The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Instagram is considered one of the most powerful social media tools. According to the statistics, there are one billion monthly active users and twenty-five million business accounts on Instagram. There is no need to tell how effective Instagram Marketing is. But one needs to have a proper Instagram marketing strategy plan to get a fruitful outcome. This article will acknowledge you about the top twelve marketing strategies along with some tips that will help you to grow your business. The more renowned you will become, the more you will have the chance to make a profit through your company. Without further ado, let’s get started with our Instagram guide for marketing!

Choose the right Instagram name

Choose the right name

An excellent name can captive your customers more quickly. It is the first thing that the users will notice about you. A bad one can ruin your impression. These are the few things that will help you to pick a name –

A name will have a great deal of impact on your desired result.

Create a killer Instagram bio

Create a Killer Bio

Bio comes right after your name. It is one of the significant factors of Instagram marketing strategy. A bio sumps up everything about an account. Bio helps you tell about your business and what is your goal. A bio should be written in a way that will help you to make your customers believe that this account is beneficial for them. Instagram allows you to summarize your company and its activities within 150 characters. Here are a few of the features of bio to make the best use of it-

Bio is the place where you can promote your business and an effective way to highlight your business.

Optimize the profile photo


A display picture or in short dp, is the quickest way to draw a concussion about your account. A good profile photo can make a great impression. Consider providing your logo as your display picture. It will make your brand more recognizable. Try to keep a balance between the image and the theme of your content to make it look good. On the contrary, if your business is personal and you are selling your skills, you can upload your picture as a profile photo. Make sure to look friendly on your profile picture to assure your customers that you are reliable. Work on the background of the image. One can use props, as well. Such as a photographer can use his or her camera as a prop. A painter can use painting brush. This is a good Instagram marketing strategy example. You can also display your products or skills. If you are a makeup artist, you can upload a picture of one of your clients. Be unique and choose an effective one. Be authentic and make sure that your display picture will stand the test of the time.

Feast their eyes


No one will follow you unless you have a visually attractive and useful feed to show. Your feed is everything, as it will talk on your behalf for your business. Consistency is everything to make it perfect. Work on these four things- genre, layout, color, and filter. Try to revolve around one theme. You can use your brand colors as a layout for each of the pictures to promote your business. Pick a color and try to use one specific filter. Know how to balance your feed. You do not have to lock your style into one thing for a very long time. Change it from time to time gradually. A painter might want to post pictures of nature painting, and then slightly, can shift to posting painting equipment that he or she uses. Learn the art of balancing and try to make your profile soothing to look at.

Build a top-notch feed

instagram feed

Demonstrate your business through the contents that you will be posting. Your followers might unfollow you if they do not get what they are looking for. These are the few things that one needs to consider while working on the contents –

1. Posting relatable materials:

Post contents that make sense and relatable to your business. Illogical things will make you lose your followers. Assure them that you are reliable.

2. Demonstrate products and skills:

Make an advertisement for the products that you will be selling. If you have a personal business and giving services to your customers using your skills, demonstrate them on your profile.

3. Be authentic:

Do not copy from anyone. If you are reposting someone’s content, make sure to take permission and give credit. An original post is always preferable to the users.

4. Post videos:

Do not get stuck with pictures only. Try to post videos once in a while.

5. Maintain the quality:

Posting contents that have the low resolution is a bad idea and can ruin the image of your account. Make sure to maintain the quality.

6. Design contents for special events:

It is an excellent idea to post content on different occasions. If it is the Independence Day for a country, one can post a picture of their business logo having the same color as the flag. 

7. Post facts:

One can post facts and fun things to attract users. In this way, your customers would not get bored.

8. User-generated content:

You can ask your customers who have used your product to show a demo. Profiles like Go-pro post videos that have been filmed using their products by their customers.

Timing is everything


It is necessary to post regularly to remain active. It is essential to schedule your content beforehand. Make a calendar for them. Do not rush at the last moment. If you are way too busy to prepare content every day, you can pick two days out of a month and can make all of your materials within these days for the rest of the month. Be honest and ask yourself about how much time you can invest each day. Observe the activities of the users. Notice on which time your posts get most of the likes and comments. Analyze it and schedule your posts according to it to get the desired result.

