Hostpapa Reviews: Details, Pricing And Features

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Are you looking for a medium to host your website? Or are you willing to buy a domain for your website? Then Hostpapa is the go-to thing for you. Hostpapa has been emerging fantastically in this modern world full of technology and with the vast usage of the internet. Not only that, the beneficial facilities of this company going to provide you with the best services with a minimal amount of price. Let’s look forward to this article about the Hostpapa reviews.

The Hostpapa reviews 2019 have been standing out among the other companies in comparison. The Hostpapa plans listed down below make it one of the most user-friendly companies in this modernized world.








Hostpapa has been offering great deals that you must get your hands on. With the best web hosting, WordPress hosting, linux hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and online-store hosting, Hostpapa has been successful to stand out in the competitive market of hosting. Each of their packages comes with a bundle of attractive features, and that too blended in highest efficiency. Their customer support service opens their gate for you 24/7 and provides you a solution immediately. Hostpapa has gained award-winning reviews and compliments for their fantastic service. If you want to host within a reasonable range tagged with professionalism, Hostpapa is the go-to hosting for you. It’s a surprise for you if you try it.  




  • Hostpapa offers an uptime above the average industry-average uptime, which is about 99.96%.
  • It is implemented with extensive support options to help their valuable clients in a variety of ways.
  • HostPapa’s proactive security measures are reassuring due to the usage of Panda Cloud, a server firewall, monitoring, and intrusion detection.
  • The packages are reasonable and are bundled with great deals.
  • They offer 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Hostpapa helps its clients to migrate their sites for free.


  • The page loading speeds of Hostpapa are not that good.
  • Hostpapa’s customer experiences of the extensive support options are poor.
  • Though they offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you will have to pay an additional charge of $29.95 upon cancellation. Additional fees are associated with some of the activities.

Table of Contents

Website Hosting

The high-performance servers of Hostpapa provide very efficient speeds on the pages of your websites. Moreover, the process of getting the advantage of website hosting is straightforward. All you have to do is use the website’s feature of dragging and dropping the website builder, or you can setup hostpapa WordPress just with a single click.

There are three main website hosting packages that one can choose from. They are given as follows:


1. The Starter pack:

2. The most popular business pack:

3. The business pro pack:

All Essential Features of Web Hosting include:

By now, you already know how efficient is Hostpapa reviews and what amazing packages they are offering within a reasonable range. You will even be more influenced to try out the services of Hostpapa if you read the next section, which is about the hosting of Hostpapa WordPress.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

Hostpapa promises to provide hassle-free, most secure and hugely optimized WordPress hosting whenever you need it. Moreover, it ensures the perfect enhancement of the speed and performance that comes with their WordPress servers. Their secure built-in WordPress hosting service enables them to cut off threats and maintain privacy. Their 24/7 live WordPress expert support system makes Hostpapa even more essential and plays a significant role in improving the Hostpapa reviews. Their WordPress hosting service provides you three packages to choose from. And they are elaborately explained as follows:

1. The WP starter pack:

2. The WP business pack:

3.The WP business pro pack:

All Essential Features of WordPress Hosting include:

Hosting for Online Store

Hostpapa offers a field for secure shopping with the privacy of the shopping carts maintained. We know that the internet has taken over the generation in these modern worlds, and thus, you can quickly sell more products using mobile-friendly apps via Hostpapa. You can snatch way maximum attention from your targeted audience if you sell on Amazon, Google Shopping, and eBay. Hostpapa is a platform that has made shopping simplest. So, go on and upload your products and get started with your business today. Enabling a user-friendly shopping platform has made Hostpapa reviews to rise exponentially while decreasing the Hostpapa complaints. The Hostpapa plans for online store hosting are as follows:

1. The Bronze pack:

2. The Silver pack:

3. The most popular Gold package:

4. The Diamond package:

Steps to get started

What guidance will Hostpapa provide if you are new to e-commerce?

What guidance will Hostpapa provide if you already have a store?

VPS Hosting

Growing business on an extraordinary level has become more accessible due to the Virtual Private Sector hosting of Hostpapa. The VPS manager will provide you the best and handy cPanel and the root-level access. The SSD drives are enhanced with the dedicated and scalable resources of the computer. The VPS hosting of Hostpapa extends even more with the expert team of PapaSquad VPS, who assures to provide their full support at all times. A VPS server will benefit you with the power, the control, security, and support. Let’s look forward to the different packages of VPS Hosting

1. The plus pack:

2. The Pro Pack

3. The Premium Pack:

4. The Ultra pack:

5. The Extreme Pack:

All Essential Features of VPS Hosting include:

Reseller Hosting

The power pact reseller hosting is essential for designers, agencies, and IT firms, and if you want to use multiple websites with ease. It will provide the allowance to install hundreds of valuable apps like WordPress, Joomla, and more. It gives your client the opportunity to manage their accounts. A single easy-to-use dashboard makes it even simpler to manage all your clients under your brand. Hostpapa’s reseller hosting packages come with various facilities and are mentioned as follows:

1. The Bronze pack:

2. The Silver Pack:

3. The Gold Pack:

4. The Platinum Pack:

5. The Titanium Pack:

All Essential Features of Reseller Hosting include:

Hosting Canada

Hostpapa’s hosting services in Canada share the same packages for all types of hosting. Hostpapa has become widely famous in Canada due to providing some fundamental features with each of its hosting packages. And especially the web hosting service of Canada seems to have evolved at an extraordinary level that has gained maximum attention all over the world.

For over a decade, Canadian Hosting of Hostpapa helped thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, and digital enthusiasts turn their online vision into a reality with award-winning web hosting services. All you got to do is, set up a plan for what are your necessities and target the package that most likely fits your requirements and budget.

Final Thoughts

The customer score for Hostpapa is a 9 out of 10, which is a fantastic score to get tagged within a short period of time. They have succeeded in providing award-winning hosting services. Their award-winning 24/7 customer support system can neither be neglected, and the massive amounts of excellent Hostpapa reviews on their websites prove that really is an outstanding and eye-catching platform for hosting. It’s high time you should visit their website and boost up your success and make your dreams come true. 

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