How To Do SEO: The Ultimate SEO Guide For WordPress Users

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With the advent of WordPress, it has become very easy to create a website. Everybody can create a website now. People use their websites for so many reasons. Some people use their websites for writing blogs, some people write product reviews and to some people, it is just a way to publicize what they do. But creating a website and writing something doesn’t necessarily mean that the content would be visible to thousands of people. It doesn’t mean that you will write something and just after that, your website would get famous and hundreds of thousands of people would rush to visit your website. Maintaining a website is not only confined in writing contents for that. You need to do a lot of other things after that. One of the main things that you need to consider so that your content reaches to the highest number of people is SEO.

Now, many of you are probably wondering “What is SEO and how it works? How to do SEO? How can SEO help a website?” This article will definitely help you to understand all the things and it will act like a complete SEO guide for you.



SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique used by website owners to ensure more and more people read the content of the site by ranking higher in the search engines. A lot of you who are completely new to this term might be still wondering what exactly is SEO. Let me explain to you by giving you a real-life example.

Suppose, you need to know about something or you need to research something. What do you do? You search for that thing on Google. A lot of links of websites appear in front of you. You will see pages after pages of results. But just think about one thing. Which link would you click? There is a high probability that you would click the first link. Even if that doesn’t provide you with the information you want, you will click the second one. If that fails, you will click the third one. But would you go beyond that? You have a huge possibility of finding your answer in the first three links. To be sure, you would probably search for your answer in the next few links. But what happens after that. You would not even see those websites. This is where SEO comes into play. With proper SEO, you can easily make sure that your website’s contents appear on the first few links that Google provides after any search.

Search engine optimization is not something illegal or is not about finding any loophole in the system. It is about creating contents on the website that is friendly in the way search engines find about anything and display to the audience. When someone searches to know about anything on the search engines like Google or others, the search engines use algorithms to find the best match for your searches. Then according to that, they display the results. The results are usually from the best match to the worst match. Most of the people understand that the first few search results are the best match and they try to find the answers to the questions through that by clicking on those. Ensuring that search engines like Google can detect that your website contains the best search result and make your website appear within the first few links is the work of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine is a huge source of traffic for a lot of websites. It is often seen that only a small portion of visitors to a website are the regular visitors i.e. they always come to the website to read about various things. The rest of the traffic of the site is usually generated by the people who need to know something and they have searched for that on Google or other places. After the results appeared, they clicked on that. That’s how different websites get a lot of viewers. So, it is very important to make your content search-friendly so that search engines detect that your content is the answer to their search and ultimately you can get more and more traffic on your website. So, you can clearly understand that optimizing your content is very necessary.

Websites are not only for showing people that you have one or gain credibility nowadays. In recent years, it has become a business too. A lot of people do business and earn a living only by running a website. It means that they need to understand how this works even more.

Nowadays people make websites for various reasons. Some people make it for blogging, some people use that as a journal, some people use that to showcase their business and what they do, some people do affiliate marketing using their websites, some people do content marketing for their products and so on. In such cases, optimizing the content becomes very necessary. Creating such contents that can rank great on search engines can help a lot. It has so much power that it can even create a whole business surrounding it. It can help a business grow a lot too.

This article will be a detailed article regarding how to do SEO and how it would help your website and how you can use SEO to maximize the traffic of your website. But before starting that you need to understand that Search Engine Optimization is not very easy. It has been made in such a way that it remains a tad bit complex. It is done so that people don’t use it anywhere. It is only used by those people who regularly deal with the website and use it for a purpose. But please do not back off after hearing it. If you go through this article, you will understand that though there are complexities, it is definitely doable and help you a lot. Also, understand that no step can guarantee you 100% success. The algorithm of search engines is not open to the public and it is constantly changing after a few days. So, no matter which process you choose, there is a possibility that it would not work after a few days. But as the whole website industry has been booming for more than two decades, a lot of techniques have been applied. Some of the techniques that you can use to make your site appear on the front page of the search engine results and get more and more traffic by optimizing your content for search engines are-



There is a saying in all the industries where people make something creative for their audience. It goes like “Content is the king”. No matter what kind of industry it is, this saying always works and it is very true. The case is the same in the case of writing for websites also. When you make something for your website, always try to make sure that it is of the highest quality possible. No matter what techniques you follow to make your content visible, it would never work if the content is not of top-notch quality.

