Jivochat Reviews – An All-In Go App For Chatting

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Do you want to expand your sales by connecting internationally with your worldwide clients? We have a solution for you. The in-detailed Jivochat reviews are not only going to help you out in understanding this tool efficiently but also will save you a lot of time. Let’s look forward to Jivochat’s features, pros, and the reasons for people to must purchase it.


Ease Of Use


User Experience


Value For Money



Along with the popular live chatting apps like HubSpot Live Chat, LiveChat, and FreshChat, the crucial low apps like Jivochat are emerging widely in today’s technological world. Jivochat’s eye-catching features of handling various accounts at the same time, the incredible functionality of associating social media apps like Facebook and the 24/7 support system make it stand out in public. Also, the features have made it create a position of itself in the competitive market. If you are low in budget but want to enjoy your professionalism effectively, then you should definitely rely on the all-in-one live chatting app, Jivochat. That’s because Jivochat has been successful in gaining the maximum attention of the public within a short period.




  • The look of the chat is well designed associated with simplicity.
  • It’s straightforward to use. Anybody can use it with ease with the IT experience.
  • The 24/7 support system makes sure to provide quick service whenever you face a problem.
  • All-in-one chat app. You can link various chats in the same window and enjoy it simultaneously.
  • The professional version pack of Jivochat offers a bundle of impressive and useful deals.
  • It allows more users connecting the platform in comparison to other software which contains the same features as Jivochat.
  • Compatible for any type of devices.


  • Jivochat provides only two plans that you have to choose from.
  • The basic plan version pack of Jivochat lacks a lot of features.
  • Doesn’t offer natural language option to use in chats.
  • Due to server or software updates, it sometimes creates system outage.

What is Jivochat?

Jivochat is an app for chatting that provide the chances of executing live chats on your websites and help to send messages to the email address of your company. Moreover, Jivochat allows you to make calls to phone numbers anywhere in this world and any country and also will enable you to provide support to clients via chats on Facebook. All in all, this is an all-rounder chat plugin that offers a lot of convenience in one’s professional life.

Positive vital points of using Jivochat:

When we say this is an all-in go app for chatting, we refer you to look at some sides of Jivochat that not only make the Jivochat reviews more attractive but also provoke the readers to go straightaway to purchase this fantastic chatting app. Some of the positive critical points of using Jivochat are as follows:

Features of Jivochat:

Features of Jivochat are the ones making Jivochat the easiest and convenient chatting app recently in this contemporary world full of advanced technology. Let’s look forward to the Jivochat reviews on the excellent features.

Jivochat live chat for websites:

Jivo Business Phone:

Jivo Business Phone allows the customers to make all your calls and also receive all calls from one convenient app. The full-featured business phone system of Jivochat is maintained in terms of the following fundamental means:

Jivochat allows setting a reminder for your colleague or yourself right from an open chat with your customer. Reminders are handy to keep track of the essential plans of yours. You can create your Jivo business plan just in three easy steps:

Making calls is cost-friendly, and all you have to do is pay for the subscription fees and calls of your phone, and thus, it makes it an economical way to communicate with your customers. The cost of phone numbers is basically from $1 per month, and call rates start from $0.02 per minute. If you encounter any hassle or have inquiries about the Jivo Business plan, then you can communicate with the customer support system by phone calls, chats, and emails. Their customer support system stays live 24/7, and it makes Jivochat even simpler.


The Jivochat reviews on callback systems prove that Jivochat is a perfect live chat service provider app for any agency or a company. Jivochat gives an opportunity to the visitors of your website to connect to a team member via phone call within only 30 seconds or less. The visitors will just have to enter the agent’s phone number and within an instant, interact with them. You can also try it out for free to experience the callback service.

Connect on the phone with clients in 30 seconds or less by the following steps:

Once a team member of your website receives an incoming call, you will automatically be alerted by Jivochat about the detailed information of the caller. The information related to how the visitor found out our website, what state or city they live in, and which page of your website are they recently looking at.

You can use your chats at the same time as the callbacks. This will help you to stay in a call with your client and recommend a product accompanied by the related documents, links, and attachments to your visitors. This essential feature provides a beneficial customer service experience that will give you a higher chance of increasing your sales just by conversation over the phone.

