How To Create A High Converting Sales Funnel That Will Triple Your Revenue?

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Just like vampires compel ordinary human beings to do anything for them, don’t you feel like hypnotizing your customers for a token appreciation for all your hard work you pulled off for a high converting sales funnel?
This is no fantasy, and it is possible to triple your revenue through high converting Sales Funnel! If you have ever stepped into the world of business, we cannot emphasize how essential it is for you to figure out your Sales Funnel.
Sales funnel can also be referred to as revenue funnel or sales process. This is how you turn your prospective leads into your customers through their buying journey.
It is your mantra to be successful. Maybe the word “Sales Funnel” doesn’t sound as intimidating as it should, but it’s the process your customers go through to become a regular customer. The term “funnel” is used because of its mimicking shape.
Now, visualize a funnel; you see the mouth of the funnel is the widest, which portrays the beginning stages where awareness occurs. Although at the bottom of the funnel is for making the payments.
The goal of introducing a sales funnel is to funnel down prospective customers into those who are serious about making a purchase. Let us paint a clear picture for you.

Table of Contents

A high converting sales funnel can be broken down into 4 A’s:

sales funnel

1. Awareness: This is the place where advertising, content marketing, and direct selling come into play. This is your opportunity to wave at your potential customers and give proof of your existence to all other skeptics.

As this is the first contact point; hence, you have to present your business, your mission, and your offers.
You can show people you exist by:

The famous copywriter Eugene Schwartz pinpointed several steps of awareness for a high converting sales funnel:

Unaware: The prospect is unaware of his troubles, nor is he looking for a solution, and he has no clue about your brand.

Aware of the problem: The prospect suspects he has an issue but has no clue about a possible solution, which you may have.

Aware of the solution: The prospect knows his purpose, but does not know your brand can be the savior.

Aware of the product: The prospect is familiar with your business and, knows that you can be the solution, but hasn’t decided that your product is the best option. Thus he is considering other options.

Aware of the product: The prospect is familiar with your business and, knows that you can be the solution, but hasn’t decided that your product is the best option. Thus he is considering other options.

Most aware: The prospect had decided in favor of your product and just needs to take action and buy.

Most aware: The prospect had decided in favor of your product and just needs to take action and buy.

From the very beginning, it is essential to know precisely, which are the pain points and desires of your audience.
It refers to the individual parts of a buyers’ journey and also the whole funnel. If you can depict where your potential client is on his journey, it will help you to identify the elements that the client responds favorably to and move him to a step further into the funnel.
You always have to indicate how your solution is beneficial for your clients from various perspectives. Potential customers remain in different stages of the sales funnel, and a multi-directional approach can help generate more qualified leads.
In the field of business, awareness is your shield from being labeled on. Therefore, you need to show your potential clients, which is the value you will deliver, and how you are going to do it. You need to put it in front of them, something that represents your client’s value, not what you consider they will judge as valuable.

2. Attraction: No, don’t even think about flooding an email list with offers that will get you in front of your potential customers. How many of your audience do you think will click on the proposal to find out more? So, no spamming right after you’ve got someone’s attention. What you need to do is lead them into your store/stall/kiosk or to your sales pages.

A successful sales funnel works in a very different way. It applies proven psychological techniques to get people to follow you and take action immediately. This includes sales copy that earns trust, rapport, and interest, as well as offers that entice and convert.
3. Agreement: now that you successfully got your customers on your sales page, all you want from them is to make a purchase immediately. Sadly, in reality, it’s not that easy. Not all prospects in this stage will buy, most of them will not, that’s reality. It is your task to minimize these hesitations by displaying the expected information in the right phase of the funnel.
That is why this stage is all about getting your customers to start saying yes. So now, create an offer that gets the customer saying voila!