Nowadays it is a huge competition in the market. Whatever topic you choose; you might see that someone or the other has already written about that. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t get that removed. You can’t make that disappear from the internet. You can’t stop that from appearing on the search results. What you can do is write better content. if you write something which is much better than other contents available on the market, the audience will come to you. They will appreciate your content which in turn will attract more traffic to your website.

Now, if you are thinking if the content is the king and content and only content can attract the audience to the site, “Why am I wasting my time learning how to do Search Engine Optimization?” the answer is simple. Think about a scenario when Google finds three similar high-quality content to display on the search result. If those contents are of high-quality, how would Google differentiate between those three? Then search engine optimization comes into play. Google will display the link of the site first which is more optimized for the internet, which helps the algorithm detect the article easily. So, after you have focused on the content, you need to focus on these things also.

Check the visibility option:

After you are done working on the site and have made it public, you need to make sure that your website ranks on the search engines. Without that, there is very less probability that it would bring viewers to your site. There is an option on the WordPress site that says you can easily stop that site from ranking on the search engines if you want. That option is known as search engine visibility. You should keep that ticked on until you have completely made the website and gave it a proper look. Because if someone visits your site in the midst of working, they might have the wrong idea that it doesn’t look good and it has a lot of problems. So, they would not visit your site again.

Visibility Option

You need to make sure that you tick off the mark after finishing up working on the site. Go to the settings option on WordPress and select the Reading option. When you click on that, you will find an option named search engine visibility. Tick off that. That would result in search engines recognizing your site and rank it based on your SEO scores. It would help your site get a lot of traffic.

Keyword Research:

Keyword Research

According to experts and experienced people regarding SEO, the most important part of search engine optimization is keyword research. Whenever someone searches something on Google, it doesn’t search for the whole thing on the internet. What it does is that it tries to find different sites by using keywords. At first, it tries to find where the whole phrase (what someone has typed in the search engine). Then it breaks down that phrase into words and tries to find which site’s content matches with the words. Even if it finds one word in common (not the structure words), it shows the result. The search results that people see on the first page are mostly those where most of the words match.

If you want your website to appear on the first page of the search, you need to find out how your content is searched and which words are used the most while searching. Then you need to act according to that. You can mention the whole phrase in your writing. There is also an option of giving tags on your website. There, you can mention those words. The more it matches with the search, the more the probability of people entering your site and your site getting popular.

Now, you might be wondering regarding how to find which keywords people search or which keywords you should use in your site. For that, you will need a keyword research tool. One of the most popular and most used keyword research tools is Google Keyword Planner. It has been mainly designed to be used with Google’s own paid platform for giving ads (AdWords). Google Keyword Planner gives you information about search terms.

When you put a phrase or a sentence, it provides you with several details. It gives you information about the number of average monthly search for the term. It also gives details about the number of ads that have been targeted for the search term. Perhaps, you are thinking “What do I have to do with what terms are used for ads?” Yes, you are right that ads are not your competition, but they do provide you with information regarding how much competition there is in the market. Besides, the keyword planner also tells you about different keywords related to the search term that you can use in your content.

Google Keyword Planner

You can use all this information to identify the best keywords suitable for your content. You can use these keywords and increase the chance of your content appearing on the first few suggestion lists of the search engine results.

When you search for a keyword on the keyword planner, you will see the number of monthly searches it has. If the monthly search is less, you can shift to another keyword that the planner suggests. You can target more potential viewers through this process. Also, you need to look for the competition. Let’s say a keyword with one lac search has ten thousand competitions. On the other hand, a keyword with fifty thousand searches has three hundred competitions. You should definitely go for the lower completion here as it has more chance of bringing viewers to your site as your content might rank up due to lower competitions.

