Freshbooks Review – Your Go-to Accounting And Finances Software

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In the present capitalist world, there’s just too much competition in the market. And if you want to stand out from your competitors in the market, you need to be professional. And being professional means looking the part too. And by examining the part, I don’t mean your personal getup (though that’s an important part also). What I say today is the professional look of your accounts and finances. You need to have clean and formal looking invoices, receipts, ledgers, trial balances, and worksheets when you’re dealing with your stakeholders. And that’s why we’re here with a Freshbooks review today.

You need to be able to log expense, track time receives updates and chats with clients when you’re away because it’s the digital era. Let’s face it, if you’re lagging behind in any aspect, then you’re done.

This is where the best accounting and finances software ‘Freshbooks’ comes in. Freshbooks is one of the best accounting and financing software as well as a cloud solution for small business owners.

Freshbooks Review

User Friendliness

Recording Process



Client Management

Online Payment Features



In this digital era, if you want to establish your business, your process should be digitalized too. Freshbooks was created as a helping hand for small to medium business owners to keep track of their daily business affairs. It is an all-purpose business software. Its most popular Invoice system will manage and record your transactions entirely. The user interface is pleasing to the eye yet easy to use. You can easily track your expenses, which is very important for a growing business. It is also capable of your daily time tracking too. And many more facilities to do business without any difficulties. Doing all of these manually will take more labor and time while the risk of being wrong remains undefined. And in business, time is money. But when you have Freshbooks, you can rest assured. Literally, you can say, having your Freshbook account means half of your business hassle is removed. All thanks to its efficient algorithm. The pricing feels so inexpensive compared to its service. It will cost you 15$ to 50$ a month. So, why bear more stress when you can have Freshbooks!




  • Freshbooks has a very dynamic and adaptive invoicing system.
  • Freshbooks offers the advantageous online payment system.
  • Freshbooks helps you to stay in touch with your clients on the go.
  • Freshbooks synchronizes itself throughout all of your smart devices automatically. Therefore, you’re always updated on any changes and are ready to make any decisions on the fly.
  • Freshbooks also helps you with automatic tax circulation data.


  • Freshbooks hasn’t yet introduced the double-entry bookkeeping.
  • Freshbooks may seem a bit pricy.
  • The invoice customization option doesn’t have too many alternatives to choose from.

Table of Contents

What is Freshbooks?

As mentioned just in the previous paragraph, ‘Freshbooks’ is one of the world’s best accounting and finance software as well as a cloud solution. This was mainly designed keeping in mind the small business or venture owners as well as freelancers keeping track of their revenues, conversion, etc. and stand out from the competition by customizing the branding of their financial documents, logo, designs, etc. Freshbooks is famous for streamlining customer invoices and the time tracking processes. This program was designed based on algorithm keeping in mind small business and growing business. Freelancers who want to optimize sales cycle and conversion can also efficiently use this software. And that’s why we believe that this article on Freshbooks review will help to kick start your campaign too.

All of us will agree that technology develops to provide us ease. And with that end in mind, Freshbooks was created in a way that allows you to relax and let the algorithm take care of all the accounting and financial management task for you. Now you don’t have to be worried about being ignorant of basic accounting and finance principles and processes when launching and running a business venture. All of those painful lessons have been integrated into the software so that you can chill out while it does all the heavy lifting.

In line with the previous paragraph, I’d like to tell you that you don’t have to worry anymore about creating professional and beautiful invoices that will make your clients go wow. Now with Freshbooks, you can do that precisely with a few clicks. It also has the feature of automating client follow-ups, expenses organization, time tracking, etc. to help save your valuable time.
We all have to agree that in this era of digitization we’re all pretty lazy and like to shop online and pay online too. No one now wants to drag themselves out of their beds to go out and buy. However, does that mean that as a seller, you’re at a disadvantage? No, you’re not. With the online payment system of Freshbooks, getting paid is more comfortable even for a seller. Even a seller doesn’t have to go on collection sprees. Freshbooks easily integrates with third-party apps such as PayPal, Shopify, G Suite, Stripe, etc. to increase the ease of the app of use.

