How To Start Dropshipping Business With AliDropship? (Step By Step Tutorial)

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Dropshipping, a business that one can start without investing much and needs no physical storage. For some people, it is an easy source of money. One doesn’t really need to invest a lot of time in this business, and this can be a good side business for every class of people.

It all starts with a good website where your products will be displayed to customers, then comes what kind of products you are going to sell there, and after completely building your site, you need to spread your site to people.

Maintaining your dropshipping store is also not a hard job. You can manage your shop easily from anywhere around the globe as long as you have the internet. With good care, you can grow your online business rapidly.

Starting is the most crucial part of a business. Most of the time, people hesitate to start a completely new business for him. Here, I will be telling you step by step how to start dropshipping business with AliDropship that will lead your path to profit.

Why choosing AliDropship?

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

If you are interested in dropshipping business, you may be thinking why we are talking about AliDropship? You may have other options like Shopify. The differences between these two well-known dropshipping services are quite clear. First of all, it depends on the taste and preferences of people.

If you start with AliDropship, the most basic cost you will need is 89$ for the AliDropship plugin, and this is a onetime cost. Shopify has its basic plan, which starts at 29$ per month. Which means you will have to pay monthly. So, in a year, you will have to pay at least 348$ on your dropshipping business, which not everyone finds comfortable at their starting.

The main advantage of Shopify is that, even if you have less to zero knowledge about website management, you can use it. AliDropship has recently opened some options which make its use easier. Most of Shopify app doesn’t come free.

Establishing a dropshipping website is not enough; you will have to spend money on other plugins, add-ons, and spreading your store. So, if you spend this much money on Shopify, you may face it hard to bring the profit out of your store. That’s why we are suggesting you AliDropship.

Start creating your very own AliDropship website step by step

1. Get your AliDropship account:

At first, you need to have an account on This very basic step is needed if you want to get start dropshipping business with AliDropship.

**Deciding Time*

Well, it is your deciding time if you want to Build a Store Yourself, or you just want to order Custom Store. I will write about both in this article.

To Build a Store Yourself:

Step 1: Domain & Hosting

Domain is the name of your website with which anyone can access your website, just typing it on his browser address bar. Hosting service allows people to access your website. Getting a domain name a moderate hosting service is the first thing for your website.

Choose a domain name that reflects your dropshipping store or make it interesting. Sometimes getting your preferred domain name is not possible because someone may already be using that name. So, do more research on that.

Choose a web hosting that provides good services to its customers. Some other things you should also consider before choosing a hosting service. They are –

Uptime: The time your website is available for people to visit is called its Uptime. The more uptime a web hosting can provide, the more it will be beneficial for you. If your website faces more downtime, which is the opposite of uptime, the more it will be tough for your website to rank on search engines. It also has negative impacts on customers.

99.9% or more uptime is a preferable choice. Some hosting services even provide 99.99% uptime.

Speed: The speed of the website plays a great role in satisfying your visitors. If your website takes a longer time to load, the visitors will be disappointed, and eventually, you will start losing your customers.

The distance of the data centers of your hosting service also plays a big role here. Choose a data center with the minimum distance from your estimated visitors. If you find no near option, you should probably not take that hosting service.

Security: Most of the web hosting services nowadays provide some minimum security to your website. They are able to prevent some common cyber-attacks such as DDoS attacks. Some even keep back up of your website regularly. This process is also important and helps you to recover from any unwanted threat.

Customer Service: You should consider this property before choosing your hosting service, as at any moment, you may need to contact the customer service. If they are not responsive enough, you may face loss in your online dropshipping store.

To know more about hosting services, go to this link Furthermore, you can use AliDropship hosting service for your website. They have four packages which are –

Their Hosting service is fast, secure, and hassle-free. They use high-end hardware for your website to give a flawless performance. Well, these packages don’t include Domain name. You will have to buy Domain name from elsewhere.

Step 2: Get AliDropship plugin

After choosing the Domain name and Hosting service, get the AliDropship plugin. This plugin is a must-have for you to start dropshipping business. There are two versions of this plugin –

When you buy, you will get both in the package. It will be your decision to choose which one you will install.

Meet #1 WordPress Plugin for dropshipping business

This plugin comes with an 89$ onetime payment. Once you buy this, you will have no further tension to renew this plugin.

Why you need the AliDropship plugin?
Why Alidropship

There is more than one reason for you to install this plugin. Let’s see those reasons in brief.

