How GetResponse Can Be A Life Saver In Your Email Marketing Journey?

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Email marketing is a powerful tool for your business. Email promoting or marketing has been around for an extremely prolonged stretch of time, but its high time that you should start to use it and use the power of email marketing to grow your business into new dimensions. Email Marketing is the most effective way to get connected to people all around the world and make your business go international. In case you are searching for an approach to become an expert in email marketing, then you have come to the right place.
Email marketing is a profoundly compelling computerized advertising procedure of throwing emails to prospects and customers. If you send it effectively, you are sure to turn the prospects into loyal customers. Here I will be discussing an excellent tool, “GetResponse” that does the hard work of email marketing and makes your email marketing journey much easier. This tool will make your job easier.
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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing tool designed that claims to be the most comfortable and most effective newsletter tool. This app got many useful pro features. Well, this app is used in 182 countries internationally, so the claim by the company is justified. GetResponse has evolved recently, and it has undoubtedly become an all-in-one marketing solution. This Polish-based company has been in business since 1998, and the company claims to have 350,000 individuals and companies use their services daily.

Features of GetResponse

In your email marketing journey, you will find many different platforms to help you, but none will be as effective as GetResponse. As I mentioned earlier, that GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing app. I will break down all the features briefly in order for you to understand correctly. While talking about features, they do a lot more than most other email marketing services out there. From custom landing pages to simple A/B testing. Not just it, GetResponse will also allow you to do comprehensive design testing along with video email marketing.
If you opt to go for high paid plans, you will get complimentary access to their webinar feature along with an inbuilt CRM- extras, which are not very common when it comes to email marketing websites and apps. This feature can undoubtedly get your attention towards GetResponse, and the same happened with me, and hence I became a fan of this and started using it.
One more significant feature is the landing pages, which are a part of Auto-Funnel, which is still a new feature that takes care of traffic generation, and it will also work as an online store along with payment processing. Don’t worry, don’t get confused on where to sign up for using this landing page feature, click the thumbnail below to start using this impressive feature completely free.
Automation is another feature that I must talk a little about, which allows you to have advanced automated campaigns that are based on triggers/conditions like location and sales. Well, you might say there are other tools in the market that offer automation, but trust me, none of them are this good and this tool is very much user-friendly.

A key feature: Setting up GetResponse campaign for sending emails

Above I have talked little about some of the features, but in this section, I will describe in full details about one of the features that I personally liked the most, and I will suggest you get GetResponse for this feature, especially even if not for other ones.
So it is common for you to ask how you can create a newsletter on GetResponse. This is very easy; you can create a newsletter by using the Drag and Drop editor or even the HTML source editor. This is very useful for users like me who like to provide their own code. One feature that I love while using this Email Creator tool that you can use their pre-supplied hundreds of templates or even can start from scratch and make your own; the models are always kept pretty up-to-date with time. Moreover, they also have introduced a new marketing automation template which will help you to launch the campaign quickly and efficiently.
Email Templates
Not many different apps allow you to preview your newsletter on different browsers. GetResponse will allow you to preview your newsletter on desktop as well as in various email programs, browsers, and also mobile devices. Since most of us nowadays check emails through smartphones, so having the picture of previewing what your newsletter will look like in the mobile phone is handy.
Email Preview
After you are done with the previewing, you will get an automated spam score because that works as a detector in such a way that your email programs don’t flag as suspicious. This company follows a strict rule regarding spams; they follow the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 along with other similar international laws regarding spamming.
You will also find the option of rescheduling the newsletter sending; you can either choose to send the newsletter right away or can even schedule to send it for a later time. But what if you want to throw the mail to a user in their local time; yes, you can also do that using their time travel feature. Still, sounds confusing? Well, an example might help you; for instance, you can have subscribers receive the newsletter at 10 am local time, no matter what is their time zone.
As an email marketer, it can always be tough to find the best time to send the emails, GetResponse comes with a perfect timing feature that will automatically detect the ideal time to send emails and will send the mail at that specific time by itself. And if you are an old user of email marketing, you must already know that perfect timing can certainly increase customer involvement rates along with messages customized according to the behavior of the recipients.
What I like about this app more is the customization options according to the customer profile. You can send autoresponder messages and emails based on confirmation of a profile change or even the customer’s birthday. That’s not all you can also preset any important date according to your choice. Let me clear your confusion on how to actually do this.
You can start by choosing some factors like between time-based, subscribed, clicked, opened, or goal reached. After you are selecting the type, then you are ready to set up the parameters like you can choose to send a welcoming message right away if a potential user has subscribed to your newsletter, or you can also send this message in your specified time frame. You also will get the option of setting the days of the week when the autoresponder message will be active.
So finally, you are done and should be satisfied with your campaign, now it is time to send it to all the subscribers which you can manually add subscribers or even use saved searches. Using save search options, you repeatedly can also create the list from the action button.
There are also other options like add a custom field, tag, copy, or move to a campaign and export. At this point you may want to tag subscribers or use that information in order to target contacts during the time you are sending a campaign, this can be quickly done using a saved search under the condition that the tag is designated and you are good to send the newsletter to that specific search.
Wait up; you are nearly done just a last few moments away from sending your newsletter. You then have to choose whether you want to send it right away, schedule a time, or use the built-in, perfect time feature. As you submit, a countdown clock will appear, which counts down from 60 seconds, so if you want to cancel the send, you can do it till it reaches zero.
Send Email
So are you already enthralled and ready to signup to use this excellent app? follow the link, and you will be directed to the signup page. Try GetResponse for 30 days totally free and you don’t have to add your credit card for that.