Freshbooks features excellent synchronization across all your smart devices, including your iPhone or Android with their mobile app. Now you can enjoy a vacation while keeping a close eye on the financials of your business too. The information is updated real-time across all your devices to keep you updated.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Freshbooks developers just announced that they’re developing new and improved software that will have redesigned and enhanced interface, more comfortable and more efficient invoice creation, and customization along with an improved time tracking feature. They’ve also announced new features like invoice conversation, search filters, and multi-currency expenses.

Based on all the above existing and future features, it’s easy to say that Freshbooks is undoubtedly one of the most advanced software in the industry.

Why you should use Freshbooks?

Now in today’s article on Freshbooks review, let’s answer the question of why you should actually use Freshbooks in the first place. Let’s focus on a few of the most important elements to assess the software.


The setup process of the software is straightforward. After you have chosen your package and payment option, you’ll be sent a verification mail to confirm the purchase. Once you’re done, you can now create your company profile based on the age and type of your business. You can choose between a startup, soon to be launching, new but with full-time focus and full time running business. This helps the software to optimize itself for your use.

You can also add team members to your account and decide how large your team is. You can also add the online payment option if you’re a business that accepts online payment. To sum up, during the installation process, you decide what the software does for you.

Finally, you get access to the main dashboard of the software, which is pretty simply laid out in blue and white. You can customize your brand here by adding a company logo, customizing color, font, etc. There are also two invoice templates to choose from.


The interface is very user-friendly with an easy to navigate dashboard where the left column includes features like invoices, expenses, clients, estimates, projects, time tracking etc.

There are also options to access total outstanding revenue, total profit, spending, unbilled time and support etc.

There’s also a drop-down menu on the left of the page next to your business name where you can access your profile, apps, bank integrations, etc. You can also run multiple businesses using Freshbooks.

The interface is straightforward to use but has only one drawback. It comes only in the English language. However, the invoices and estimates can be sent in French, Spanish, Estonian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and Italian tongues.

Also, signing up to Stripes or Freshbooks payments will allow you to accept credit cards straight away. One of the rarest features of Freshbooks is to be able to make bills recurring or using credit cards while creating an invoice or estimate. This situation sensitive feature makes creating invoices using Freshbooks much more flexible and more comfortable.


Freshbooks is the most popular in the market due to its invoicing system. Managing your invoices is now easier than ever using Freshbooks. Each invoice includes the clients billing address, invoice no. Due date, billing date, amount due, rate of each product, description, quantity, the total amount including taxes etc.

Infographic: Write an Invoice That Gets You Paid
You can also check old invoices sent to you and sent by you. This will help you calculate and cross-check records of transactions. One of the most exciting features is that you don’t have to go to individual past invoices to figure how much is left outstanding to you or from you as Freshbooks will calculate it and show the total amount to you. Recently, double entry accounting has also been added to Freshbooks, making it the ultimate accounting tool to use.

Though the invoices can be customized, there are not a lot of options to choose from. The only templates available are classic and modern. You can also add a logo or change the color scheme of the invoice itself to make it look more personalized and professional.


You can now watch client details on Freshbooks by clicking on clients on the left-hand side in the dashboard section. You can store client details in the form of digital business cards and click on them to see the stored information like contact number, email address, etc. It also shows you details like unbilled time, outstanding balances, and expenses, among other things. This helps you keep track of your clients.

Freshbooks has its own Android and iOS app, which can be synchronized across all your devices to run your finances on the go. You can also contact your clients using the app. This becomes very efficient when you’re someone who’s always on the go.

Features of Freshbooks

Elements of Freshbooks can be subdivided into the following kinds.

Online invoicing:

Expense Tracking:

Time Tracking:


Accounting Reports and Taxes:

Freshbooks offers various accounting reports and taxation benefits like accounts aging, profit and loss, balance sheet, expense reports, item sales, sales tax, invoice details reports, a summary of outstanding revenue and clear spending breakdowns.

Pricing of Freshbooks

With so many useful features, Freshbooks was supposed to cost a fortune. But surprisingly, it’s actually very reasonably priced. There are 4 monthly packages to choose from. They are named as Lite, Plus, Premium and Select respectively. They cost $15, $25, $50 and custom price respectively. However, the most popular and most bought package is the Plus one that comes for only $25 a month, and it includes 50 billable clients.


We hope you liked this article on Freshbooks review. Our expert team of accountants and financial analysts observed the market and used all the products to come up with this review on the best one out there, Freshbooks.

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