Search & import products:

For your dropshipping store, you will need to import products from AliExpress to your website and put their photos and description to your website. Without doing this, your customers will not get interested in those products.

Doing these for each product is a tiresome product because you will need to do these things for more than 100 products, which will be increasing as time passes. So, adding products to your website will be hassle-free. You can edit product descriptions if you want to.

Price Automation:

You will not sell your products at the same cost as AliExpress. You will keep your benefit. You can set your pricing rule depending on how much profit you want to get from products in a certain price range.

Auto-Updating Description:

If any of your imported product gets any change or any updating on AliExpress regarding your product happens, the description at your website will happen automatically.

One-click order:

Once you select products you want to add your website, you don’t need to add them one by one. This can be once with a single click. AliDropship plugin gives you that opportunity.

Edit Product Images:

It has a built-in image editor. This will come in use when you want to edit any of your product images.

Abandoned cart:

Customers abandoning a cart is common happening in e-commerce business. This plugin will help you to keep track of your orders and send follow up emails to customers who have abandoned any cart.

Discount on products:

Sometimes to increase your sell, you may want to run a sale, discount on any particular product or provide free shipping service, etc. everything is super easy with this plugin.

SEO friendly:

You can increase your sell if you do SEO of your products. In that case, this plugin will help you with Meta tags, titles, descriptions, and keywords. Which means on-page SEO is easy with this plugin.

AliDropship Original plugin or Woo plugin?
Meet #1 WordPress Plugin for dropshipping business

If you want to start dropshipping business with AliDropship, this plugin is the most necessary one. I have told earlier this plugin has two versions. You will be deciding what you want to install. After you purchase the plugin, on the “Thank You” page, you will have to choose which one you will install. You can’t install both plugins for one website. But before that, the differences between them should be clear. 

First of all, they both are WordPress friendly. The AliDropship plugin will convert your WordPress website into a dropshipping website. The WooCommerce plugin is a free WordPress plugin that allows people to manage their online stores without having the knowledge of a web developer. If your website is built with WordPress, then you should choose the original AliDropship plugin. 

But if your website is built on WooCommerce, then without any further ado, choose the AliDropship plugin of Woo version. As I am instructing how to build an AliDropship website, I can assume you haven’t made your website yet. I would recommend you to build your website using WooCommerce. 

This plugin is free of cost and gives a better environment for an e-commerce website. The problem is, if you use the woo plugin, which means you have the WooCommerce installed, you can process up to 500 products. But with AliDropship’s original plugin, you can get as much as 10,000 products recommended. 

So, if you want to open your store on a large scale, I will discourage you from having the Woo plugin. Another thing is that with Woo plugin, you will have the option to select some unique theme for your website out of numerous free themes available. 

Though AliDropship doesn’t guarantee their size and smoothness.

Installing AliDropship Plugin:

After purchasing the plugin, the license key will be sent through your email. Once you get this, enter your WordPress panel. Go to Plugins -> Add New.

After clicking on Add New, you will find something like this.

Choose the file and install the plugin. After installing, you need to Activate is with the License key given in your email.

Install the AliDropship Woo Plugin:

Go to your WordPress panel. Then Plugins -> Add New. There, in the search, type “WooCommerce by Automattic,” and you’ll find the plugin. Then install it and Activate.

Install Woocommerce

After installing it successfully, you will find a menu named WooCommerce and products Added on your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 3: Select A Theme For Your Website:

With Woo plugin, you can choose a theme out of numerous options. But if you are using the original Alidropship plugin, there are built-in themes – Picasso, El Greco, Andy Warhol, for you to choose from. Of them, I have found the Andy Warhol theme most comfortable with clean user interface design. So, download which one you want to use. You can customize those themes also.

Go to your WordPress panel, then go to the Appearance. Follow the path Appearance –> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme. Now choose the theme file that you have downloaded earlier. Click Install Now, and your theme will be installed. After that, click Activate to activate the theme.

theme upload
Customizing Your Website Theme:

Once you have installed your theme, you may want to bring some changes to the theme. It is absolutely possible. Go to WordPress Dashboard. From the side menu bar, choose the Customization option.

Here, you can change the theme color, texts, and pictures. You can even Add default pages. If you need to add anything to the menu bar, you can do that also. Explore the customization option more to get your preferred website look.

To customize your Product Categories:

Go to Products -> Product Categories.

Edit the existing categories, or you can add if you want. If you want to make a subcategory, then write its name on the ‘Name’ space, and under it, you will find a dropdown bar written ‘Parent Category’. Click on the dropdown bar and select the parents.