There is another keyword research tool. The name of that one is KWFinder. Though it is a paid tool, it proves its worth by providing you with a lot more information than a free keyword finder can provide you. It is very user-friendly and gives a lot more details about the keywords. When you search for a keyword in KWFinder, it pulls out various information like how many people have linked to the keywords, how many have tweeted about those and an overall score of how easy or hard it is to rank on the search engine results. It also gives you details about how many traffic can the site get through that content.

When you put something on that KWFinder, it gives you details about different questions people search related to that keyword. The cost of the subscription somewhat come around 30$ per month. If you think about how much it can help you to boost your content and make your site get more and more traffic, it is definitely worth it.

Next up we have LongTailPro keyword finder on the list. This is one of the most efficient keyword finder tools in the market. And the most exciting prospect of this tool is that you don’t have to be a professional at keyword research to use this tool. They offer a 1-hour free tutorial at the very beginning to help you run through the process of how their tool works. To add to that, at the end of that one hour, you get three low competitive free keywords to jump-start.

LongTailPro introduces a whole new grading system for the keyword instead of the typical old lowest to the highest ranking. This tool ranks your keyword on a scale of 1-100.

LongTailPro works in 4 simple steps. you enter a seed word. The tool then dissects the keyword and gives you suggestions. If you accept, then it analyses your competitor’s keywords and finally provides you the keyword you need.

LongTailPro comes with the all-new ‘Rank Tracker’ that helps you to find out the rank of your keyword and content on the web. Just type your URL and you’re good to go. So, summing up, the LongTailPro is an excellent choice for keyword research.

As we are talking about keyword finders, I would like to recommend another one. This is not only a keyword finder. It is a complete SEO tool. When you understand how to do SEO after reading this article, it can be of great help to you. The name of it is SEMrush. It can help you with SEO, content, PR strategy everything. Market analysis, backlink audit and many other things are its forte. If you want a complete solution for your website, definitely keep this in mind.

SEO Plugin:


A plugin is basically an add-on software component that adds specific features to the existing programs. SEO plugin is the plugin that helps you do some optimization work on your website. WordPress has a huge number of plugins available for its users. But not all of them do the same work and not all of them are worth trying. There are mainly two SEO plugins that are used by experts and the people who have been doing SEO for years. One of them is Yoast SEO and another one is All in One SEO pack. You can use any one of the two.

If you are confused about what to choose, all we can say is that we prefer Yoast SEO more. One of the main reasons for that is its convenience of use. It is free and available on WordPress. You can install it from the WordPress Dashboard and start using it. You can go to its settings and figure out what to do.

One of the key features of this plugin is that it lets you optimize individual articles. Suppose, you have written great content on a specific subject. Then, you can use Yoast SEO there. Go to the post and you will see that there is a thing similar to traffic lights. It tells you about the optimization of the article. Your goal is to try to make that light green. Here, red color means very bad optimization, yellow means okay-ish kind of optimization and green is the color to go for. You need not to do a lot of things just to check the optimization level. This is the best thing of the plugin. If it shows other colors than green, try to focus on the keywords, quality of articles, grammar and everything to make it green.

There are a lot of things this plugin focuses on. The first thing it tells you to do is setting keyword. We have discussed earlier in this article about how you can do that. You should always make sure that the keyword is available in different places of the article. If you have forgotten to do so, the plugin checks that for you. If your SEO title and meta description is not up to the mark, the plugin tells you that and then you can change that until the light turns green. Similarly, through various checklists, it helps you make the perfect search engine optimized article.

SEO friendly URL:

When you create content on the article and publish it, you will see that it has a definite URL which lets anybody jump to that article or content directly. WordPress lets you customize that also. There are a few techniques WordPress uses to generate URL for such posts. You can go to the admin panel and in the settings option, you can select any of the six options regarding how it would generate a URL.