Engage your users


It is vital to engage your users in different activities on your account to keep it alive. Reply to their comments, if possible. Encourage them to get involved with your content. Reply to their message in the inbox. Try to reach out to those users that fall under the category of your targeted customers. Put comments on their photos or dm them to get noticed. It might not sound effective at the beginning, but one out of a hundred might follow you back or can ask for your service. This is how you have to grow your business. Interacting is the key. You can try to advertise your profile through the users by arranging contests. Ask them to share and tag your account to win the competition. Organize a giveaway. It is a great way to spread your account.

Collaborate with influencers


It is one of the significant Instagram business promotion tips. There are personal Instagram accounts that are very much popular to create an impact on their fans. There are two types of influencers. First, an influencer with a more significant set of audience. Such as celebrities. Some of them promote products; you can contact them to work for you. But this is very expensive, and the beginners probably will not have the leverage to afford them. So the solution is the second type- the micro-influencer. A good Instagram marketing strategy for small businesses. These influencers have a smaller set of audience comparing to the first one. But their followers are very active and highly engaged with them. They have cemented the foundation of trust with their followers and can pursue them to buy your products. They are easy to afford. Dig well before you hire one.

Study Instagram demographics

Before getting started, know who your audience is. It will enable you to target your customers. Design your profile in such a way to attract them. Different age and culture has a different taste. Study it and work according to it. You need to understand certain factors –

Instagram is a much more appealing stage for teens and young adults. 64% of users are between18 to 34. There are more female users than male. There are more urban and suburban users than rural users. Know how much they earn to determine the price of your products or services. Build your posts that will capture their attention and will match their taste. Try to analyze your followers separately to earn more profit through them.

Start using Instagram stories

It is a built-in feature of Instagram. One can capture photos or film videos and post them instantly in a slide show format, which will disappear after twenty-four hours. You can edit them right there and can add an effect such as zooming or making a boomerang. You can use to stage promotions by adding a trailer of your upcoming video. It also helps to trace the viewers of the post. You can even highlight the essential stories to make it stay more than a day on your profile. There are additional features available as well. You can ask questions to your customers in the stories. Learn how to use Instagram for business.

Use more hashtags and keep tagging

Use hashtags for more likes and followers. Relevant hashtags will let your account be more visible to the users who are more likely to be interested in your business. Tagging is an excellent way to be visible on people’s feed. You can tag famous people or brands if you are a beginner to get noticed by their followers. Tag your customers in the comment section to grab their attention. Use the geo-hashtag feature to attract customers from a specific place.

Provide a good caption

good caption

A caption is a summary of each of your contents. A good caption can capture users’ attention within a split of a second. One can post a proper description of a product in the caption for the customers to make them buy it. Make sure not to mask anything. Use relatable and suitable captions.


Spend time with your Instagram account to achieve your goals through it. If possible, hire someone to manage your account. There are online tools to make your task easy. You can download media plan templates from the internet. Hootsuite, Combin, Later, Linktree are some of the popular tools for Instagram Use the leverage. Do not run after fake followers and do not buy likes. It can be harmful to the growth of the Instagram account in the long run. Look at the bigger picture and work for it. Prepare a plan to get started with it. Dig enough and research the background. A beginner can follow famous brand accounts to observe their activities. Be consistence and have patience. Study different Instagram marketing blog to have a better understanding and for more Instagram promotion tips.

Final thoughts

Instagram is the buzz word in the marketing world. It is a great platform to be engaged with potential customers. It helps to boost brand visibility as people spend a considerable portion of their time on social media nowadays. Instagram is a powerful social app and can be an excellent pathway for your company to the marketing world. No matter how much time you spend, one cannot get success without a proper Instagram marketing strategy. The competition among the brands is increasing day by day, so come up with a great social marketing plan. Use this magical platform to grow your business and work hard to get your desired result.

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