How to build an Amazon Affiliate website

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There are many ways to earn from websites. One of the most popular methods is to earn from Amazon Affiliate websites. Amazon Affiliate is a popular way of transferring the traffic of your website to Amazon and earning some extra profit.

Building an Amazon affiliate website is a hot cake nowadays. To know about the process in detail, read this article thoroughly.

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How is an Affiliate website profitable?

affiliate website
Affiliate business would be an easy, profitable business if it established well. Suppose you have a review website where you are reviewing some products. If any interested visitor wants to buy a product after reading your product review, clicks the affiliate link provided by you and buys that product, then you are going to gain some profit from the product owner.

Why are the product owners willing to share the profit with you – it might be your question. They certainly have a good reason. You are diverting your traffic to their site. So, their visitor increases as well as their sells.

It is profitable for you too, because you are writing the review once. But gaining has no bounded time. People everywhere who want to know more about the products you reviewed, will visit your site, some of them will also follow your affiliate links and purchase the products. You will earn commissions on each referral.

Why doing affiliate business with Amazon?

There are many other sites with which you can start your affiliate marketing. But Amazon is the most successful online business site. Working with Amazon is a good idea if you can maintain quality review. It is even easy to start.

Amazon has a massive amount of products and sellers from where you can easily find the best ones to review. It will also be easier to get traffic because Amazon has numerous customers all over the world.

You will get a commission if someone purchases the products using your given link. Even if the customer goes to your link and buys other referred products from Amazon, you will even get profit for those purchases also. You can even earn profit from products that you are not reviewing as Amazon cookie allows this.

People trust the brand Amazon and this is widespread all over the globe. So, if you are doing affiliate with Amazon, then it will be more reliable to people.

To do affiliate with Amazon, you don’t necessarily need to have your own website. It can be even YouTube or any social media platform where your product and Amazon’s link is visible and people can go to the site through that link, which seems an easier option to some people. Some people may not have a website, but have a crowded YouTube channel; they also have the chance to do affiliate marketing with Amazon.

Some drawbacks:

Depending on different items you can get up to 10% profit. But many popular products will give you less than 5% profit. The profit is smaller compared to other affiliates. You can see the list here.
Fixed Advertising Rates
If you are familiar to email marketing, you would not be so glad to know that Amazon affiliate offers can’t be promoted by email marketing. Though most of their customers come from these third party business, they didn’t allow email marketing. But if you have your own site, you can use email marketing to promote your affiliate site.

Once any visitor clicks your link, he/she has to purchase within 24 hours for you to get the profit. Once the time limit exceeds, you will not get any profit.

Sometimes your referred link for a certain product may not work for some reasons like stock out, seller stopped selling the product etc. So, you may need to check those links regularly.

In the ever-changing world, it is so common for people to lose interest in a certain product. For example – by now, when Samsung s10 is released, very few people are currently looking for the s2 model.

Yes, you heard it right. Amazon can ban your account if they find anything offensive or anything goes against their policies in your website. Amazon changes their policies every now and then. So, you need to be careful.

How to make a perfect Amazon affiliate website step by step:

Here, I have elaborately described the process of creating a profitable amazon affiliate website step by step. Let’s get started.


When we talk about a good working website, the first thing that comes to our mind is the hosting service. This is a major thing you can’t underestimate. Because this service allows people all over the world to visit your website with the help of any browser. So you must choose a good hosting service for your website that will give your visitors a great browsing experience.

Before choosing a hosting service, check their Uptime, Speed, Security, customer service and backup plans first.

Uptime is the time your website remains functional. Select a hosting service that gives a good uptime because to get more traffic you have to SEO your site too. Google and other search engines rank down a website if that is facing downtime for a longer period. It also affects negatively to your visitors. Many hosting services offers 99.0% and more uptime guarantee.

Before selecting your hosting service, check how much the hosting provides speed. Especially if you are affiliating some products which are popular in a certain region. Because if the loading time increases, visitors tend to get demotivated to that website. Many hosting services have more than one datacenters, which means you can choose the one that is closer to your expected visitors.

Security is one major thing you should check before choosing any hosting. Because one fatal malicious attack can make your money-making website unusable and you may lose a good earning site. So, check if your hosting provides standard security measures from attacks especially

Make sure your hosting keep backups of your website regularly. This works as a lifesaver if your website falls for any unwanted threat. You can find some plugins for this also, but many hosting services give this privilege to their clients.