This means:

4. Action: The last thing you need to do is close the sale!Once you are in front of your customer, attract them to your sales page, and get them to start saying yes to purchases.At this stage, your customers will split into two different categories:

A proper sales funnel has the potential to make customers beg to buy at this point. So, the more intuitive and straightforward the sales process will be, the better results you will get. Remember, whatever you do, don’t make your customer work for the purchase. For instance: Amazon’s 1-click sales button is simply brilliant!
The marketing sales funnel is a logical flow to make ends meet. They start with generating awareness, solve your problems, captures the interest of those users searching for a solution, then attentively guides the lead to a purchasing decision, and arrives in the final stage of taking action and buying.

So, now let’s focus on the question: which problem fixes my product? The answer lies in the interest of a customer!

problem, solution, problem solution

Interest : The general idea is not the product or services you sell, but it’s the benefits that aid the improvements which it can bring into your client’s life. Thus, it becomes compulsory to clearly depict the problems and issues that your product solves for your client and how it will impact in their lives after such issues are eliminated for good.

To run a high converting sales funnel, you also need to educate your audience concerning the benefits of your offer.Therefore, craft tailored made informative articles on your blog, make video demonstrations, tutorials, or testimonials to emphasize on the value you are offering.Before opening up any conversation, make sure to do your homework. 

Research in detail which are the pain points, desires/needs of your prospect, which issues are appearing while using it, which are the messages that resonate better with your target audience. Now, show your potential clients you are always open to discuss and listen to their problems and that you are easy to reach and you actually care. Ask for feedback. Ask your clients and also check on forums, Quora, to get some of your answers. Keenly understanding of your prospects’ needs and behavioral targeting will support you in all your endeavors.
Tip: Speak to your audience in their language with their own words about your offer. Explain why it is valuable, how it is different from all other running competitions and why it is a better alternative. Identify and answer all of their objections and fears your buyers might have even before their questions pop up!

The next big question is: What’s the leading need/desire that will make my prospect decide?

board, arrows, decision
To present prospects, your offer in a persuasive manner is to make them decide if they want to buy it or not.
Decision : The decision process is a function of your prospects’ purpose and desires. Even if their troubles and struggles are the ones that require a solution, their emotional needs are the real trigger of the decision!

Something like “we are the best” or “we save your money” is not good enough.

Some of the efficient sales processes for a high converting sales funnel are: 

Now, if you want a lean sales marketing funnel for a high converting sales funnel, there are five steps to be taken care of:

  • Acquisition: Attract people to your website.
  • Activation:Get those people to take action, for instance: free trial, newsletter subscription, etc.
  • Retention: Make them want to come back to your website multiple times. Coming back to use their free trial or through your newsletter and social media is always a good thing.
  • Referral:Funnel the people to spread the word, either directly or indirectly. For example, word of mouth or indirectly through putting your logo on the software, so when others see it, there’s a chance they’ll click on it.
  • Revenue:Make them buy something. Then upgrade them to the paid version of your software or your book, join your premium e-course or training program, etc.
Always make your foundation the strongest that is set-up-wisely. Thus, there is more to conversion optimization than just setting the page layout, form designs, and copywriting. In fact, very few companies even do this marketing tactic, let alone do it in the proper way, which is lead nurturing.

Why Lead Nurturing Matters for a high converting sales funnel?

silhouettes, men, company
Do you find difficulty even when you already do lead generation? It seems like your prospective leads are not clicking, and they’re not converting? There lies the problem. Your customers aren’t some mass-produced assembly line programmed to make purchases.
Companies who nurture their prospective leads see a massive increase in qualified prospects than those who take the time to nurture and grow a bond. Do you see 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost?
For example, 50% of the prospects who weren’t ready to buy, after nurturing those leads, 15-20% of them become a regular customers, and they typically make 47% larger purchases than those who weren’t nurtured.
So, wondering how you can start anticipating what your potential customer wants and how will you deliver it even before they ask? The answer is a conversion funnel.

