How To Create An Ebook From Scratch With Some Simple Steps

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EBooks are books that can be read through monitors or screens of electronic devices. EBooks are getting popular day by day because of their availability and convenience of creation. Because of the blessings of eBooks, publishing your own book has become easier than ever. Worrying about readers? The number of eBook readers is increasing so fast that it is assumed that there will be 1223.1 million eBook readers by the year 2024.

If you have been through this quarantine, you may have assumed the power of eBooks when there is no way to get your favorite books from the library. Even if the quarantine is over, people have already understood that there are so many productive things you can do from staying home and keeping the environment clean.
The popularity of eBooks is not going to decrease in a while. So, if you are wanting to publish your eBook but stuck to start writing one, please read the article. Maybe you are not sure about how to do all the process by yourself. But I hope, by the end of this article, you will know how to create an eBook and publish it following some simple steps.

Table of Contents

First Step: Thinking and Planning Stage

If you want to create a good, profitable, and resourceful eBook, you should spend some precious time thinking how and on which topic your eBook is going to be based on. EBooks are not a short term interaction with readers. Maybe, you don’t have any readers now, but if your content is worthy, you will get a good number of readers, and your sell will grow over time.
Plan for your eBook first so that when you are writing or finish writing, there remains no confusion if you took the right path. First, know your interest. If there is any topic that you want to create your eBook on, then do further research on it. Otherwise, you need to do some brainstorm on topics and ideas.
So, first, think of the purpose of your eBook. Do you want to write an informative eBook or a recreational one or about your thoughts and reviews on something? It can be an educational eBook or a recreational Comics. It solely depends on your passion for creating. It is better to note ideas that you are thinking about, so you will not be getting lost in your thoughts.
Then, decide how long your eBook will be. For example – if you want to publish your eBook in series or you want to publish it at once as a book. These things are necessary to think because it will be needed in the following steps. This step can be dependent on your topic also. Or it can be vice versa. You may have to decide your topic, depending on how long you want your eBook to be.
So, think about what type of eBook you want to publish. Our next step, which is deciding the topic, will depend on this also. We will discuss it further in our following steps more clearly. You should also think about your eBook readers. I mean, what kind of people are going to read your eBook. What age, gender, or profession of audience you are targeting for. Your targeted audience can play a great role in deciding your topic.
Because you need to learn about their interest first, an online survey is a good idea. If you already have a platform or website where you are going to publish your eBook, it will be better to know what kind of people visits your site the most. There are some tools out there. Google Analytics can be a great help here. It has a free version, which is pretty useful to track the traffic on your website. These are the steps before you jump into how to create an eBook.

Second Step: Research

As you have gone through the first step, you now have an idea about what kind of eBook you want to create. But the thing is, making an eBook is not a big deal. The deal is to create a profitable eBook that you will be able to sell. So, you have to do some research on your ideas.
I want to explain the thing with an example. Suppose you want to create an eBook on cooking. Research on people what type of cooking recipes they are looking for, such as – if people are interested in the traditional long cooking process or instant one-pot recipes, etc. Amazon’s book review comment section is a great place to get these types of things.
After that, You will get a narrowed down list of ideas. Now, you need to do some keyword research on your topics. It is to know how your content is being searched on search engines and the quantity of the search. There are many paid and free tools out there. For this stage, you can just use free tools. Ubersuggest is a good keyword tool you can find. I have already made an article to cover SEO and Keyword finding. Please go to the link to get a clear concept on this

Third Step: Preparing Your Content

This is the pre-developing step of your eBook. In this stage, you will decide how you are going to write your eBook, from where you are going to get that information. Some people write eBook themselves; some people hire other writers if they are not confident with their writing. I prefer to write about my things myself, though.
Now, how will you manage your content? Are you going to write your eBook from scratch and keep it fully fresh? Well, in this era of the internet, it is hard to create something that no one has ever done. But personal travel stories, cooking eBooks, or teaching books – this kind of eBooks can be written from scratch easily.
If you have already made some short blog posts on something, you can organize and combine them and make them into an eBook. This is also a great idea. As you are making an eBook from your existing content, the thing becomes easier and less time-consuming in many ways.
Sometimes you may find some topics which are getting too much traffic for some reason. It can be seasonal traffic also. You can research on that topic and create an eBook. It is a good business profit.

