog on a regular basis that engages with social media and manage digital advertising like Google Ads. 

The workload may seem too much for small businesses lacking adequate staff. The alternative, of course, is to have a partnership with a digital marketing agency if your budget allows you to do so.

The Competitive Digital Market


It is difficult for new businesses to turn the spotlight on them in their field right away. Specific industries are competitive to gain a higher rank. Companies have to be willing to dedicate the right amount of time and effort needed to market digitally. 

Even long keywords have become more competitive over the years, meaning that if businesses want to increase their online visibility, they need to outwork their competitors within their niche field consistently. Before you go on and start working on the digital marketing area, you should know about the limitations as well, so you don’t find a loophole. Otherwise, you may regret it afterwards. 

Do not just jump on digital marketing out of excitement; understand the limitations and the disadvantages of digital marketing! Here are some more facts about the disadvantages of digital marketing so that you know and understand the in and out of this field which will help you to think like a professional analyst.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Campaigns Can Be Copied:

One of the dangers of digital marketing is that another can easily copy a particular campaign for competition, and many have done so without disregard for the legal ramifications for their actions. 

Trademarks or logos of your brand can be used to defraud customers and take away your fair share of customers from you. 

Not only that, but this can also be used for negative and wrong information about your brand/products or services that may ruin your online reputation, and eventually, you will lose your valuable targeted customers.

Digital Marketing Can Get You Drowned in Online Ad Clutter:

Both legitimate businesses and doubtful animation like memes, spammers, and scammers in the digital marketplace, is flooded by lots of online Ad clutter. 

This makes it hard for Internet marketers to get noticed for their targeted customers. Some customers tend to simply ignore adverts, which makes businesses lose their valuable traffic and, of course, revenues in the process.

Digital Marketing Shall Not be Taken Seriously if it is Not Done Professionally:

The first impression always counts whether you use traditional, digital marketing or advertising channels as it would be of your advantage to stay consistent and professional in whatever channel you are applying for your campaigns.

Digital Marketing May Not Be Appropriate for Your Product:

Some products and services target elderly citizens, and only a few percentages depend on technology. In this case, you will only be wasting time and resources marketing your products or services through digital means.

Digital Marketing Can Damage Your Reputation by Negative Feedback:

Digital marketing tools are prone to give negative feedback, which can damage your online reputation. A single post that defames or gives wrong claims and negative feedback about your products or services can leave you scared and ruin your admiration for a long time.

Digital Marketing Is Highly Dependent on Technology Which is Prone to Errors:

Digital marketing is very much dependent on technology, which can break down and produce erroneous results. All People do not embrace digital Marketing. Last but not least, not all people have bought the idea of digital marketing. 

Their preference to choose or put more importance on products that they can see and touch before their purchase is essential. Many people are still concerned and have serious doubts about the security of online transactions that they fear. 

Focusing only on digital marketing will block you from extending out to your targeted audiences in the category, which can still be very considerable in terms of numbers. As the digital world continues to evolve, new technologies in the digital marketing sector will come and shall define how products and services will get marketed in the future.

In today’s digital business world, the ability to get the social dais across several digital platforms through borders of countries with language barriers, it was social media that has introduced a new method to marketing. 

Digital marketing with the help of technology has helped businesses grow tremendously but with that it has brought many unfortunate disadvantages to deal with. Most importantly, we do not want you to go through a bad phase. Hence, sharing some more disadvantages to aware you further.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing can occur the following issues

The Bottom Line

Safe and sound digital marketing methods are not magical cure pills that will fix every problem whenever a business faces. However, it is essential in developing a company’s brand online, increasing lead generation, and achieving sustainable growth. 

Digital marketing may seem insecure with all the disadvantages of digital marketing it holds and tough to compete, but the potential for ROI greatly outweighs those issues. If a business refuses to market digitally, it will never be able to woo new consumers and will tend to struggle to maintain its current baseline. 

Digital marketing prevents businesses from falling off the route. Social media marketing is rapidly changing and established to bring some ground-breaking changes the universe has ever seen! The methods used to develop within social media marketing have come a very long way. 

It has also created severe opportunities for businesses around the world. Still, there are certain aspects where you need to be careful of when you use social media marketing for business. 

So, do not worry about the disadvantages of digital marketing too much; your tension may only benefit your competitors! Wishing you all have a safe and successful digital marketing life.

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