OptinMonster Review – The Best Email List Building Tool

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As you have noticed, through the articles that go live on my website, I have been trying to talk a lot about WordPress websites and various things related to WordPress websites. Recently, the fame of WordPress is at the peak. As the number of websites has been rising, people have been searching for the best tool to make their websites and publish them and what can be a better website maintenance tool than WordPress?

WordPress has attracted hundreds and thousands of people with its high functionality and a massive number of plugins. For all those who still don’t have the idea about plugins read our other articles to get clear about plugins. Plugins are used for various reasons. It has a lot of different functions and allows the users to do a lot of things that usual websites would not offer. Today, through this article we will be talking about a plugin, OptinMonster. This article is an OptinMonster review.

Nowadays, a lot of people use websites for their businesses. The businesses may be of different types. The business owners use their sites for marketing their business, but websites cannot act as a medium of marketing a business all the time. A lot of people won’t visit the website now and then and be updated about the company or any kind of new product launch or any new offers. In such cases, e-mail can be a great option. But how to get the e-mail address of people who are interested in the business?

In this OptinMonster review, I will be trying to take you through the whole process and also discuss how OptinMonster makes lead generation much easier.

It is pretty evident that people who visit the website of that particular business will be interested in the new offers and updates of that company. So, if the email id of those people could be collected and they could be the sent emails regarding various product launches or new offers by the company, it would have a much more succession rate. OptinMonster is such an email list building tool that helps you to get more and more email address of those people who visit your website for different reasons. It is one of the best list building tool out there in the market.

OptinMonster started its journey back in the year 2013 as a WordPress plugin. But over the last few years, it has developed itself as something more than just a plugin. In the year 2018, it even launched its app and became a cloud-based application. Though it has turned itself to a proper application, it can still be integrated with WordPress as a plugin as it could be before. It can even be used with those websites which have not been built using WordPress or not being maintained by using WordPress.

Over time, the plugin has done nothing but developed itself to cater to the consumers. Like every plugin or application in the market during its early days, OptinMoster also had a lot of issues. But they have focused on developing themselves and they have rightly done so. Right now, it is one of the most user-friendly and useful customer acquisition and lead generation tool.

OptinMonster Review



Ease of Use





In this OptinMonster review, we have discussed a lot of things. We have talked about how OptinMonster started its journey as just a plugin for WordPress. But as it slowly reached the success stage through its impeccable features, it established itself as a separate application also. OptinMonster is one of the most renowned and recommended plugin by the website owners who try to do business with the help of their website. It is one of the best lead generation tool for WordPress. People who want to do email marketing and be successful in their field, this can be of great help to them. Through this, one can generate popup subscription box for the visitors and get the email address of the audience so that they can send them messages regarding new products and offers and can offer them exclusive rewards and discounts. Everybody should use this if they are looking forward to doing business using their website. Even I am using this to get more and more leads through email.




  • Very lightweight
  • Has a lot of features
  • Can increase the subscribers of the website by a considerable margin
  • Very nice user interface
  • Provides different types of opt-in forms
  • It has a massive collection of templates
  • Provides detailed analytics


  • Users can not try it without buying
  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • Need to be connected with Google Analytics to get access to all the analytics

Table of Contents


Since the inception of this plugin, it has continued to develop and cater to the needs of its users. The way that the plugin has been developed has attracted more and more users. Its user-friendly interface is one of the main reasons for it. Also, the plugin providing customized templates for the opt-in forms has let the web developers play more with this plugin. One of the significant features that lead OptinMonster to the peak of fame is its Exit Intent feature. For all those who are wondering what exit intent is, I will be discussing about that too.

Exit Intent:

Have you observed that sometimes, when you want to leave a website, a pop-up dialogue box appears that tells you not to navigate to another site? Sometimes, it asks you why you are trying to leave and asks for your suggestions. That box is called exit intent feature so that the audience does not leave the website quickly and stays on the site more and more. It helps the website owner to gain more and more retention time, and it is an essential thing for website owners. It has been seen from various surveys that 70% of the audience do not visit a website for the second time after leaving it once. But through such features like exit intent, it asks the audience not to go. Sometimes, it also asks for the email address of the visitors so that they can send regular emails and get more and more subscribers to their website. It helps the website marketers and owners in a lot of ways. It also helps a lot to reduce that 70% one-time visiting audience by 10 to 15% which is a lot to the website owners.

Exit Intent is a very carefully planned and developed pop-up dialogue box. It pops up in front of those people who are first-time visitors or haven’t subscribed to the website till now. If you are someone who has visited the site and given them your email address for subscription, it will not appear when you are leaving the website. It helps to convert more and more people to subscribers of the site.

Besides, the plugin can also help to target people who are genuinely interested in what the website is for through this feature. You can also use the exit intent feature to get detailed analytics regarding the consumers when they fill out the pop-up dialogue box.