Fourth Step: Knowing the general structure of an eBook

Well, you may already know the structure of an eBook. Still, I would like to say about it. Before knowing how to create an eBook, you need to know how an eBook looks like. A book does not only consist of the body content but also other things. Usually, there are three parts of a book/eBook. 1. Front matter 2. Body matter 3.back matter. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Front matter

a. Cover page

Your book must need a cover page. It should be unique and matches the content of the book. Though you can’t judge a book by its cover, a cover is the first impression of the book for general people.

b. Title page

The title page contains the title of your book, subtitle (if any), author, publisher, and edition of the book. There is a thing called half-title which contains typically the title of the book.

c. Copyright page

It actually describes to whom the copyright of the book belongs to. It looks like “© 2010 Cristopher James”. Generally, the author has copyright. It’s easy to create a copyright page for your eBook online.

d. Dedication page

If a writer wants to dedicate his/her eBook to someone, he/she can use this page. But this page is optional.

e. Epigraph

The epigraph is the short quote or paragraph on anything, that is added at the beginning of the eBook. Some people writes their Philosophy of life here. This is optional too.

f. Preface

The author writes about his book here. Mostly on how the idea of making that eBook emerges.

g. Table of Contents

As a reader, to access your eBook easily, the table of contents is added to a book. It contents the chapter by chapter breakdown of a book as well as contains direct links to those pages.

Body Matter

Typically contains the body of your eBook. It is the main content of your eBook.

Back Matter

a. Appendix

If the book contains words that need to be said elaborately for readers to understand, an appendix page is attached in the back matter of the book.

b. Thank You/Acknowledgement Page

At the end of your eBook, attach a thank you page for your reader and anyone you want to thank for the eBook. It will be better if the user can give reviews on your eBook on that page. Reviews are very important to make a book trustworthy and author more approachable.

c. Summery

This item is optional. But sometimes it plays an important role in creating interest in readers’ minds about the eBook. If readers can’t assume the content of a book, especially novels, science fiction, etc. a summary is provided.

d. Author’s Biography

It is written in short. The purpose is to come one step closer to readers to create trust and bond.

e. Others

The previous ebooks that are written by the author and if there are any upcoming books etc.

Size of your eBook

If you are planning for big content, I will suggest dividing it into parts, sections, or chapters. Comics and tutorials are better to be published as small-sized content but on a regular basis. In other cases, contents can be published as a whole in the form of an eBook. It will be better if you think about your eBook before starting development, it will be easier for you later.
Sometimes you may want to publish a second part of your previously published eBook. You may not have thought about it previously. But if an eBook creates goo interest on readers, publishing a sequel can be a good idea.

Fifth Step: Development of your eBook

Everything till now was the pre-steps of how to create an eBook. Now, the real work begins. It is time to design and write your eBook. For this step, I like to use certain software. This is a paid one but the money you spend totally worth it. It makes my work done really fast, and I can even design my own eBook within a short time. Here, I am going to describe some ways to use this software with some scenarios to present the use clearly.