Get a hosting service that can provide you good customer service at any time. Because server related problems may occur at any time. Sometimes waiting for 6 hours may bring you a huge loss if it is a running website.

I use A2 Hosting for my affiliate sites. They have all the good qualities as a hosting service you will ever need. Read our A2 Hosting review here.

If you can afford higher price, you can also use WPEngine. Their services are the best and costly at the same time.

Siteground, Hostgator, BlueHost, HostPapa and Cloudways are some other popular web hosting services. You can check their packages and rates too. You can include one to many websites and those packages are cost-saving too.

Content Management System:

The main purpose of an affiliate site is to make people know about some products that they will buy from your link. For this, the main weapon should be the content your website holds. People must be convinced enough from your content to buy that product.

To make an active amazon affiliate site, you will have to post recommendations or reviews continuously. These all are the content of your website. So, you need a content management system which is known as CMS in short.

CMS will immensely help you to have controls over all your website documents or files because you will need to upload your content dynamically. If uploading or publishing contents need you to go through your website code, then it will not be a useful idea. Moreover, one may have a little to no knowledge about your website code as many people make their website through other web developers.

With the help of CMS, you can upload or edit your contents very easily. It will also help you to customize your writings in a way, which makes it influential to your readers. And there are various themes for you to explore for our websites.

Let’s see why CMS is so important in brief –

There are various CMS out there. For example – Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and all of them are free. I personally use WordPress because I find it more user-friendly to use for my contents. For SEO integration of my sites, WordPress has no match.

Moreover, websites made with WordPress are so responsive that tablet, pc, or laptop, they will be usable with every device. They provide excellent support to their customers. This is why today, about 75 millions of websites run on WordPress.

Now that we have covered the initial part of a website, which is hosting and managing content, we need to think about how to make our website overwhelming to visitors. Let’s know more about that part.

You need visitors for your website. For this, you need to create a welcoming environment for them. The colorization, style, content alignment, layout of your website should be warm and welcoming. Because this is the first impression when a visitor visits your website.

Overall, a theme controls the presentation of the contents of your website. So, you need to choose a theme for your website carefully. If you are using any CMS like I use WordPress, then after installing WordPress, the second step is theme set up.

Before choosing the theme, there are some tips you should apply –

Themes are also made with codes. So many themes and so many features they possess that sometimes it is hard to restrain ourselves from choosing a heavy featured one. But the problem is the more feature, the more heavily it will be coded which will ultimately slow down your site speed and performance.

So, try to choose a theme that is enough to fulfill your specific needs. It is okay if it is not a highly functional one.

Many fancy themes may have a weak point, which may lead your site to a security issue. Developers sometimes use code they find on the internet and use it without taking further security measures.

This is what we say as a Responsive design. If your site works perfectly on a 14 inches laptop, but when another user opens it with his mobile and finds the site not fitted to his screen, then he will not be happy or satisfied with your website.

Most of the themes come with responsive features. But if you like a theme which is not responsive, then you may customize it in WordPress.

This happens when you choose a theme with dark color, and the writing is also in dark color. This can be hard to read. It will also make people lose interest to read your content further. Try to make the color combination using both light and deep shades.

Same happens if you choose a font which is hard to read.

Don’t use anything on your website that will take your visitor’s focus from the main topic of your content. For example – don’t use advertising that contains games or breaking news.

Finally, keep your website simple and clean. The UI should be easy enough for general people to use your website using their basic knowledge about websites. A clean design with a minimalistic approach is easy to create and effective also. Useless animation will make your website bulky. As long as your contents are rich, an unpretentious presentation of it is more than enough.

There are some noteworthy themes I can suggest. I especially like them. Astra, Divi, StudioPress, GeneratePress – are some of my most favorite WordPress themes.

After choosing the theme, you need to set up that theme. Then set up the initial of your website and upload your content to the website. I have uploaded two informative articles about theme setup, blog setup and website creation. Please check these articles for more in-depth knowledge.

Once you have deployed your business on the internet, you need to track the visitors of your website, which we do with the help of Analytics.


What analytics mainly does is analysis data, especially about your visitors. To make your amazon affiliate website more user-friendly and upgrade the customer experience, you need to analyze the customer behavioral about your website deeply. But nowadays this is not a headache. Because you can easily use Google Analytics for this.