Now, if you want to shamble the elements of the menu, go to Appearance -> Menu, set the select a menu to edit. Select the menu item and drag it to your preferred position. Normally when you add a menu item, it will appear in the last position.

Don’t forget the Social Media option. It will help you with the SEO of your page. In the Customization -> Social media option, add your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media page links. In their footer of your website, these links will be placed in the social media logo buttons.

Step 4: Set up your price Formula:

In AliDropship, if you don’t set your price markup rule, all products will maintain their original price. But as you need to get some profit, you will now have to set your price formula. For that, a little bit of math is needed.

To set the pricing, go to AliDropship -> Settings -> Pricing. Here, on the top-right side, you will find written Add New Formula and click there. Let’s take an example. Let the cost be a variable. We want to express that; if the cost of any product ranges between 50$-100$, we will get a 50% profit from it.

In other words, it means we will be getting cost × 1.50 from those products. We will set it like –

$50.00 < cost < $100.00 cost × 1.50

You can use Addition (+), subtraction (-), equals (=) in your equations if needed. In this way, you can create as much as the price range you want.

pricing formula

You can also the Add Recommended option if you don’t want to go through the hassle.

The Update Prices button works when you add a new formula, and you want it to work for your existing products. At any time, you can reset prices with the help of the Reset Prices button.

There, you will find a Price Rounding option. If you don’t want to keep any price like 5.62$, 10.59$, you can enable this option. This will round up the price to the nearest integer making the price 6$ and 11$.

There is a discount option available here, which we will discuss in the latter part.

Step 5: Changing Currency (Optional)

AliDropship plugin, by default, shows the prices in the US dollar. But if your website is mainly for people of other regions who are used to with other currencies than the dollar (US), then you can easily change the currency.

Go to your AliDropship Plugin Main Menu -> Settings -> Currency. Here, you can change currency using the Default Currency dropdown box. Select the currency you prefer. If you want to show the price to your customer in other currency, then use the Additional Currency dropdown box. Then press the Save Changes button.

currency change

Step 6: Select Payment Gateways:

Now it is high time you selected your payment gateways. The more you add payment gateways, the more it will be helpful for your customer. For example, you’ve added only PayPal payment gateway. But there are some countries (for example – Bangladesh) where this gateway is not permitted to use. So, you may lose to potential customers. To set payment gateways go to AliDropship -> Settings -> Payments. Here, we are using PayPal for demo. Click on Enable PayPal payment option. Then scrolling down, you will get a form. Fill that form with the necessary information of your PayPal account. Then press the Save Changes button.

If you scroll down more, you will get other payment gateway options. You can add those gateways also. It will enable you to get more orders.

Step 7: Steps for importing Products

i. Niche Research:

This is not actually a step but a prerequisite for the next step. In the next step, we are going to import products. But first, we have to decide what we should import. Believe me; if you just want to import each product to your site from Amazon without even research, this will not bring any good result for you. You have to find the best for your customers. That’s how your store will earn trust from visitors.

You can’t fill your store with some anonymous products that will not attract customers. Moreover, with various types of products, you will find it hard to find or generate keywords for your items, which is an important factor, especially for SEO purposes. So, you will have to narrow down your list.

Niche is something you want to sell from your store. A type of product that you are interested in selling, you should know about it either from market research or from your interest.

For example – you have an interest in a kitchen appliance. Then focus on those kitchen products. Search more products, analyze them good reviews, search which products are hard to find on general stores, and have the latest features to minimize the workload for people who loves a neat kitchen.

Well, there are some other factors to take in mind. For example – you need to study your competitors. Competitors AliDropship websites that have the same Niche as yours. If you find your competitor is strong enough, then you should think again, choosing your Niche. Because if your competitor has a strong-built dropshipping website that has higher SEO points and trusted customer, it will be hard enough and time-consuming for you to get your awaiting success.

Nowadays, people’s interest is diverting to new technology-related products. As they are alluring and hardly found in general or local stores, people are getting interested in buying appliances like – drone parts, raspberry pi, high-end cosmetics, and other smart devices from online stores.

Here is something for your help from AliDropship. Go to this link- Point and tick your standards for Niche. You will be suggested your probable niche result through your email address.