Though there are different options, what we recommend you to check is the “post name” option. It means that the generated article will look like If you put yourself in place of the audience, you would understand that this is the best option. The URL itself is giving you information about the article. It tells you about the subject. So, it becomes easy for people to decide if they want to visit the website or not. If the URL matches their need, they would definitely visit the page. This creates a win-win situation for people on both sides.

prevent username

XML Sitemaps:

When you look for something on the internet using search engines, the search engine looks for things related to your search randomly. It does not visit a website, then look if it is available there and then go to another website. If you think of it, if it could do so, that would be beneficial for the people who run the website. Because that would increase the chance of finding an article from their website by a huge margin. That is what XML sitemaps do. An XML sitemap is a specially formatted file that lists all the contents that are available on your website. Then, search engines can easily find all kinds of contents from the website. Because then, it does not need to search randomly or one by one.

BY adding an XML sitemap to your website, you can also make it easy for search engines to find your content. It helps your content get recognized easily by Google or others and it makes them appear on the first few search suggestions. But creating an XML sitemap by your own is hard and time-consuming. Also, for a beginner, it is a completely new thing to learn also. But you don’t need to learn that if you have Yoast SEO plugin installed to your WordPress site. We have talked about Yoast SEO previously also. It is not only for doing basic stuff. Everybody who wants to make their content reach more and more people should install it on their WordPress site.

You can easily enable the sitemap creating option on Yoast SEO. When you go to the admin panel of your WordPress site, you will see that there is an option called SEO at the left sidebar if you have installed that plugin. Click on that and you will see some options appear. Click on the General option, then go to the Features tab and there you will see that there are a lot of options and each has On or Off option to it. Go to the XML sitemap option and click the On button. Then your sitemap will be created. After turning on, you can see that it has created the sitemap by going to this link-

XML Sitemap Generation

Adding Site to Google Search:

We have been talking about how search engines can go to the XML sitemap and try to find the content from there. But how do you make the search engine go to the sitemap of your website? It is easy. Let us talk about how you can make Google, the largest and most used search engine of the world reach your XML sitemap. The thing you have to do is submit your XML sitemap to Google. But how would you do that? Let us talk about that. But before that, we need to understand about Google Search Console. If you are wondering about how these two things relate, worry not. We will talk about that too.

Google Search Console is a set of tools that are provided by Google to let the website owners see how Google as a search engine sees its websites. It provides the users with various kinds of data which helps the users understand how their content appears on the search results when someone searches for similar content. The owner of the site is also provided with data that tells about what are the terms people use when they search for content which your website is providing. You can also know how often your pages are clicked when the audience sees your name appear on the search result.

Google Search Console

By using all these data, you can get an idea about which content works and how it works. You can also set different strategies to make your content reach more and more people. You can know which type of content to write for your website and which content not to write. If your site has some problems like if the people are unable to access during certain times or your content is copied from others or has a touch of plagiarism, Google Search Console notifies you about that also. To use Google Search Console and get all these pieces of information, you need to add your site to search console. How can you do that? Let us get to know.

If you have Yoast SEO plugin installed to your WordPress site, you can connect your site to the google console easily. You just have to add your WordPress website to Google Search Console and verify it through Yoast SEO plugin. To do this at first click on the Yoast button in the admin panel of your WordPress site. Then click on the general option. When you click on the general option, you will see that there are 3 tabs mentioned – Dashboard, Features and Webmaster Tools. Click on the Webmaster Tools option. Then you will see that there is an option named Google Verification code. Below that option, there is a link after the Get Google Verification Code. Click on that and you will be redirected to the Google Search Console. After signing in that, you will get a code. Put that generated code in the Google Verification Code of the Yoast SEO menu. Save it after doing that. Thus you will get verified. After you have verified, you will be given a chance to select a profile. You need to select your WordPress site from the dropdown menu. Then Yoast SEO would do its work by fetching your Google Search Console data into WordPress. Then your XML sitemap is attached to Google Search Console. Now, there is a better chance to appear on the first page of the search results when someone searches something related to your content.