The Conversion Funnel

visa, business, buying
It is the path that a prospect takes through your website that ultimately results in a conversion.The number of your website visitors will likely be more tremendous than those that do convert. It will be a smaller percentage of the original group with prospects dropping off at various points in that path, thus depicting the shape of the funnel.
A conversion funnel is a continuous adventure of getting, keeping, and growing your ideal customer base, while using technology, social media, etc. to meet their needs more efficiently. Its lead nurturing, behavioral targeting, retention, and referrals, all rolled into one marketing strategy. Sounds overwhelming? Wondering from where will you start? Now, you’ve got to create a content plan that anticipates, meets, and exceeds customers’ expectations for a high converting sales funnel.

Step 1: Crafting a Content Plan

Of course, planning your content is not about writing what you think will resonate with your target audience – but rather about precisely knowing what they want at every stage in the conversion funnel. But, remember to match your steps with your audience to understand where all of your readers are at each stage of the process.

It’s okay to fear once the problem is solved, you might never hear from them again, as it is so often with the cases of service-based offers.

Outreach programs, perhaps a “Basic PC backups” program or lead magnets such as contests like “Share your worst computer crash story,” can pay you off to bring in potential customers from many traffic sources.
Believe it or not, Loyalty programs are a cherry on top and a terrific foundation for repeat businesses and referrals in the service industry, while upgrading and new software to make the perfect option for up-sells and cross-sells.
This is your perfect opportunity to do some content marketing and to tell them about your free, irresistible offers!

Step 2: Don’t be stuck with step 1

If you want to build a proper conversion funnel that will fill itself with perfect referrals, you need your lead magnet offer as enticing as possible to both the sender and the receiver!
The good news is some of the steps required to create a rewarding referral system are same as setting up a conversion funnel:

1. Identify the market that will be best served by bringing you referrals:

Do not target the market that would best serve you, but rather the ones that could benefit the most by sending prospective clients.

2. Let that market know what kind of audience you are looking for:

Surely, you don’t want to spend time chasing down the prospects that aren’t the right fit for your niche. So remember, the referral has to be as beneficial as it is to you, along with the one doing the job!

3. Tell them how and why they should bring referrals to you:

What will the person who is referring to will get in return? What will the referral themselves get? How exactly should they refer them to you?Remember, you’re not the only one asking for referrals, so taking the time to share what works best for you and them will help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Make the system rewarding:

People and companies need motivation, as well. So, take the time to brainstorm the kind of rewards that gives people more than enough reasons to send qualified prospects your way. Surely, Money is a good motivator, but it’s not the only one.

5. Remember that you're banking on borrowed trust:

Always do remember this! Sometimes, a prospect’s perception is a direct correlation between how much they trust the person giving the referral to you. If that’s the scenario, a great deal of that trust is in your hands, remember to use it wisely!

6. Rinse and repeat for a high converting sales funnel:

A sound referral system is when you’re continually working on converting prospects at various stages of the referral process. Even if your prospects choose not to become a customer at this point- there’s always a next time!

If you run into issues where your customer is getting cold feet because of the pricing, then you haven’t justly demonstrated the value of why you’re unique in the running competition of the market. You know your product is like no other — it reflects that and integrating it into the customer’s life, or business can make them see its value as well.
Often, your customers will share their frustrations! In doing so, give them more details about how they will actually use the product/service. It puts you in the perfect situation to streamline your sales funnel, and create a customized upsell where you both benefit.
Remember, here you don’t have to follow some kind of a script. Seize the timing of when to present the up-sell or cross-sell, or possibly even skipping it entirely, are all the marks of a strong conversion funnel.

Once you secure a stable referral system in place, it’s time to test!