Legal Framework that sets guidelines and laws for the collection and process of various kind of personal information of people living in the European Union is GDPR. Since OptinMonster collects a lot of information, it needs to comply with all the laws in different parts of the world.

To do this, they have launched customizable checkbox in the privacy field of the pop-up dialogue box. It can be changed according to the needs of the website owner. The owner of the site can use it to state that they have been given the right to use the data for their own. They can use it to see if the audience complies with the terms and condition they have for the subscription. And all these comply with the GDPR. So, anybody using the plugin won’t have to face any kind of problem or won’t have to go through any sort of legal formality for collecting different types of data from the audience.

Email Opt-in Form:

Though the primary function of OptinMonster is that through its dashboard one can create the form that the audience has to fill out and the website owner would get email addresses and various other data of the subscribers, it can perform other functions too. Using this plugin makes your life a lot easier, and I found that out after I started using it. Rather than managing a lot of plugins for my website, I only had to manage a few and could get my work done in a jiffy.

With time, the developers of this plugin have always been successful in adding more and more useful features for the users. Now, OptinMonster has eight types of email opt-in forms available, and you can choose any from those to attract subscribers to your site.

1. Lightbox Popup:
This format of the popup dialogue box is light and quick. Though the whole popup thing feels irritating at times but a popup generated at the right time can do wonders. OptinMonster usually gives those templates which have been tried and tested by the experts and have been known to generate the maximum result. A lot of options are there in this type of popup that you can use to grab the attention of your website visitor. Also, the form builder option gives you the room to do minor changes according to your needs so that the dialogue box can cater to your needs entirely and you get satisfaction by using that.

2. Mobile Friendly Popup:
Another major type of opt-in form is the mobile-friendly popup. Nowadays everybody uses mobile more than they use their computer. Also, for visiting websites, phones are a great medium as people can visit the website anytime they want according to their free time. The maximum amount of traffic for a website comes from mobile nowadays. And OptinMonster gives you the option to choose from so many templates that the visitors enjoy filling out the form and don’t get irritated when the form pops up in front of them. It gives so much room for customization that through the WordPress plugin, you can give different messages for different mediums. You can set up a mobile-specific campaign by using that, and it would help you to gain more and more subscribers and get a lot of email addresses to market your campaigns.

3. Slide-in Forms:
These kinds of forms are usually placed at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If you want to ensure that nobody gets irritated by any kind of popup dialogue box when people visit your site, it is the best way. Since these are just lying at the corner of the screen people would not feel a disturbance. Also, only those people would fill out the form who are genuinely interested in your website. Though you might think that these would not work very well but I can verify that these work pretty well and are very much successful in grabbing the real target audience of the website.

4. After Post and In-Line Opt-in Form:
This type of form is mainly suitable for those websites which have been present for a long time and has a lot of content for the viewers. This type of forms is to be added below the article so that the visitors or readers don’t feel any kind of irritation when they are reading the content.

You can opt for another option also. You can put this type of form in between the article. If someone is reading your articles, he or she should not have any kind of problem in giving their details for your website so that they can become subscribers. For putting the form in the middle, you have to follow certain instructions. When you select the After Post Opt-in, you will see that there is a drop-down menu. There is an option named unique Opt-in Slug. You have to put the code mentioned in the picture there.

5. Sidebar Opt-in Forms:
This is of the most common and easy forms of building an email list by the website owners. But unfortunately, most people don’t knowingly use it. They use it, but they do not understand the profit of it. They just use it because other people also use it. Moreover, these type of forms don’t usually give any conversion data or analytics, but if you are using this type of form generated by OptinMonster, you don’t have to worry about it. OptinMonster provides you with all kinds of analytics.

OptinMonster plugin’s generated sidebar form is beneficial for the users. Since you can get all kinds of data through this, you can know whether this method is working or not. You can take various types of decisions regarding your website and whether you need to change the type of opt-in form to get more subscribers or not.

6. Floating Bars:
Popups are not something enjoyable for the visitors of a website. We all hate popups. Perhaps with different positions, we can lessen the irritation caused by the popups. If we are lucky or successful in attracting the audience, they fill out the information and become subscribers of the website. But overall, popups are not liked by people. And the main reason for it is that it interferes while reading an article or enjoying content on a website.

The floating footer bar can be termed as a solution to this problem. It never interferes in reading the content. Instead, it is there is the bottom of the screen. They are noticeable as they are there always in one place but also does not cause hindrance to any content enjoyment. These things work too. People who are genuinely interested in the content sign up for it.

7. Full-Screen Welcome Gate:
What exactly is a full-screen welcome gate? There is a huge probability that you have seen that when you visit some pages, you get to see a full page ad kind of a thing where it tells you to give them information like your email address and name and some other details. This type of technique might go both ways. It might interest a visitor to provide you with their information and become subscriber, or it might take them away from your page.

