Sales Funnel Mistakes: 7 Horrible Mistakes You Are Making With Sales Funnel

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Are you struggling to generate more leads? Are your customers not buying your products? Probably because you do now own a well-structured sales funnel. The world of marketing has changed a lot over the years, but still, sales funnel is considered as the core of any marketing plan. The development of technology has made it more effective. It is one of the crucial components to bring success to your business. But, not having a proper plan can cost you more than its’ worth. In our article, we will talk about seven unignorable sales funnel mistakes that you are making, which requires to be taken care of right now!

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Seven crucial sales funnel mistakes

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1. Avoiding smaller metrics:

One of the significant sales funnel mistakes is ignoring smaller metrics while focusing on the big picture metrics like viewers of your page, conversation rate of visitors to customers, bounce rate, and so on. These ones carry undeniable importance. 

But smaller details like the pattern of scrolling, exit pages, return visitors can create a huge impact as well. These minor details might help you to take the right action by providing a detailed picture. You should have the ability to track every aspect to have a complete idea about what is going on to improve your sales funnel.
Solution: You need to be well equipped to analyze tiny details behind each of the steps. Make sure to use a useful analytical platform that will help you to focus on small picture metrics along with the broader ones.

2. Using the wrong CRM tool:

Customer relationship management, shortly known as CRM, is a software that consists of a broad set of applications to accomplish different tasks. Such as customer data, customer information, business information, and many more. It is an essential tool for creating a successful funnel plan. But unfortunately, most of the time, marketers end up with the wrong CRM tool. 

There are many options available, and usually, people approach those tools that are hottest in the market. But something productive for someone else’s business does not guarantee the fact that it will work for you too. The wrong tool might create obstacles in the path of achieving desired results.
Solution: If your current CRM tool is not working for you, you should replace it with another one right now. But before jumping into another one, make sure to do your research to confirm the fact of whether the new tool will be suitable for you or not. You need to keep the following points on your mind while thinking of purchasing a new CRM tool –
  • Budget: Try to buy a product being in the range of your budget. Again remember that majority of different CRM tools charge based on the number of contacts hold by your system. So make sure that you will be able to maintain it when you will have a more significant amount of leads in the future.
  • Functionality: A CRM tool will be consisted of different functionality to accomplish various tasks. It should be able to fulfill all your requirements. Analyze all the packages and features before purchasing one for you.
  • Ease of use: It should not take much of your time to get fit with your system. Make sure that you will get used to the new tool in the shortest amount of time. Be aware of the onboarding process, as well.
  • Data tracking feature: If you are not interested in investing your money for any other third party analytical platform, purchase a CRM tool that will do the job for you. Some CRM tools have a built-in analytical feature.

3. No segmentation:

It is one of the typical sales funnel mistakes that people make. If you attempt to sell everyone, you will end up with no result. You need to segment your customers. Identifying potential buyers is vital. It can have an impact on your response rate. It helps you to reach your customers in a more precise way to know their demands and needs. It will help a company to make better marketing decisions and will benefit the company in the long run. Else, your efforts and time might get wasted in vain.

Solution: Try to segment your customers based on different variables. You can focus on their interest, buying history, where they live, actions taken by them, or through surveys. There are many paths to segment your customers. It will help you to detect the buyers from the flood of the visitors.

4. Not mapping out:

Funnel mapping is the step that you should not skip because it provides you with a visual representation of your sales funnel. If you do not have a clearly defined sales funnel, it might cause you to lose your potential buyers. If you want to make it clear and straightforward for your customers, the funnel needs to be mapped out. Remember that you should not make it too complicated for your visitors.
Solution: There are many tools and methods which can help you to build a well-structured sales funnel. Limit the number of steps in the pathway to reach the end of your funnel. Keep it simple. You can apply the storytelling method to take the attention of your customers. Try to identify the weak areas to avoid losing potential buyers. You need to figure out which one works for you and which does not.

5. Not making tripwire offer:

The core purpose of a tripwire offer is to turn visitors or audiences into buyers by offering something irresistible and low priced. One of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make is trying to sell the most expensive product. It is not a wise decision to assume that the first time visitor will invest his or her money on the costly offers. You will be cementing the foundation of a weak offer if you do so.

Solution:  Most of the time, people tend to spend their money on the low-cost splinter of the leading products. By selling inexpensive products, you will increase the chance of selling your main products.

6. Not removing buyers inhabitations:

Your potential buyers will land on your page with tons of questions on their minds. Whether you are trustable or not? Whether your products or services will be able to fulfill their needs or not? The list goes on and on. It is quite reasonable to have confusion at the beginning, but you can solve it out. If you do not work out on them at the correct time, you will lose a considerable percentage of your potential buyers.

Solution: You have to wash away their fears for purchasing your products or services. You have to flood them with enough amount of information. Try to answer all of the questions to sort out their problems. You can use trust symbols or social proof to create a bridge of trust between you and your customers.

7. Unable to choose the correct payment gateways:

Selecting the proper payment gateway is the trickiest job to accomplish. In this era, there are tons of options available. You need to figure out the suitable methods for this section. Again, you have to be careful with the numbers of payment methods as well. Too many options will scare your customers away. Also, few possibilities might not be able to accommodate your audiences.

Solution: PayPal, WePay, Google Wallet are some of the popular e-payment gateways that you can start with. You have to keep testing continuously to detect suitable options for your customers.

Final thoughts

Sales funnel is one of the crucial portions of any successful business. If it is properly built, it will boost your sales and will assist you in converting your visitors into your buyers. Even though most of the entrepreneurs know about it, they are unaware of how to structure it in a well-mannered way. There are tons of silly mistakes that one can make to ruin their sales funnel plan. Be extra careful and take all the needed measures to avoid these above-mentioned sales funnel mistakes to shine in the business world.
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