Step 3: Test Your Funnel

You likely have many pages – all roaring for organic traffic with a limited budget in hand to test with.
Look at the following to figure out which pages to test first:

Prioritization – should you forget your worst performing pages or surge full speed ahead with your best performers?Most experts would say the former, but often focusing on the latter helps too.Let’s face it; there are several reasons why your worst performing pages are your worst performers but can be mended! It could be:

You’ll make more profits and welcome more customers by turbo-charging those best-performing pages, by:

Ease of Implementation – How easily you can implement the new conversion funnel into your existing landing pages.Make sure all of the steps in place. If it’s going to be time-consuming or technically challenging, move on.

Conversion Value – This is related to prioritization. What is the rate of the conversion value of potential customers? How likely are they to convert?

Once you’ve narrowed down which pages would benefit the most, it’s time to put it in action and track the results.

Step 4: Track the results

Firstly, you have to set realistic conversion goals, and a tracking system for a high converting sales funnel.

These systems keep track of a potential customer from the moment they land on a page from a traffic source to document where they go or where they leave, increasing bounce rate and how many of them ultimately convert.

The effortless way to get this done is through Google Analytics. It is free and can be set easily on your website, whether you’re using a coded website or any CMS.
Analytics tracks the users on your website and provide a series of information, like sources of your visitors, the time they spend on your website, which country they are in, which device and browser they use.
Applications like Google Analytics support you in testing, refining, and optimizing your funnel.

Setting Up Goals with the wonderful ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels has one of the most popular conversion tracking and management systems available to suit your business needs.
You Need To Track Your Statistics!
Without troubling Google and your own eyes by going in and out several times a day of that browser to see the stats, use ClickFunnels to obtain different types of goals that you can track and use to build a sound statistical sales funnel report.
With the help of the ClickFunnels Dashboard, you will be able to quickly see how well your funnel is keeping up the competition without giving you any headaches! As ClickFunnels Dashboard is pre-formulated, which means there is absolutely no setup required! It will automatically keep track and report all the statistical figures you need to know on an easy-to-check page.

The ClickFunnels Dashboard aids you with the following reports:

It’s good that most companies use tracking metrics, but you must look at the poor figures on review tests, deciding on research questions and the opportunities for future optimization. You need to focus on a marketing funnel and formulate to get measured results that you can act on.

Thus it is said, receiving results without a sound plan is like running into a brick wall without realizing that you could’ve avoided it!

Step 6: Make a conversation after the conversion

With so many efforts before this, the after-conversion involves paying close attention to your customers. Your work is not finished the moment you get that notification on your conversion optimization radar!
Even after the final click of the sale or the subscription, your customer is still in hesitation.

They need reassurance and a gentle push to the next step. They might feel confused and distracted if they’ve dropped down to a thank you page or a member’s area. They may start to question what value they get out of your product or service, which makes them have second thoughts about steps so far.

This is why it’s so significant to have a “conversation after the conversion.”

For setting the impression to take a look at things from the customer’s point of view, for example:


A proper sales funnel is an ongoing process and crucial to scale your business successfully, while building authentic relationships with your potential customers.
Having a set sales funnel gives you the opportunity not always to chase the next sale, right?
So, map out a sales funnel that will help you to be consistent with your marketing strategies and help you measure the progress you make in each phase.
Great sales funnels build trust and credibility over time by providing valuable content. So, remember to encourage action to help your prospects solve their problems, and in exchange, you endorse your brand awareness.
For instance, John Lee Dumas, the founder of the podcast Entrepreneur On Fire, who made over $500,000 in the past year using the sales funnel techniques mentioned above.

His secret?

A sales funnel that includes live webinars to sell his products.
What you’ll notice about all these sales funnels isn’t that they use the exact same, step-by-step processes, but that they abide by the 4 “A’s” of the sales funnel.
Nothing fancy. Nothing mind-blowing. Nothing new.

But it works.

So if you’re trying to launch a new product, or increase sales of an existing product, learn from the best that are making triple the revenue from similar approaches and try it out for yourself.

There you go- the secretive game plan to convert your sales funnel into a successful route map to triple your sales like never before!

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