Google Analytics is a top-class entrepreneur software. And guess what, its standard version is free to use. See more what google analytics can do for your website-

The first definition of any good software is the comfort of its use. Otherwise, you will feel it hard to discover its feature. Google analytics is not only free but also easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

You can know the age, sex, location and interest of people that are visiting your site. It will help you to know who are your targeted audiences and will help you to further improvement of your content.

You can set goals with Google analytics and it will also help you to track your goals regularly.

This useful tool allows you to know which of your contents are getting the highest or lowest views. A breakdown of your page views and shares of your contents will be given to you by Google Analytics.

You will be able to know how your visitors have found your site or specific content. It will help you to choose the platform where you should advertise more about your site. For example, if you see that most of your people are coming from Facebook, you should advertise your site or post on Facebook more than other platforms.

This feature helps you to know which part of your website is alluring people more into your site. It will make you know if your website is doing what it should do.

Google Analytics gives you the best opportunities by integrating it with other Google products. It is easy to integrate as well as opens various doors to make your business successful.

We have a descriptive article about how to set up Google Analytics on a website. Take a look before setting it up for your own websites.

Niche Research:

This one is a very important point to maintain. One’s luck on affiliate marketing depends a lot on niche research. Once you open an affiliate site, you will be writing or reviewing products. The problem is which product you should choose for your site? You can’t write about random products. There should be consistency to be maintained.

The product you choose to write about in your webpages is “niche”. Finding a perfect niche is one tough job where many newcomers have a chance to fail. If you want to earn more, your chosen niche should be profitable too.

Actually, “niche ” is everywhere and you can just pick up a topic. The main factor is there is a group of people interested in that topic. Let’s try in some simple steps:

As we are making Amazon affiliate website, we can start our research from the Amazon site. If you go to, you will find the ‘Department’ written on the navigation bar. If you go there, you will find all the department of products Amazon has.

Now, if you dig deeper, you will find sub-department. Suppose, I go to “Beauty, Health & Personal Care” => All Beauty = Hair Care. I will find a lot of hair cosmetics.

Now think deeply, how you can categorize these products. Some products are for hair growth, some reduce hair fall, some are for colored hair and some are for damaged hair and so on.

Now, in the Amazon sub-department, there is a lot of different kind of products for various purposes. This is where we can generate the idea of niche. Amazon even categorizes the top picks for their customers to find the best products easily. Once you have decided your niche, it is time to find keywords for it. Google Keyword Planner is a useful tool for generating keywords ideas. You can take its help to find your keywords in that niche.

This phase is more important. Because searching a niche is easy, but checking its eligibility and profitability is a tougher one. At this phase, you can take help from the SEO tools out there. But mostly are paid and their service is also good. Suppose, my keywords are – ‘hair fall shampoo’, ‘best hair fall shampoo’, ‘best hair fall reducing shampoo’. Now I have to see if these keywords are profitable. KW Finder, Keyword Revealer, Ahrefs, SEMRush – are some most used SEO tools.

If you’ve found your keywords now see if your keywords meet the criteria listed below –

People have to have an interest in your niche for it to become profitable. This interest can be checked on how many time your keywords are searched on search engines. A keyword which is searched from 750 to 5000 times per month is an exclusive pick for keyword pickers.

But the problem here is, highly searched keywords tends to have a greater keyword competition, which is described in the later segment. So, it becomes tough to rank your content with those keywords. I would suggest you not to pick a keyword with high search volume at the beginning. Pick one which has a bit lower search volume as many as 750 to 1500 per month.

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension. It is used to know the monthly search volume of a keyword.

Your work is not done yet. If you need a profitable keyword, you must research its competition. A low-competitive keyword should be the result you are wanting. Maybe you are using any keyword for the first time, but there may be many giant authorities which have used those keywords so many times.

If some new websites have used those keywords, then it is okay to use them. Those keywords can be said as low-competitive keywords.

But if some keywords are used by some giant authorities who already have higher ranking in the search engines, then working with those keywords is not a good idea. Because, it will be very tough for any newly published webpages to compete with the high ranked pages.

If this is the case, the chance of people finding your page through search engines is much lower than other competitive websites. So, you need to find a keyword which is not much used by other competitors. Keyword competition is also known as keyword difficulty.

KWFinder, Keyword Revealer, LongTailPro, Spyfu, SEMRush – are very useful tools to know the difficulty level of a keyword. They can easily analysis the competitiveness of any keyword. These tools are paid tools. But they totally worth the money. I personally use them for SEO.

DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority. You need to check the DA and PA of your competitor’s webpages. You can assume the strength of those webpages that are using the same keywords that you also want to use by measuring their DA and PA.

MOZ is a Google Chrome extension. It is widely used for checking DA and PA of any website. The most ranked webpages on search engines may have DA and PA nearly 50 whereas a newly published webpage may earn 1 point if it is published in an SEO friendly manner.

There are some other matters to consider also. For example – one competitor is having near 50 DA and PA point and other competitors have 10 to 15 DA and PA points. Will it be a good choice?

Yes, it can be a good choice. Because you need to measure the average DA and PA points of the top 10 competitors. Try to find a keyword whose average PA of the competitor’s keyword is below 20 and DA is below 30.

Before making your final decision about your niche, try to find a good number of keywords of that niche. And those keywords also need to fulfill the criteria given above. Even if you find some keywords with high search volume and low completion in your niche, avoid that niche if the amount of your found keywords is very low.

So, try to select a niche that has enough keywords in it. And those keywords should have high search volume per month and low competition.

Before deciding your niche, check the average backlinks of your top ten competitors. If your competitors have more than 100 backlinks on average, then you should not work with that keyword. Keyword Revealer, KWFinder, Long Tail Pro, Spyfu, SEMRush – these paid tools can help you to find how many backlinks your competitors have.

You can say it my personal preference or say I am writing from my own experience; you should not work with seasonal products. Maybe a seasonal product has a great search volume in a certain time of the year but other time not more than a few people look for it.

You should not work with these type of products because to rank up in a search engine your content need to have consistent visitors per month. One or two months with the highest visits may not be helpful here.

Google Trend is a tool that will help you to capitalize on Amazon product Trends and year-round sale of a product. This amazing tool is absolutely free. I personally use this one.

From the above lengthy words, if we conclude the points in short on which niche we can’t work with –

1. Seasonal products

2. Keywords difficulty 30+

3. Competitor’s average Page Authority 20+

4. Competitor’s average Domain Authority 30+

5. If the top 10 competitors have more than 100 backlinks on average

SEO of your website:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now that you have an almost complete website, you need other people to know about your website. You need more traffic for your website. An affiliate site is for visitors to find a certain product from your link. If you get more traffic, the chances of people to buy products from your link will increase.

SEO is very important because it helps you rank higher in search engines, which increases organic traffic on your site. Sometimes even if your contents are rich enough, you may deprive of getting more views just because of your content not being displayed on the top of the search engines.

There are two types of SEO –

I. On-page SEO

II. Off-page SEO

First, start with On-page SEO because for this you have to have the core access of your website and probably no one better than you can do this.

Different web pages have different designs, but there are some common structures that nearly every webpage follows.

First, you have to find Keywords of your contents following the above keyword research criteria. If the sole content of your webpage can be expressed with some words, then that may be considered as the keyword. There can be more than one keyword for your content. Finding a good keyword for SEO purpose is a delicate process. We already talked about keyword research in this article. Follow those criteria to find the best keywords in your niche.

If you’re are using some SEO tools like Yoast and all in one SEO, you will find an option named ‘focus keyword’. In the recent version, it is also known as ‘focus keyphrase’. In the field, put the main Keyword of your content. After that, the plugin will evaluate your webpage content from top to bottom and let you know if it is optimized enough.

A Greenlight from this plugin can save your precious work. This feature is something that helps a long way. It helps to put the Keyword in the right place, saving a lot of time and avoiding crucial mistakes.

Meta tags describe the content of your page in really short. Usually, it is not a part of the page itself as it is generally embedded in the header of a webpage.

It is only visible to the search engines. For on-page SEO purpose, bring your Keyword in the Meta tag of your webpage. A good meta tag should be within 50-160 words.

It is a general Html element commonly used in every webpage. When something is searched on search engines, title tags are displayed with a short description. It is clickable and sharable too. This title tag represents the page contents. Try to put your keyword in the title tag.

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which is also known as a Web address. Try to bring your keyword in your URL for better SEO experience.

Even the thumbnail images of your webpages can be customized for SEO purpose. The thumbnail image has an alternative text option. Use the keyword inside it.

Your content may have more than one h2 content. We normally use h2 on the name of any para. Use the keyword in any of your h2 para from the first ones. If the full keyword doesn’t fit naturally, try to fit at least some words of the keywords naturally.