How To Build Your Email List (Infographic)

A Minor Technical Issue

problem, solution, problem solution
Everything about this feature is pretty nice so far. However, I personally experienced a slight minor technical issue while using this app. I got spinning wheels, which was due to a delay in delivering previews from outside email services. And after spinning, the wheels became like a broken image icon. I tried clicking the email services to get previews from another known service like Chrome and Firefox, but all I got was a broken image icon on a blank screen.
However, you don’t need to worry since GetResponse is already working on the issues, and it is trying to get the previews in speedy time about 60 seconds instead of the previous 200 seconds.


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Newly Introduced Auto-funnel feature:

This is an extremely significant feature for individuals working with eCommerce sites and also promoting webinars. This feature is beneficial since it helps you to build sales funnels and even landing pages for different areas of your business.

Brilliant Automation of your list:

Well, GetResponse is much more potent than most other email marketing tools since the list automation will give you access to add many different conditions so that you can segment your subscriber list automatically without much hassle.

Spam Testing Feature:

As I mentioned in the upper part of my review that the built-in spam score would ensure that your newsletter doesn’t end up in the spam folder, and your complete effort gets wasted.



Broken image issue:

While I was using GetResponse, I got some broken image issues in the preview option. However, they are already working to solve this bug as early as possible.


Probably pricing is the most critical point when you are going to buy or signup for any product, and no one is ready to spend a tremendous amount of money without even using a product. Well, the price of GetResponse is not cheap; however, they have four different plans along with different prices; you can choose the program that is best adaptable for you.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I definitely recommend GetResponse if you wish to make your email marketing journey smooth and hassle-free. After using it for many months, I wasn’t able to find many disadvantages of this app other than some minor issues. I have used other email marketing apps, but none of them contains this much of versatile features.
If you are an individual who needs email marketing and want to draw customer leads, then I would definitely recommend you to use GetRespone. This app is one of the very few apps which offers many different forms, landing pages along with google analytics integration. That’s not it; you will also get brilliantly designed automation that helps in segmentation and email. You can expect to capture as well as nurture new leads.


Whether you buy GetResponse or not depends entirely on you. I personally loved this app more than any other email marketing app in the market. It worked like magic in my email marketing journeys and helped me to bring more customers to my business.
If you are not getting your expected customers or wanting to increase your profit to your required amount, then it’s high time for you to start working with email marketing, and when you talk about email marketing, there is no better candidate than the GetResponse. This app makes your life much more comfortable and hassles free, not to mention increasing your profit to such high levels that you couldn’t even imagine.
I wrote this review to share my personal experience with you since I personally got benefited after using this app. Before using this app, I have used other email marketing platforms, but none could deliver like this app. With GetResponse, my email marketing journey certainly turned into an effortless task. This app will provide you with so many features and using these features along with the preset templates; you will have such beautiful newsletters that you can be assured to get customer responses.
This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.
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