This kind of gates does not hinder while someone is reading an article on your website. It delivers the message that this is the only time they will have to face this and after this, there will not be any kind of popup ads. On the other hand, this also delivers the message that you are trying very hard to get subscribers which is not very good actually.

But the welcome gate generated by OptinMonster plugin is much better than the other ones. What happens in other pages is that, it directs you to another page after the welcome gate and people might close the webpage for this reason. But OptinMonster doesn’t do that. It is placed like an overlay, and after the information is given, it closes. If someone doesn’t want to fill that out, they can just cut that and voila, the actual content page.

8. Canvas:
Canvas functionality is the most attractive part of using OptinMonster. We all have different needs for our website. We have to cater to different kinds of audience. So, we might have to design our opt-in forms in different ways. Though there are thousands of templates, but one might have specific needs which cannot be found in those templates. For those people, the canvas is the best option.

Canvas is the option to make your customized opt-in form. Also, you can display it however you like it. If you think, it will look better in between your content; you can choose that. If you feel, it would be better as a sidebar option; you can select that. You can make everything from scratch with all the options you want. From the height, the width of the box to how many things to fill out in the box, everything is your choice.

Audience Targetting:

OptinMonster is one of the best plugin available for WordPress. It is not called the best without any reason. Because of its innumerable features and the way, it can cater to the need of the users has made it the best on the market. It gives you analytics regarding a lot of things. Through those, you can get an idea about your subscribers and later use that information to segment and target the audience.

You can get an idea about the age and location of the subscribers of your website. After that, you can be advanced page level targeting through which you can give offers and discounts to your audience according to their location and age. Besides it also gives you the option of interacting with them on a personal level. You can send custom emails and make a lot of small gestures that would make them feel that they are valuable to you.

No Guessing Game:

OptinMonster plugin has a great feature called A/B split testing. It puts an end to all the guessing game you have to play while you are trying out a function or feature or experimenting with something regarding your website. You can be sure of what the visitors are seeing when they are entering your site and how it would benefit you. It helps you with almost anything from headlines to contents to layouts to even style or even the opt-in form and how the form is displayed. Like me, you will also be able to understand how much it would benefit you.

When you select the A/B testing option, a replica version of that plugin will be created, and you will be able to make any kind of changes that would suit your needs. OptinMonster handles the rest for you. It tries out different versions of what you want to do and gives you an overall overview of which one would work the best for you.

MonsterLinks and MonsterEffects:

MonsterLinks is a great feature provided by OptinMonster. It reduces the time required by a visitor to subscribe to the website. It is a two-step process. Through this, when the user clicks on a link or image, a popup dialogue box opens up which tells them to subscribe to the website. This whole thing can be termed with a psychology term. That is known as the Zeigarnik Effect. According to this, if someone initiates an action, he or she is most likely to finish that task. So, when the visitor clicks on that to open the popup ad, there is more chance of the visitor filling out the details and becoming a subscriber of your website. If you follow this method, at least the audience doesn’t have to see the pop-up ads without their intent. Also, it has been seen that it can increase the success rate by a considerable margin when you follow this process.

MonsterEffects is another significant and vital feature of OptinMonster. This feature lets you add custom CSS in the popup that you generate. It helps you to attain the attention of the audience and increase the rate of subscription of your website.


As we have already talked about this important feature of OptinMonster in the OptinMonster review, you probably understand by now that the plugin gives you very detailed analytics. With the help of Google analytics, it adds some extra features and gives you overall analytics which gives you an idea regarding what you should do and what you should not. You can have a clear understanding of how the forms are performing, how much is the success rate of the popup dialogue box. You can also get the idea about which opt-in form you should keep using by seeing all the data.

Overall, OptinMonster is trying its best to support the users and answer all their needs. With the passage of time, they are adding on more and more features and templates which are very much useful for the website owners. The features make the users love this plugin more and more.


I have talked about a lot of features of OptinMonster and how it helps me. I have been a user of it. I suggest everyone to start using this plugin. But an important thing that I have not yet mentioned is the price of the product. Unfortunately, OptinMonster doesn’t have any trial version so that users can judge before buying it. You have to buy it to use this plugin on your website.

It has two kinds of pricing. There is the monthly pricing plan, and then there is annual pricing. Each type of pricing has four options. You can go for the basic pricing option, or you can choose plus or pro or the growth pricing option. The basic plan starts from 9$ per month. The 19$ per month pricing plan is the plus pricing plan and the pro plan costs 29$ per month and the growth plan costs 49$ per month. With more money, you get a better plan and get access to more and more features.


In this OptinMonster review, we have deciphered why and how OptinMonster is one of the most useful plugins available for website owners. Whoever wants to do any kind of business using their website, he or she should definitely opt for OptinMonster. It gives the users access to so many features that they will not be disappointed. Also, the team behind the application are continually developing this to ensure a better experience by everyone.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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