Grammarly Review: The Best Grammar Checker Tool

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For the last few articles, we have been talking about a lot of things related to WordPress. We have discussed how to start a blog, how WordPress works, how to secure WordPress, how to do SEO but we haven’t yet touched the essential part of these things. That is content. Content is what drives a website to success and convey the message of a writer to the readers. We have to write for a lot of reasons every day. Sometimes, we have to write for academic purpose, sometimes for business purpose and sometimes, the whole business of people revolves around writing.
No matter what topic you choose, you always should make sure that the quality is top-notch. For doing that, you need to make sure every bit of your writing is correct. The writing has to abide by all the English Grammar rules; every spelling should be accurate and most important it should never look like it is copied from somewhere. To make that your writing follows all these things, I will be discussing an application in this article. The name of that application is Grammarly. This article is the Grammarly review which is one of the best grammar checker tools I have ever used. You know what! All of my contents published on this website was corrected using Grammarly, and I make sure not to upload any content without checking it on Grammarly.

Grammarly Review

Error Detection

Plagiarism Detection



Ease of use



Grammarly is a grammar checking tool that helps you fix your grammatical errors, punctuation errors and various other errors in your writing. The key feature of Grammarly is that it detects the plagiarism in your writing and identifies those line that needs to be changed. It also successfully understands your writing style and then suggests you what you can do to improve the writing with the help of its smart assistant. The basic that is the free version helps you to identify the errors, but the premium version of the tool also suggests you the fixes. Besides, plagiarism detection is only available in the premium version. If you are someone who needs to write a lot of content daily, go for the premium version to utilize it fully and to develop your content writing.





  • One of the best grammar checker.
  • Helps you fix all the errors.
  • Finds the lines which are plagiarized.
  • Marks your writing and suggests you how to improve the score.
  • Helps you to create user-acceptable writing.


  • After you input the writing, the tool takes a few minutes to check it and you have to wait for it.
  • When you are in the free version, it keeps advertising to upgrade to the premium.

Table of Contents

What is Grammarly and how it helps me?

Since I will be doing the Grammarly review in this article, it is important to know what Grammarly is. Grammarly is a tool that helps writing by checking different types of errors. It detects the errors in my content and it also tells me how I can solve them. Sometimes, the tool also recommends the changes and I can click on it to solve it. Grammarly helps me to develop the content of my writing by helping me to correct all kinds of mistakes.

The #1 Writing Tool

Grammar and Punctuation:

Grammarly Premium detects every type of grammar and punctuation mistakes that I have in my writing. This function is getting better and better with time. Be it small mistakes such as misuse of the ‘Be’ verb or huge errors in sentences, Grammarly detects those and notifies me to fix those mistakes. It also successfully detects the punctuation mistakes in sentences. Whenever I use a complex sentence in my writing and forget to use any punctuation marks, it helps me by finding it for me and suggesting me to fix it. Also, it corrects those minor mistakes such as the use of the semi-colons or the apostrophes where it is needed or not needed.


A lot of times, we use words which do not seem nice with other parts of the sentence although they are grammatically correct. Grammarly Premium helps me here too. It tells me that the words don’t match properly. It also suggests several other words I can use which would help me up to the quality of my writing.


Boredom is a thing that is never welcomed by anybody. It is the same situation in writing too. If the audience becomes bored while reading your content, they will close that and may not visit your site ever again. There might be a lot of reasons the audience might get bored. One of the key reasons is reading the same kind of sentences or words over and over again.

A lot of times, I keep using the same word again and again without realizing that the piece of writing would become more engaging if synonyms of that same words were used. This is not a huge thing, but this kind of small steps help me develop my content and make the audience read more and more. Grammarly Premium supports me here too. It says which words have been used more than a certain amount of time that might become boring for the audience. After that, it suggests other words that can be used instead of that word.


Grammarly Premium is a handy spelling check tool. It can fix all kinds of spelling mistakes in written content. Even if I use words which are not used very widely but is there in the dictionary, it can successfully identify if there is any mistake and suggests me to fix it.


Vocabulary is a vital thing in the case of writing. Not everybody has an enriched vocabulary and that is completely fine. It depends on how they articulate a sentence to express what is in their mind. Grammarly Premium understands that and that is why it takes the burden of helping one to make the content get even better with proper and enriched use of vocabulary. It also suggests me with synonyms so that I can make my content even better.