Starting dropshipping business is sometimes challenging. The success of your dropshipping store depends a lot on this point. So, you have to be extra cautious about this.

ii. Set up chrome extension for AliDropship:

Go to AliDropship -> AliExpress and click on the link saying Install AliDropship Extension and install it. This extension is very helpful to import your products directly from AliDropship. This extension also helps to update those products, collect tracking IDs, and automatically processing your orders.

Alidropship Extension
iii. Import products from AliDropship:

This is actually the fundamental step of staring dropshipping business. Go to AliDropship -> AliExpress -> Import Products and click on Direct Import. You will be redirected to

When you hover over the e-packet bar, you can see if your product is offered e-packet delivery or not. E-packet delivery is a better option as it has more benefits. It is cheaper, and most deliveries with e-packet shipping don’t take more than 30days. So, it is better to choose it if e-packet shipping is available for the product.

You will be redirected to that product page. Click on the check if the price is lower on other seller’s option. If found, you will get an option named Ready! Go to products! You will find similar products there. You can choose one.

On the product page, you can find the seller’s ratings/score. So, even if a seller offers low price but have a poor rating, you shouldn’t choose him. You shouldn’t take any chance when it is the time for your store to get trusty customers. Any bad review can bring bad result to your store. Keep that in mind before choosing a product. This rating ensures a trusted seller.

If you want to edit any option before importing, click on Edit on top near the search bar. Edit the title and edit the permalink. Delete the permalink and put off the tick. Now select on which category you will be selecting this product for.

You can also edit the product description. It is recommended not to put any image on the product description page.

The product images may come with unnecessary tags or text. You can remove them by using the built-in editor of this plugin if you want.

Scrolling down, you will find your pricing formula is set there already. Rate and orders can be changed, though. You can change color in the Variations.

After that, if you still need some editing left, you can click on the Add this to import list, or if it is final, click on publish.

Bulk import:

On the AliExpress page, you can import all the products on your search results by clicking on the Import all items option on the right of the search option. Once you click it, you will fill all the products on your import list. It may take some time. You can now edit those products before publishing.

Aliexpress Import

Bulk import is not recommended. Because you are importing a lot of products without seeing the description or seller’s ratings, so, if you publish a faulty product, it can harm your customer experience.

Step 8: Product review importing

Once you have imported your products, don’t forget to import reviews for those products. Many customers check reviews of products before buying them. If the reviews are not available on your website, they may have to take the help of search engines. So, adding reviews to products makes your website friendlier for customers. For this, go to AliDropship -> AliExpress -> Import Reviews. You will find a page like this.

Import Reviews

In AliExpress, product reviews are written in different languages. If you want to translate those reviews in a particular language, enable the translate reviews into my language option.

There is an option named send reviews to draft. You can use this if you want to edit any review. Reviews will be added to your website in the comment section. There are many more options available like, if you want to filter images out from comment or only import comments, those have images with it. Choose your option.

After that, click on the Import button. Within some time, reviews will be added to your site.

Step 9: Set Discount Coupon (optional)

This step is optional. Starting dropshipping business may have nothing with it. But some people use this as a bait to lure more attention of customers at the beginning of their business. In other events like Black Friday, Christmas it can be used too. In case you want to lure your customers with discount coupons, you can try this. Go to AliDropship –> Settings -> Coupon. Activate the Coupon.

Then click on Add New button. Then set Enable the coupon option. Give your coupon a name. Choose your discount type by percentage or by dollars. Set the discount value with how much you want to give a discount. Define the usage limit on how many time this coupon can be used.

You can set the minimum order amount option. Then you can add the start date and end date of the discount or there is a option that allows the coupon to have no expiery date.

Finally, decide if you want the discount on all products or any category or any particular product or only available for shipping. Then click on Save Changes.

Tip: if you enable the free shipping option, add the shipping cost to the main product. In this way your profit will not decrease. You can promote it as free shipping and lire your customers.

Step 10: Install Add-ons

AliDropship has many add-ons to manage or promote your online store. Each add-on has a different purpose. Some can be bought for a lifetimewhere, some are free; and for some, you have the monthly access. Try to know the purpose of each Add-on. If you want to know more about those Add-ons, click here.

Step 11: SEO set up for your website

AliDropship plugin helps your product/content to make SEO friendly. It is recommended to use to feature as they are very important for the On-page SEO of your website.

Go to AliDropship -> Settings -> SEO, and you will find a page like this. Enable the sitemap.xml and robots.txt option.