1st Scenario: Turn your blog into an eBook

Suppose you have an existing blog where you have posted something that you want to turn into an eBook. For that, go to your Designrr software on the main page of the Projects bar. You will find a button called Create one now, click on that.
create a new project
Or, click on the Start a new Project box on that page.
You will be redirected to a new page saying SELECT IMPORT OPTION. Select on the IMPORT FROM BLOG POST/S OR URL option.
A pop-up will appear where you will find a field saying Import from Blog post/s or URL. As we are making an eBook from an existing blog post, paste the link of your blog post on this field, and press the Fetch button. When it is loaded, press the Next button.
With this step, your content will be loaded into a form of eBook. But any eBook needs a good look. You will also want to decorate the eBook. For this, you will find a bunch of themes to choose from. And the most amazing thing is that these themes are editable. So, it gives you the freedom to decorate your eBook using your own thought also. So, choose your theme from here.
In any online blog post, we generally see some portions such as share on Facebook, Instagram, comments of visitors, Ads on the sidebar, footer, etc. which are not meant for an eBook. But the interesting thing is, you don’t have to put extra effort into deleting those things. You will see those unnecessary things already removed when the blog was turned into an eBook.
The eBook that you have just created will inherit everything from the theme you have chosen. You may want to change some Fonts, color, or background. You have those options available on the left sidebar.
Go to Elements on the top left bar, it is displayed as a plus (+) icon.
To change font or font color, size, margin, padding, shadows, or other attributes, use the Inspector option, which lays just before of the Theme option. Select the text you want to edit and make a change on the Inspector tab. It is that simple. In this software, there is already loaded a bunch of Google fonts, which will make customizing easier.
To change the background image, click on the image and you will find options to change it.
Let me drag and change the text. You can change the font and color also.
I should change the author’s name also.
After doing these little things, my eBook is ready.

In case you want to add more article in your eBook

Copy the link of the post that you want to include. Go to your Designrr tool, and on the left sidebar, click on Elements. A box will be opened, and you will find NEW ARTICLE written under Components. Drag that to your main article and drop where you want to join another post.
A pop-up box will ask you from where you want you want to import your new article from. If you want to import from another blog, click on the BLOG POST option.

Now, paste the link of that blog and Fetch it and then click on IMPORT.

There are many more options that you may want to try. For example- Elements->COMPONENTS->CALL TO ACTION option can be used to create a nice ending to your eBook etc.

2nd Scenario: Import from a Document

This may be the most basic scenario. Suppose you have written your eBook on Docs, or it may be on your pc as a PDF. Now, if you want to turn it into a nice eBook, follow the steps.

Open the Designrr tool and click on the top-right icon saying Create a new project.

You will see many options. As I am describing how to turn your doc file in an eBook, we will be choosing the IMPORT FROM WORD DOCX option.

A pop-up box will appear. Give your eBook a Title, add a Footer link, and if that document is in your device, click on Upload from desk and click on NEXT.

Select your theme and you eBook will be ready. I am hoping that your docs post is created maintaining layout or, we can change it in Designrr too. Go to Categories on the top to choose a writing style.

Change the page size with Page Size: Letter option.

3rd Scenario: Import from audio/video

Suppose, you have an audio or video that you want to turn into your eBook. Designrr’s premium version gives you that opportunity too. For this, Open Designrr tool and click on the top-right icon saying Create a new project. Select IMPORT FROM VIDEO. I am currently on Standard plan. So, this option is not available for me at this moment. But this option is available if you are using the PREMIUM plan.


I am using their STANDARD plan for the time being. I am going to upgrade soon. You can pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Their most popular package is the PREMIUM package. You can get 7 days free trial also. So, you will know which package will be better for your work. These are their Business Plans.
They have an Agency Plan which will be better if you have a team. Because this plan allows 5+ persons to work.


You have a creative mind. Why suppress it? For introverts, eBook is a way to express themselves, and for extrovert eBook is a way to communicate. Start writing your eBook today. If you are wondering how to create an eBook, after reading this article, I hope there is no more confusion left.
I personally used Designrr for an easy and time-saving option for my eBook. It gives me the freedom to choose my cover page without the help of others. Now, all I have to be concerned about is the content of my eBook.
Is the topic worthy enough to work on? Will the readers like it? These are my concerns now. But these things motivate me to research more on my content. Knowing more helps me to be transparent about my content to my readers. So, no more time-wasting. Start working on your eBook from today.
This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.
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