Plagiarism is something I fear the most. Using other people’s words or texts without their permission or attribution is plagiarism. It should have been restricted to such words which imply the intellectual property of people only. Sometimes in my case, even if I don’t copy from other articles, my contents end up being counted as plagiarized. Because unwillingly my contents match with other people’s writings on the internet and it is very common as so many people have written and writing every day. And it can bring some severe consequences.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

Though using some random lines probably won’t make you end up in jail, but the problem is Google takes plagiarism very seriously. Whenever it finds that a piece of content has plagiarism in it, it ranks it lower, and that doesn’t let your content come up on the first page of the articles. So, it can harm your website a lot. And Grammarly can help you save yourself from that problem.

The plagiarism checker of Grammarly is very much up to the mark. Whenever I put my writing in the Grammarly app page, it detects the plagiarism in my writing by comparing it to millions and millions of writing available on the web. It tells me to change that sentence and use something else so that my writing is always rated very high and I get the right amount of traffic my website deserves.

Writing Style:

Grammarly also gives a basic score regarding the quality of the content. From that, I can get an idea about how my writing is. To provide the score, it considers various factors. It marks based on readability, sentence-length, type of sentences you used and different other things. So, if I want to know what are the changes I should bring, I can quickly get an idea about that.

Who should use Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly is a perfect fit for everybody. People from all walks of life should use it if they want to make sure that their writing is flawless and have no mistakes. But people from different professions should use it. Like-

The #1 Writing Tool


If you are a student who needs to submit various kinds of assignments or write a lot of things, this is a perfect fit for you. It can help you to remove all types of plagiarism from your term paper assignments. A lot of times, students need to write reports and various other contents that will be visible to the public. They cannot have any mistakes in them, and they need to be completely error-free. Grammarly Premium can help a lot in such a case. It can help to remove all types of errors and plagiarisms.


Grammarly Premium can be used by bloggers also. A lot of people nowadays are moving towards blogging. They are making a career out of it. So, for that, they need to write a lot of contents on various topics. Since those will be making their way up to a website, they need to be error free. It would not look good if they have spelling or punctuation mistakes or the words fail to articulate the thoughts of the writer. Grammarly Premium can help by pointing out all the errors and also suggesting necessary solutions. Another essential thing to keep in mind is that the content that would go on the internet cannot be copied from somewhere else. Since a lot of people write on the same kind of topics, some writings might match willingly or unwillingly. But the internet won’t understand that. It would still classify that as plagiarized content, and that would result in the website being scored low. To avoid that, the plagiarism detector of Grammarly can help a lot.


Different brands nowadays need different kinds of contents written for them. Those contents are advertised and shown to a lot of public. It is evident that those piece of writings should be up to the mark in all cases. They hire copywriters to make sure it is perfect. They can use Grammarly to put the final touch in their writings. If they have not noticed some minor mistakes, Grammarly Pro can help them fix that and make it writing that matches the standard.


Grammarly Premium is a must for authors considering their whole career is based on writing. They have to write a lot. They always have to follow certain styles of writing. They cannot stray from their topic and should never publish their books which have any mistakes. All the features of Grammarly Premium would be of great help to them as it would help them to avoid a lot of these problems.

Business Professionals:

Business professionals have to prepare a lot of business proposals as they have to crack a lot of deals. They cannot afford to make mistakes in them. A lot of professionals would read that, and their contract would depend on the fact if they liked their proposal or not. So, they should always ensure that those writing are as perfect as possible. And in such cases, Grammarly would be of great help to them. Be it any grammar or spelling mistakes or any big mistakes, Grammarly can notify them and suggest to them what they should do. It would allow business professionals to solve that problem.

One important thing that should always be in mind is that the professions mentioned above should use Grammarly Premium instead of basic Grammarly as the premium version has a lot more features which can help them completely. The unpaid version would not suffice at least for these kinds of people. People who need to use Grammarly once in a while can use the unpaid version of Grammarly. But since these people would need to use almost every day, they should not shy away from spending a few bucks monthly to get access to all the features.

How Grammarly Works?

As we have discussed earlier in this Grammarly review, Grammarly is a grammar checker tool. It also provides you with different kinds of suggestions about your use of words, the use of punctuations, your writing style, and various other things. It helps you make your writing concise and compelling. But how do these things work? Or how do you use the best grammar checker to maximize its facilities? Let us talk about that.

The first thing you will see when you open Grammarly is a dashboard. When you click on the option saying “new”, it will open a pop-up dialogue box. The pop-up box says set goals. Sometimes, the set goals option doesn’t open like a pop-up dialogue box; rather it remains on the sidebar. It is given so that you can set goals for your writing. Which means you can set up the type of audience intended for, the style of writing, the intention of your writing and the emotion of the write-up. You can select from an array of options so that Grammarly can understand the type of writing you want to write and can judge your write-up based on those things.