The XML file here lists all the URLs for your site. Moreover, with the help of these webmasters, include information about your site – when it was updated, how often it changes, etc. And eventually, make a search engine’s crawl bot to find your website in a more efficient way. The TXT file helps web crawlers to communicate with your website.

Also, enable the SEO metadata fields and SEO metadata generator option. Metadata describes your website content in brief and is a hidden field. It is shown on the search engine results when you’re your website is searched.

SEO settings

Now fill this portion with the title of your homepage, a short description, and keywords. Keywords are very important for SEO. So do good keyword research for your pages. There are many tools available. To know more about keyword research go here –

SEO meta data settings

Now go to AliDropship ->Customization-> Home. Scroll down, and you will find a field name Article. There write the article about your page describing the customer which type of products you are selling on your website.

FInal Step: Processing an order

By this time, you have a fully functioning AliDropship website. You are now able to start dropshipping business. Suppose you have got an order for a product. Go to AliDropship -> Order. Click on the order you have got for more details. You will be redirected to a page where you will find a button saying place orders automatically. Click it.

place orders

You will be redirected to AliExpress. Your order will be placed automatically. Fill in the shopping information and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page. Click on order and pay button to confirm the order and pay for it. To make sure about your order, go to AliDropship -> Order, and you will find your order is already placed. You can track your order with the tracking id.

AliDropship Custom Store:

Make your start 100% hassle free!

If all these works mentioned before seem difficult for you or you don’t want to take any risk for your first store, you still have another option left for you. It is the AliDropship Custom Store. Yes! You can order a fully functioning AliDropship store.

For this, you can go to this link and see their packages.

There are three packages. The number of products ready for sale and some other promotional offerings for your website are where these three packages are different.

The number of ready to sell products doesn’t define the limit. It is just a number of top products that are added edited by the AliDropship professional team, which are ready to be sold from day 1. After that, you can add and edit products that you want to all by yourself.

After you order your custom store, you will receive a Thank you message in your email. Within 24-hours, a project manager will contact you. You can take advice from him on the Niche of your website. Your website will be customized according to the Niche chosen by you.

Note: Any package cost doesn’t include the hosting. You can buy AliDropship hosting for 48$ per year, which includes a free SSL certificate by ticking the field on the package.

Does it worth it?

Well, the answer depends on you. If you are confident enough to create your own website with WordPress and WooCommerce, have the time to do all necessary edit and choosing your product, then this option may be for you.

This option is especially for beginners with zero to fewer WordPress skills who don’t have an idea of niche research or don’t have time for doing all these things. Moreover, this is a risk-free option.

When your website is created and designed by AliDropship professional team, nothing can go wrong, and you have full customer support on this. From your custom store, you are ready to sell products from the first day.

The bestselling, high rated, and highly demanded products will be made ready to sell. With an attractive design, your website will also be SEO friendly, and you will get lifetime support from AliDropship.

What more to know is that you will get full ownership of your website. And you are getting a fully ready website without doing any work. So, the deal is not a bad one. This is the easiest way to start your dropshipping business.


Working with AliDropship is a wonderful experience. This is the best way to start your dropshipping business. But sometimes we get afraid to make a start. Business is all about taking risks. Starting is the most important task. The chance of failing is low if you give it a good try.

Here, I have explained the full procedure of creating a fully functional website. There are two ways. Either you make your store by your own effort with the help of WordPress and WooCommerce or order a custom store online.

Both options are worthy, depending on your skill and choice. So, if you are hesitating to make a start, you can now concentrate on creating your own dropshipping website. Even if you are a student or a housewife or have no knowledge, you can start dropshipping business without any problem. AliDropship has the option for you.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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2 thoughts on “How To Start Dropshipping Business With AliDropship? (Step By Step Tutorial)”

  1. Hey Yousuf,

    Thanks for the informative post.

    I am already running one Shopify dropshipping store. And I am planning to build a new WooCommerce dropshipping store using the AliDropship plugin.

    But I was thinking that, is it a good idea to start new AliExpress dropshipping store right now at this time when the pandemic is going on and when there are uncertainties about the future?

    1. Hey Karan,

      I am glad that you liked the article!

      Alidropship is an amazing platform that is helping dropshippers dropshipping on WordPress platform and made the system super easy.

      People are still doing e-commerce business in this period. Even though people are facing some issues in shipping their products, but things are getting improved slowly. And I believe that everything will be okay in the near future. If you are afraid, then my honest suggestion will be to wait some more time and follow Alidropships official blog. They will keep you updated and help you make the decision wisely.

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