Adding Site to Google Search

You will be able to access all these features through the free version of the SEO plugin. But if you use the premium version, you get access to a lot more features. You can add your website to the Search Console using other methods that don’t require Yoast SEO. But that is a tad bit complex and we recommend you do it through the easy process. As Yoast provides so many features for free, we feel that every site owner be it a newbie or an expert should use Yoast SEO.

Categories and Tags Understanding:

We have already mentioned about categories and tags in the article. But we haven’t discussed what they are yet and how are they used.

WordPress is a content managing service. So, it allows you to manage different type of contents and lets you publish that through your own website created through WordPress. It allows you to sort your articles into categories and attach a different kind of tags to it. It helps you a lot to manage the articles you write by topics. It also helps the audience to find the content they are looking for. Categories and tags also provide a lot of information to the search engines and it also helps you to understand the website structure and the content you provide.

Now, different questions might arise in your mind about how to use these things and how to make the best use of it. Let us start by understanding how you can use it. Categories help you to segregate your posts into the broad group. You can think of it as a table of contents of a book. As that provides you information regarding what are the things talked about in the book, similarly by using categories, you let the audience know what type of contents they can find on your website. There can be different type of categories on a website. There can be sections about technology, music, products, games and a lot of other things. When a person visits your site, he or she can easily understand what they can read on the website only by looking at the categories.

On the contrary, tags are small keywords or phrases that describe what an individual post is about. When you make content, you have to put it in a certain category. What do you do after that? You tag the individual article by describing that article only. Let us suppose; you write an article about a book. The book is a horror story and it is a best-selling and award-winning book. So, you put the article in the book category. And then you add tags like best book, award-winning, horror to the individual article.

When someone searches for books in Google or other search engines, the name of your website will arrive. It might specify the category book in the URL. They would enter the category section. Then they can browse from there. Again, when someone searches for a horror book, the URL to the specific article where you wrote about the award-winning horror book would appear. If you think about it, you would understand that you can use categories and tags to your own use. It enhances the probability of users coming to your website. You have the chance of getting larger traffic through searches related to books or any other type of content you provide through your website.

WordPress Comments:

WordPress Comments

When you publish an article, it is open to all kinds of public. You might even keep the comment section open as it increases audience engagement. It also lets you get feedback from the people who are regular users of your website. It also helps to make the readers feel that they are welcome and valued in your site. It creates a loyal fan-base.


But the very saddening thing is that not all comments are constructive or good. Some comments you get on the website are not even made by real humans. They are just spams. What spammers do is that they comment on various links to various kinds of websites. Those are called as bad links and they affect your search engine rankings a lot. Sometimes, these comments might be the cause of your page not appearing in the top search results and it is very harmful to you.

Though there is no possible way of not letting random people comment on your site, yes, you can block some people. But there are so many people who do these kinds of things that it is almost impossible not to let any bad comment on your website. What you can do is install plugins that help you combat these type of spams.

For combatting the spams on your site, we recommend that you use the WordPress plugin named Akismet. It comes pre-installed with WordPress sites. It means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing it manually. It definitely won’t work 100% of the time, but it does make your work a lot less. You have to delete other spams manually. For that, always try to keep an eye on your previously published articles and see the comments. It is easier to ruin posts by commenting on the previous post than on the recently published ones.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking is a technique by which you attach links to other articles on your website in an article. Search engines always rank websites and give them a score. The higher the score, the more the chance of appearing on the first page of search results. Though they don’t publish the scores, everybody knows that there are some factors that are taken into account. One of them is links.

Everybody should try to include links in their post. In a lot of articles, you might mention different topics that you have already talked about. When you mention those, try to attach links of those articles. It would increase your score. It would also result in an increase in page views. People might become loyal fans i.e. they might start visiting your website because they have seen the contents that you publish. It also increases the time spent by users when they visit your site. All these have a huge impact on search engine scores. It eventually increases your traffic too.