You can select the intention of your writing the piece of write-up. You can choose whether the content is to inform the audience, whether it is to describe something or if it is like telling a story through words. You can also select the type of audience you want to cater to. If you want to grab the masses, select the general option. If the content is a little bit nerdy, select knowledgeable and if your content comprises of jargons and technical terms, select the expert option so that Grammarly can judge your writing. Also, choose if the piece of writing is based on a formal tone or an informal tone. You can also select the emotion of it. If it contains words which does not provoke much emotion, select “mild” option. And if it evokes strong emotion in the audience, select the strong option.

grammarly set goals
Now, after selecting these things click the button and proceed forward. There you will have to put the content you have written so that Grammarly Premium can now check that. You can copy and paste the whole piece if you are comfortable writing using any other software other than Grammarly. A lot of people are used to Microsoft Word or Google doc. What they can do is that they can write there and then copy the whole piece in the Grammarly option. Then Grammarly starts checking it.

Another thing you can do is import the writing in Grammarly. You can upload a Word document file in Grammarly and then the tool will check all the contents of that document.

grammarly upload document
If you are not used to any software or have no option using Grammarly as the medium of writing, after setting up your goals, start writing there. Grammarly will continue checking as you keep writing. If you enable the option Grammarly Smart Assistant, it will keep correcting your mistakes as you keep writing. You won’t have to worry about a lot of things if you enable that option.

You have another option to use Grammarly also. You can install the Grammarly application plugin in your Microsoft Word software. It will continue to tell you the mistakes you have done in your writing while you keep writing. It would also suggest to you the fixes so that you can easily fix using that, but there is a catch here. If you are a user of MacBook or Apple devices, you cannot enable this option. The plugin is not available in Apple devices. But you need not to worry as you still have the other three options open to fix what you have written.

Grammarly Suggestion

When you put the text in Grammarly so that it can identify your mistakes and help you fix that, the premium version of the tool suggests you how to fix the errors and mistakes. If you have spelling or punctuation mistakes in the write-up, it would suggest you the fix. Besides, it would also analyze your writing and tell you if you have used some words repeatedly which might become a tad bit boring for the audience. A lot of times, it is seen that we keep using certain words a lot of times. Rather than that, it is better to use words which are new and give a fresh vibe.

grammarly checks
A lot of times, we unwillingly use passive voice and active voice in the same paragraph. It becomes a bit irritating for the audience when they are in the flow. Grammarly can help you fix that. Besides, it can help you remove the wordiness from your texts. We often use words that we do not need to use to articulate our thoughts. Instead, removing those redundant words can help you improve the quality of your writing. Grammarly Premium identifies that and also suggests different alternatives to eliminate such problems from writings.

Vocabulary is critical in any writing though easy words make it very easy for the audience to read. But it does not look very good when the words don’t match with the intended audience. If you are childishly writing for mature audience, it will do more harm than good. It is essential that language, type of content and target audience matches appropriately. When you use words that do not match, Grammarly Premium identifies it and suggests you with different words you can use. The tool also provides an estimated reading time so that you can know if the content would be able to retain the audience or not. It also gives a readability score considering all the things mentioned in this article. The better the score, the more possibility of content attracting traffic to the website or other places the content is going to be published at. Grammarly Premium also does sentence structure analysis. Using complex sentence sometimes doesn’t work. Sometimes, you also forget to complete the sentence correctly. The tool identifies that and tells you to complete that correctly.

Grammarly’s Ease of Use

We have already discussed how to use Grammarly and how helpful is the best grammar checker tool. You have clearly understood that it is very easy to use Grammarly. Grammarly and the premium version of it are designed in such a way that one can easily use this and use it to its full potential. Even other versions of Grammarly such as the plugin version which you can install on the Microsoft Office Word application is very easy to use.

If you consider that you only need to copy your writing on the web tool and paste it to check up your writing, you will realize that it is very easy to use. Putting it on the web checker tool doesn’t even take more than a minute, and the output it gives is definitely worth the time it takes for the analysis.

Where you can use Grammarly?

One of the key features of this tool is that it lets you use it anywhere and everywhere. You can use the web tool that is going to and use it. You can also download the plugin application part of this to use it with your Microsoft Office Word. Besides, you can use this as an add on with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser so that even in your chatting, your writing is error-free and on point.

