Monsterinsights Review: The Best Google Analytics Plugin

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The world right now is going through intense digitization where daily activities have become internet dependent. Today, you can perform almost every task online, be it ordering food, online shopping, booking flights, studying, watching a movie, and tons of other stuff. As a result, business today flourish when they have an online platform to do so. However, you need to know the statistics of your website or online platform and how it’s doing with your audience to thrive in the present competitive world.

Google Analytics is a potent tool to help you analyze your online performance. However, it can be a riddle to use if you’re not an expert on Google Analytics. There are tons of information, statistics, charts, graphs, and numbers showing all at once. Filtering necessary info from this pile of data can be very challenging. And that’s where ‘MonsterInsights’ comes in.

Monsterinsights Review






Device synchronization



Monsterinsights is the best Google Analytics tool available in the market right now. To summarize this review, we have decided to feature the following things:

To conclude, we’d like to say that this software is really the best you can find in the market.




  • It is straightforward to install and use.
  • It has a lot of customization options.
  • It has a straightforward UI.
  • It requires no third-party accounts.
  • It can import and export reports.


  • The free version is very restrictive and contains very little of the original features.
  • It is quite expensive.

What is Monsterinsights:

Monsterinsights is one of the best if not the best Google Analytics plugin designed for WordPress. That means you can now watch the vital Google analytics statistics right on your WordPress dashboard. No need to filter through tons of data to filter your required information using monsterinsights. This plugin helps you to add, customize, and manage Google Analytics. MonsterInsights e-commerce tracking helps you to analyze the data needed to boost up your woocommerce or secure digital downloads store.

To learn about the Monsterinsights installation, check our article on How To Use Google Analytics With Monsterinsights.

Why should you use Monsterinsights?

Google Analytics will help you with the following:

The above 3 points may seem like honest work but trust me when I say this that it’s not. Google Analytics is like a never-ending labyrinth of data where you’ll get lost if you’re not an expert. To help you not getting trapped in this maze, Monsterinsights offers to do the hard work for you. This plugin will do the heavy lifting and fish out the only data that you need to see and show it to you on the dashboard.
It’s also easier to install and use than Google Analytics itself. If you’re a beginner to WordPress and don’t know where to place the tracking code, don’t worry because when installing Monsterinsights you don’t have to copy-paste any code.

Now let’s look at some of the racking features of this plugin.

Features of the free and pro version

Free Version:

Pro Version:

Along with the features present in the free version, the Pro version offers the following features to help ace your online activity.


There are 3 packages to choose from while buying the plugin. They are the Agency, Pro, and Plus packages. The most popular package is the pro costing $399 a year, now going at a discounted rate of only $199 a year. The agency package costs $799 a year, now going at a discounted price of $399 a year and the plus packaging costs $199 a year, now going at a discounted price of $99 a year.


Mosnterinsights is a successful plugin to help beginners. It successfully presents the most critical data to keep the analysis concise and efficient. For those who are amateurs in Google Analytics and are having a hard time navigating around it, this plugin is the perfect solution for them to check and utilize the statistics regarding their websites. And therefore, we feel like this plugin deserves a 5-star for its utilization.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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