Careful Outbound Linking:

In the previous point, we have discussed that search engines rank websites and links play an important part in that. Linking good sites or good articles can make the site rank higher. On the other hand, linking not good stuff can make the score go down. Also, when you link another site to your website, you share some of your SEO scores with that site. It is termed as ‘link juice’.

If you want to maintain a good SEO score, you need to make sure that the links you provide are of good quality websites. If you provide links to some random spamming website or a website that does not fulfill all the criteria of a good website, you will lose your SEO score. Yes, it is true that by external linking to good websites, you are also receiving a good amount of SEO score. But this does not happen all the time. You have to be careful while providing links. If possible, do a little bit of research about the website where you found articles related to your content and decided to provide a link of that.

Summary Display:

Have you noticed when the articles of different websites appear in front of you, those appear in a box? The box would only have an image, the headline and a small summary of two to three lines which says what the article is about. Sometimes, they are also written in such a way that makes you curious to know about the whole incident. But these are not generated automatically.

By default, WordPress generates the whole text of the article and does not generate summary or excerpts. What happens is sometimes, these things hamper the SEO score of the website. It also makes your article load slower than usual. And if you make a short content and the readers can read it from their feed, then they will not even visit your website. This would highly impact the traffic on your website. To solve this problem, you can go to the settings section of WordPress. There, you go to the reading option and then select “summary”. After doing this, people will see the summary of the content in their feed. They would feel curious and visit your page to read the whole article.

Summary Display

Site Speed:

To make any website optimized for search engines, one of the key factors that one should always keep in mind is the speed of the website. Nowadays, everybody is in a hurry. Nobody is patient enough to let your site load if it takes more than a few seconds. They would just cut that and go to the next article. So, your site should be fast so that it loads instantly and generates the article. Google even prefers those websites that have a lower load speed than other ones.

To do this, make sure that you do not install any unwanted or unnecessary plugins on your site. You can use WP Rocket plugin to speed up your website. Wp Rocket is the best plugin for speed up. Also, make sure that there is no virus or malware in your site. There is an another article on our website that discusses in detail about how to speed up your site and keep it clean. There we have also discussed how you can keep your website clutter free and virus free. These would result in your site being very fast and would provide a pleasurable experience to the viewers.

Optimize Image:

We have already mentioned that you always need to make sure that your site loads fast. Optimizing image is a very important thing for that. A lot of times, you will see that when you visit a website, the writings appear very fast but images take a lot of time to load. They happen because the size and quality of the image are very high. Yeah, it is good to provide high-quality images. But if that takes so much time that you cannot even read the article properly, that would do more harm than good. Also, that would impact the SEO of your website in a bad way.

Now, you might be thinking if you should use images or not. Yes, you should because images make the content more attractive and engaging. But you have to find the sweet spot. You need to find images that are good in quality and are of a decent size (not too large). Use Tinypng to compress your images before uploading them into your website. So, the images would load faster and users would also find the content interesting.

Images also provide you with an opportunity to improve the SEO of the site. WordPress lets you add title and alt text to your image. Whenever you decide to use an image, put relevant keywords into the images title and alt text. It would improve the site SEO.

image title alt text

If you are interested in photography or art and you upload those on your website, we recommend that you use a gallery plugin for that. Envira Gallery is a perfect example of a gallery plugin. It is one of the fastest plugin available in WordPress and also very SEO friendly. It would be very much helpful for your website.



Before starting to read this, we recommend you to go and read the previous article about WordPress Security as SSL and HTTPS are part of WordPress security. There, we have discussed in detail about SSL and HTTPS and how much secure they are. They provide an added layer of security to both the readers and website. When you make a website, please buy the SSL certificate. You have the option to buy that when you buy the domain. Besides, hosting servers also give you the option to buy from them. This impacts SEO scores also. If you have these in your site, your scores go up and search engines also recommend people to go to those sites which have great security.