The tool also has a desktop application for both Windows and Mac. So, you need not even open the browser to access the tool if your computer has this software installed in it. Also for Android and iOS that is Apple devices, you can get this application to use. You never know where you have to write something. It is always better to have an option open so that you need not to go through any trouble to use this.

When you write e-mails or other small writings that perhaps does not need that much scrutinizing, things like add-ons or plugins can help a lot. It would give you the basic analysis so that you can be sure whatever you have written is a perfect fit for office or other uses. You can use it to scrutinize documents that others send you if you need it. Perhaps no other application or tool would give you this much liberty to correct texts on the go.

Cost of Grammarly

There are two versions of Grammarly. One is the free version, and another is the premium version of the tool. The free version only helps you with basic stuff. If you need to use it regularly and get access to all of its features, you should get the premium version of the application.

The Grammarly Pro has a monthly cost of $29.95. If you take the quarterly subscription, it would cost you a little less. It is billed as $59.95 per 3 months which is only $19.98 per month. The cheapest option is the yearly version of the Grammarly Pro. It is billed as a single payment of $139.95 which makes it a monthly cost of $11.66. It is roughly one-third of the payment you have to pay if you took the monthly plan. So, it is beneficial if you know that you are going to use it throughout the year.

Grammarly Free Vs Premium

The free version is mainly for those people who don’t need to use Grammarly every time they write something. It is a basic grammar checking tool. The premium version of the tool has advanced grammar checking options, plagiarism detector which is very important for those people who writes for earning a living and cannot afford to copy something from other places. The pro version also gives vocabulary suggestions which the basic version doesn’t provide.

The free version tells you when you make some mistakes in your writing. It doesn’t point out the error and give you suggestions regarding how to fix that. The premium version does that. It also gives you a lot more insights about your writing. As we have discussed earlier, when you enter the Grammarly Pro dashboard, the first thing you see is the setting goals option. The free version doesn’t come with that. The premium version gives you the option to set your writing style according to the vibe you want to set. So, you should always consider your needs and go for the version that you think would be best for you.

Grammarly Pro’s Accuracy

We have talked a lot about what Grammarly can do in this Grammarly review. We said Grammarly can do this, Grammarly can do that. But now, let us come to the point that might have been wandering in your mind. Is Grammarly Pro accurate? This is an obvious question at this point as your whole money might get wasted if it cannot live up to the expectations and gives you misinformation regarding your writing mistakes.

When you put your writing in the tool for review, the tool identifies the problems. Using the assistant, it also tells you how you can fix that. We often make such mistakes that we do not realize is a mistake. It tells you that. In your writing, it underlines the parts which it thinks is wrong. When you take the cursor of the mouse over that, it tells you what exactly is wrong and gives you suggestions.

We often end sentences with prepositions. Grammarly helps you stop that. Sometimes, we use passive voice a lot. Using it once or twice is forgivable but using it a lot becomes a bit boring and sometimes kills the vibe of the writing. It tells you to not do that by identifying those sentences. It also helps to avoid redundancy and repetitively using the same words by suggesting you with alternative words. Besides, spelling mistakes and punctuations are also fixed by the tool. And if you have a lot of lengthy sentences in your writing, it makes the audience lose track of what they were reading. It is better to avoid that, and Grammarly Pro can help you avoid that.


Throughout this article regarding the best grammar checker, we have tried to discuss almost all the aspects of Grammarly and the premium version of it to give you an idea regarding what it can do and what it cannot. Now, it is entirely up to you to decide if it fits your needs or not. Leaving this Grammarly review aside, if you ask us personally, we would recommend you to use if you are not from an English speaking country but have to write a lot of English. It can help you to fix your writing and even develop your writing skills. If your career depends on writing English, you should also get the premium version of it. Consider it as an investment. And we think you have understood from this Grammarly premium review that this investment will definitely pay off.

Every business needs some form of investment. As long as you are not confident of your English, keep using this. It would give you the support you need. Besides, its key feature is its plagiarism detector. Not plagiarizing content is an essential thing in writing and nowadays this issue is taken very seriously. One has to suffer a lot for it. Sometimes, it can even bring the ranking of a website down. To avoid your website ranking from going down, there is no better alternative to Grammarly Premium right now. The amount of research that goes behind making your writing perfect is shown in its application.

For an excellent piece of writing, always use this tool. It can also become an aid of you to learn better English and develop your skills. To be precise, this is a tool that will not disappoint.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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