When you post any content to your website, you must have some idea about how long your content is. First, bring the keyword in the intro and last part of your content. Then if your content is about 1k words, try to bring the keywords 3 times naturally. Bring nearly 7 to 9 times if your content is near 5k words and decide accordingly for other word counts.

After doing these, your content is now on-page Search engine optimized.

Off-page SEO is the method of ranking up a website in search engines. If the off-page SEO of your site is done, the chance of people finding your webpage when they search a particular topic will increase. And to do this one doesn’t necessarily need to access the codes of a website.

Off-page SEO deals with the promotion of your website. There are some ways of off-page SEO. Of which link building is a great way. Let’s know more about this.

Simply, the process of being linked by other websites is link building. To say more clearly, suppose there is a website online which has a lot of visitors. The visitors have a good trust on that website.

Now if that website refers your website for anything (of course they will not going to do it for free), Their customers will come to your website and your visitors will increase also.

The more your website will be referred by other websites, the more the chance of your website being popular will increase. But there is a prerequisite. The quality of your website content must be good enough for them to refer.

A website full of useful and quality content has a better chance to get Backlinks from other websites. Generally, when a person reads your content and finds it helpful, he will probably share your content to his social media account or his blogsite. That’s how it spreads.

It is also possible to buy quality backlinks. But your content should be of high quality.

Here, I have just given a simple touch on Off-Page SEO. I have previously posted a detailed article on this topic. Read the article here to learn more about SEO.

** Don’t fall for any Black hat SEO techniques. They may look alluring and easy, but the search engines today have developed quite strong algorithms to detect spammers. Once you are caught, the result will not be good.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing
Using social media platform for the promotion of a website is known as social media marketing. As people use social media for a quite long time daily, it is an easy and profitable idea to gather traffic to your website from social media to your site.

People sometimes even find or know about new content or news through social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube – these all are strong platforms you can use for social media marketing purpose.

Before this, thorough information about these websites is needed. For example, Facebook is the most used platform which is used by every type of people. LinkedIn has more well-educated people. Most Instagram users are under 30 years and love to show their best to others.

Social Media Bookmarking:

Social Media Bookmarking
If people find any useful video, website or article, they tend to bookmark that page. These bookmarks are public. So, anyone can see them. Moreover, people sometimes share content voluntarily.

This has a good impact. Because if your site is listed on a social bookmarking site, your website can drive higher traffic. A bookmarked site even gets better rank in search engines.

Add bookmarking buttons to your website. It will make it easy for people to share your contents. Sometimes people even tag each other on bookmarking sites. It is an organic way to increase traffic to your site.

Security of your Website:

make wordpress secure
At this stage, your website is almost ready. But you should not forget to provide your site with enough protection. Taking security measures beforehand can take your tension away.

Security is an important thing no one can deny. Suppose you have a well earning affiliate website. One day it falls victim to some thread and you had to lose it forever. Just a ‘click’ can bring the end of your website. This is the saddest thing an affiliate website owner can imagine.

Every day new threats are evolving, and keeping our websites safe has become a tough job. Thankfully some people are trying tirelessly for the solution. So, taking high precaution is a must. I have already written about website security in details in my previous article. Take a look at here.


To put simply, you promote some products from amazon, their products get sold through your affiliate links and you get a percentage of their revenue. This is what amazon affiliates actually do. Sometimes it requires no extra attention once set up well. But setting up an affiliate website is the main job.

Somewhere people stuck with the point – how to get started? Just read the article, take a deep breath, follow the process one by one (if needed you can contact with me through my website), start these process accordingly, if needed get a thorough idea about those tools I have mentioned. We always love to get some extra pay without working much.

At first glance, everything written in this article may not seem understandable. But once you start creating your own affiliate website, you will understand every part of it one by one. Every step is important. But I would suggest you emphasizing on the ‘Niche research’ part the most.

The main object of an amazon affiliate website is to teach people about some product found in amazon and encourage them to buy that one. Here, the content you are spreading is the most important part. If a product is not worthy, don’t spread good line about that. It may work for the first time, but people will lose trust, which is the main key to get active customers.

In this article, I have given an idea on how to create a profitable amazon affiliate website. Many people have their trust with today’s giant Amazon. So, working with Amazon always gives you the opportunity to attract the interest of a huge number of people. So, without further ado, get started!

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.
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