Instagram Content Plan To Grow Your Business Fast

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We all have used Instagram at some points in our lives, or most of us still do. There are many brands, companies, celebrities, photographers, influencers, artists that in the list of people that we follow on this renowned platform. Some of these profiles use Instagram to achieve their business goals. Do you spot any difference between your non-profitable account and theirs? Of course, you do because they invest a lot of their time and money on these accounts. Some brands hire Instagram specialists to manage their accounts.

Because Instagram is a platform that can highlight a business organization in front of the entire world, it can attract its targeted customers. In June 2018, Instagram reached one billion monthly active users. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to establish an organic Instagram account for your business and do not have enough money to hire a specialist? This article consists of a basic guideline that will help you to create an Instagram content plan for your business.

Steps for Designing a Perfect Instagram Content Plan:

instagram content plan

Step 1: Set your goal

Research your business before setting up an Instagram profile. Ask yourself the following questions –

Design the profile based on your answers. The contents of the profile should be relatable to your product. If you are selling gadgets, you will not post pictures of makeup. Target your customers and make content for them. If your customers are teens, then post materials that will attract them.

Keep in mind that different age has different taste. Decide whether this is the best platform for your business or not? Trace your ultimate goal. What are you trying to achieve? To get popularity or to sell something online or you want your clients to hire you? You should remain focused on your goal.

Step 2: Visualization

Build an Instagram profile that will be visually attractive. It is an essential part. You can do that by creating a signature style. To increase your followers, you need to make them visit your profile. To develop a feed, you need consistency. It creates a difference from any of the random patterns, and users love to scroll a profile that has a good texture within it, where the aspect of photos or videos on the feed is always the same or related. We can break this into four categories. Decide which one you will aim for.

instagram feed

1. Genre:

Decide a type. Each of your posts will revolve around the genre that you have chosen. If your business is about selling paintings, you can post different types of colors, brushes, various painting equipment, painting itself, etc. But all of your posts should be based on this sector.

2. Layout:

Decide a layout for your feed. If you run a bakery business and want to sell cakes, take a picture of each of your cakes from the same angle. It will help to create a balance among your posts.

3. Color palate:

It makes your profile looks good. Try to pick colors that will blend on your feed. It makes your feed soothing to look at. It is challenging to master this. Study and learn which colors work together. You can use brand color to be recognizable. 

4. Filter:

Try to use the same filter to create a balanced look.

Switch your style from time to time. You do not have to be locked into something for life. You can switch from color to color or filter to filter. Just try to be balanced and create the combination. If you are posting all reds, suddenly do not just do something exactly opposite. Try something orange this time. Do not jumble up everything.

Step 3: Prepare your contents

Designing contents beforehand will allow you to shape your gram in a better form. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself how much time you can invest in this. You do not have to post every hour, but make sure to post regularly. You can do this in two ways. Either post something whenever you get a chance or get them ready in advance. 

The first one is not preferable as it is hard to decide something at the last moment. It will violate the consistency and will distract your followers. If you do not have enough time to work with your content every day, try to book two days from your busy schedule and prepare 30 days of Instagram content within two days.

The only job that will have for the rest of the month is posting them. Or you can hire an Instagram content creator. If this platform is entirely new to you, your main goal should be creating a more significant set of audience. Ideas given below can help you in a lot of ways –

Once you achieve enough followers, you can focus on your income. Keep posting content related to your brand or products that will allow your followers to know about your business.

Step 4: Posting


It is a crucial part. One needs to consider certain factors while posting, as each of your contents will have an impact on the audience. You would not want your followers to unfollow you. These are some of the essential factors-

1. Hashtags:

It helps to develop interest among the users. It is a way to categorize the contents to the users.It is a vital tool in the world of social media, especially for Instagram. It makes a post more visible to Instagram users. In a way, it makes a stronger presence of your gram in the user’s feed. 

A study has shown that the more hashtags you will use, the more interaction can be expected from the audience. Make sure to use relatable hashtags. Do not overuse them; it might be annoying.

2. Captions:

Work on your caption. A caption is a one-line description of the content. Use humorous and relatable captions. 

3. Tags:

It can create a community, and that is why this is important. By tagging renowned accounts, you can get more likes as it will be visible to followers of the tagged accounts. Use the geotag feature.

4. Posting time:

Figure out on which time you get most of the attention of the users. Try to post content on that specific time to make the best use of each of your posts. Observe the activities of your followers after posting something on your Instagram.

5. Quality:

Use high-quality images, videos, or sound.

Step 5: Communicating


The main point of having followers and posting content to make a connection with people. It is essential to communicate with followers. It will allow your brand to build a relationship with the customers. More interaction will result in more profit. This is how you can create a friendly image in front of the followers. 

On getting a response, they will be more likely to comment on your posts. More likes and comments will highlight your content in the feed. Try to respond to each of the comments and messages in the inbox if it is possible.

If you have a more prominent channel, it will get quite tough to handle each of the followers but try to have a minimal form of interaction. Remember that it is the follower that is making your brand popular.

Tools to maximize efficiency

maximize efficiancy

It is not easy to manage an Instagram account on your own, especially when you are new. There are instruments available that can help you to manage your content and schedule.

There are Instagram content planners available. Some tools help to edit content and can provide you with a ready-made template. Canva, boomerang, VSCO, Whitegram, Snapspeed, a color story are some of the tools that will help you in creating and editing content at the initial stage. Tools like Iconosquare, SocialPilot, Social Insider can help you to track Instagram analytics. 

For feed planning, you can use tools like Unum, Later, Plan, etc. There are tools for advertising, as well. Trello is a piece of good equipment to plan at the initial stage. If you cannot afford some of the tools, use the spreadsheet or Google sheet to plan everything. In this way, you will have a track of everything about your Instagram account. 

Make use of the built-in tools of Instagram itself. Link your account with your facebook page, post stories, and use effects to keep your account active. Know that your content is your most valuable asset when it comes to Instagram.



Be authentic with your content. Do not copy and try to be creative. Do not post something that already exists. If you are reposting someone’s content, take permission and give credit. Be patient and work on your profile. Do not try to buy likes or followers. It will harm your growth rather than benefiting you.

As many of those followers will either be bots or inactive. They would not engage in any interaction with your content. Plan for the long run. Prepare THE Instagram content calendar. It is not easy to get followers unless you work on it. Provide a suitable bio. Look for a free Instagram content planning app. Take famous Instagram accounts as examples. Observe their activities and take lessons.


Instagram is a great platform to highlight one’s business. And one of the most crucial aspects is to create Instagram content and its planning. No matter how many posts you have on your feed, it will not work in your favor unless you have a good and organized Instagram content plan. A good idea can bring fruitful results for you. Reach out to the other Instagram users to create a market for you. You can invest money and hire professionals to create a base and handle your account. If you cannot afford specialists, create a plan and work according to it to get better results. Remember that success does not come overnight.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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