Throughout this article until now, we have tried to discuss a lot of ways to optimize your website for search engines. We have discussed the ways through which you can make your website get a higher rank in Google search engine or any other search engine. All these methods require you doing many things and applying many things on your website. But there are other ways of making your website rank go up. For those things, you don’t have to apply anything or do any work on your website. Rather, you have to follow different techniques. Those are commonly known as off-page optimization techniques. Following those can help your website get a higher rank in Google or other search engine’s search results as well as help you to get more and more views.

Off-Page Optimization:

You cannot just depend on people to search for your content and search engines showing that and then people visiting your site. You should also try to share your content through other ways. Two of the most important techniques are social media sharing and outreach.

Social Media Sharing

Almost everybody is on social media these days. You can share your posts in them. Whenever you write new content, try to share that on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Also, you can consider Reddit as a great medium of sharing content. Sub-reddits are one of the few places where you would find a huge number of people that are interested in the same topic as your content. There are subreddits for tech, games, sports and a lot of other things. Try to share your content on the subreddits that match with your content. You have the chance of getting a decent amount of loyal fan-base.

There is a great tool that can help you in your social media marketing. SocialPilot is the tool which is a very cost effective social media marketing tool for everyone. It is very much time consuming to focus on social media marketing for your content. When you are starting out, you have to do all the things by yourself. In such cases, it’s better to use a tool that can help you lessen your work and you can focus on other things. We recommend SocialPilot and it has proved to be a beneficial tool for everyone.

Outreach also uses social media but in a different way. You can share your own content but when someone with a larger fan-base shares something, it appears much more credible. You have to try to find people who are known for things that relate to your topic and tell them to share your content. This requires a bit of luck too. Not many people would be ready to share those. But if you can manage to convince even one person to share, you will get a good amount of view instantly. What you can do is target micro and nano-influencers for this. Nano-influencers are usually those people who have a very small but loyal fan base and they always share or talk about a certain subject. And micro-influencers are those who have a fan base little bit larger than nano-influencers. The micro-influencers usually don’t charge money, but through their share, you can get a good amount of view if their niche and your niche matches. You have to work a little bit hard to convince the micro ones to share your content without charging any money. You have to talk with those people and show them that you make one of the best types of contents possible and they should share it for the betterment of their followers. So keep that in mind and try to convince people to do so. There is a great application named NinjaOutreach, which can lessen your worry and help you a lot in your outreach.

Backlinks are basically incoming links to a website or a webpage. You have probably seen that sometimes when you are reading an article on a website, there are links mentioned to other websites. When a website links an article on your website, it is called backlink. It can be very helpful to improve the SEO score of your site. Whenever a good and reputed site recommends your site, the search engines understand that and it helps your site to gain authority over many other sites which don’t have backlinks.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that no website would recommend your site without any reason. You have to work hard to gain their trust and get such backlinks. How can you do that? The main answer would be great content. Always try to write such contents that are undisputedly great. They are not easily beatable by other writings and they provide a lot of information that the other writings don’t. Because of these things, when other websites write articles about a content related to your topic, they might link your article if they use any information from your article.

The term guest post means writing for another blog and getting a link to your blog or website in return. It is a quite common method used by new and upcoming content writers all over the world. How it happens is that you find a website that follows the same niche as you. Then you see if there are guest posting opportunities there. If there is, you write content for that website and in return, they give the link to your website through that content.

It helps both the sides. They get good quality content for free and you get some traffic from that site’s viewers. Besides, it also increases the SEO score of your website. You can also increase your engagement by engaging with people on the comment section of that blog. One thing you should keep in mind while writing is that you write for a website with a good reputation which has organic traffic.


We have tried to write this article as a complete guide for people who wants to know how to do SEO. If you have carefully read through all these and will try to apply it, we can assure you that your website’s SEO ranking would go up by a huge margin. You can get a much better reach by following all these techniques. We hope that you achieve whatever you wanted to achieve through your website and we can be glad that we could be of some help in your SEO journey.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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