You can connect you to your IP-PBX for accepting and answering calls in the JivoChat app or on a SIP phone. You can send calls directly to your mobile phone for the active and on-the-go teams. For some reason, if the managers are busy and fail to respond to the requests of their clients, the Callback form will ask the client for a suitable time when it will be convenient for the client to contact them again. The system will automatically connect the client with the manager at the appointed time.

One of the most famous fields which are emerging towards popularity in this modern world is the mobile e-commerce. Today, from mobiles and tablets, 56% of the traffic is generated. Thus, it’s an excellent opportunity to provide a “callback” option to mobile visitors.

You can now sit back down and watch your sales grow exponentially. This is because Jivochat provides an opportunity to connect to the clients instantly. And that’s why if you progress in the right way, the number of calls and orders are likely to increase immensely.

A minute costs only 1-2 cents, which gives you a higher chance to talk to the visitors at a regular interval during every step of the process of buying. You can provide beneficial information and tips over the phone to your clients so that they are empowered more to buy your products even more with time.

Company’s email Integration:

The email process has got faster with the smooth feature of Jivochat’s Email Integration. Your team can now receive emails and chats all in just a single inbox with the access of all the productivity features of Jivochat. All you have to do is enable email forwarding from the website of your company to Jivochat. You no longer have to face the distress of constantly switching between chat apps and email. Adding to that, all your work will get distributed amongst the members of your team for maximum and efficient productivity.

Since the chats, emails, and calls all are perfectly organized into one single messaging inbox, there’s absolutely no chance of any kind of miscommunication to take place. Moreover, assigned agents are sent with emails and chats, and whichever agent becomes the first to answer the message becomes the designated support agent of that client. This approach of working assures the quickest reply times so that nobody feels neglected and gets the best service time in a disciplined manner. Emails are made available with transfers and conferences. It trains your online support team to be quick and massively responsive.

Facebook Integration:

The Jivochat reviews on the Facebook integration make Jivochat the best social media chat connecting app. You can now connect the Facebook page of your team with Jivochat and instantly reply to vast amounts of incoming messages from Facebook, calls, emails, and your website too. And all this just within a single app.

The messages of social networks can now be directly received in the Jivochat app. There is no need for replying to all your customers by switching between the various windows. Forget about carrying out this hassle anymore. Customers can communicate with the companies by means of their favorite messaging apps like Telegram and Facebook, and Jivochat has made it possible. Also, Jivochat connects the new and current visitors to the companies without missing any request.

How to add a Facebook account to the Jivochat account?

Jivochat developers API:

Two tools are available for integration for the developers in Jivochat. One is the Client-side tool, and the other is the server-side tool.


All the chat conversations with the customers are stored in the agency’s CRM utilizing Jivochat. Later, the customer information can be loaded from your CRM directly into the Jivochat agent app. Using the Jivochat API, you can also integrate your own solution.

List of CRM:

Content Management System:

Now that you got enriched with the detailed knowledge about the features of Jivochat reviews. Let’s move forward to how much will such a vast tool consisting of a variety of facilities cost. We can guarantee you that you will be impressed with the most user-friendly and cost-friendly live chatting app with such a large field of facilities.


There are two versions of Jivochat according to the price. These are the basic version and the professional version.

As we can see above, the professional version of Jivochat supplies with a very long list of impressive and useful facilities. The price of $13 of the professional version is quite reasonable for the bunch of facilities that you are going to encounter after purchasing this package. On the other hand, the free plan of the basic version also sounds like a great deal that would be a miss if you don’t try it. Both versions are equally helpful and can bring about significant changes in your professional life.

Final Thoughts:

After reading about Jivochat reviews on the features and the pricing, you must be asking yourself whether you should purchase it or not. Our recommendation would be “without wasting time, give it a try before you miss out on the chance.” Jivochat itself is standing out in the market by providing uncountable features within such a logical price. We have no doubt in assuring you that you won’t be disappointed, and Jivochat would be able to help you out in numerous ways. What are you waiting for? Go and get your hands on this fantastic and useful live chatting app now.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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