Google Analytics Scroll Tracking By MonsterInsights

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All the people who have been using WordPress as their Content Management Tool for quite a while now have heard about MonsterInsights. It is a great plugin and is known for having a lot of features that help you to manage your site. Recently, they have launched some new features like scroll tracking to help you, which makes it an even better deal right now. But there might be a lot of people amongst you who have no idea regarding what the plugin is or even what is a plugin.

So, let us break this in details about what this is.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a kind of software that adds a lot of additional features to your site. Since WordPress is a content management software that has been developed for everyone, it cannot provide a lot of functions even if it wants to as it would complicate the experience for amateurs.

So, plugins are for those people who want to explore new features that would let them ease their workflow a lot. You can find a lot of plugins available in the WordPress store. Each of the plugins provides a lot of features which helps them in their site management. Plugins can help you add new tags, rate your content, do search engine optimization, and a lot of other things. It can also help you get the information about a lot of elements of your site like analytics.

What is analytics, you ask?

Analytics is pervasive and detailed information about a particular thing. In case of websites, analytics pertains to the information related to the traffic of the site, daily new users, old users, the number of times it lands on the top searches of the search results, the time a user spends on your site or the pages each new user visits.

You can know about all these things just through the analytics of a site. There are a lot of companies that provide you these analytics. Some do it for free, and some companies charge you for it. But the most renowned one amongst these is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

google analytics

Most of the website owners and managers use this to get an extensive and comprehensive data about the site. And the most remarkable thing about it is that it is entirely free. So, you do not even have to worry about the cost you might incur.

How it works?

How It Works

How it works is that when you add your website to Google Analytics, it automatically starts collecting data from your site. After gathering all these data and analyzing these data, you can start creating and implementing new strategies for your website. You can also understand what works best for your site and what brings negative results.


You can even create custom information tables that would help you with just the information you need and what you want. Also, it is so much developed and better than it can even integrate with other tools. The best part of integrating with other tools is that you can use it along with those plugins that you use with your site.

Through Google Analytics, you can get internal information with your website. It reveals what customers look for in the website. So, you can know what you have to offer through your site. You can also know about various growth opportunities as you can understand what you have in your site or what is lacking in your website. You can even learn about the internal search.

You can also know about the bounce rates of your site. Bounce rate means that people who enter your site but doesn’t spend much time on your website and immediately exits the site. These indicate that they are interested in the content that your site caters to, but they do not like what you provide through your website. They do not like the quality of that. You can even know about scroll depth tracking sometimes also known as scroll tracking.

Scroll Tracking:

Scroll Tracking is the information about how far the viewer scrolls through your site. It is a feature that is offered by Google Analytics. It can help you track how much your website is scrolled by the audience. You offer a lot of contents on your site. Not all contents are about the same topic. They are about various issues.

So, if someone visits your site and they don’t scroll, it means that they have just come here for a specific one content they needed. You haven’t been able to convert them into regular viewers. It can also indicate that your website needs to be developed, and it has to be made more appealing to the consumers so that they feel more interested in your site.

Besides, you can also guess if your recent contents are appealing enough to the audience. If it so happens that previously your scroll depth tracking showed more percentile that is they explored more in your site, you can understand that you need to change the content and style you are offering now. The previous kind of contents used to work more. So, you can also understand if you need to bring a change in the genre of contents.

Besides, you need these analytics the most if you are the owner or manager of an e-commerce site. Why, you ask? Because this is the type of site where someone needs to scroll through to find for themselves the perfect product.

The e-commerce industry works differently. Here, some people come to buy a particular product, and they order that. Then some people visit the site to see if they like a commodity. They contribute by a considerable margin to the sales. If they find something they want while scrolling, they add that to the cart and buy that product even though they had no intention of purchasing that product.

The scroll tracking helps you understand if the customer likes your products or offerings. If they want that, they will go through the site. They might buy some products. But if they don’t like, you lose the probable sale. All these data, you can get through only the Scroll Depth Tracking.

Google Analytics provides this data, but for that, you have to go to their site. Connect your website to that and then follow a lot of processes and then finally get the data. Or else, you can do another thing. There are some plugins available in the WordPress store. You can install one of them, and it would integrate with Google Analytics on your site and provide you with all the details, and you won’t have to go through the irritating process. MonsterInsights is the best plugin for this job.


MonsterInsights is one of the most reputed and reviewed plugins of the WordPress store. It has above 2 million active installs, i.e., more than 2 million people use it on their site. It has got a lot of features. The plugin is developed by WPBeginner, which is known for making great plugins that help users who use WordPress to manage their website daily for their website. One of the features is the Scroll Depth Tracking by integrating with Google Analytics.

Though it is not the only feature that this great plugin provides. It helps you to track your eCommerce site. You can download various files using this. Besides, you can also do form tracking and different other things that are important and which can help you in your work regarding your site.

Read Monsterinsights Review here.

Get the plugin from here.

Scroll Tracking with MonsterInsights:

When you install the plugin, it automatically integrates with Google Analytics. You don’t have to configure anything. When you install that, you can go to the MonsterInsights plugin option. Then you have to enter the Insights option. After going there, go to the Settings option from there and then click on the Engagement tab. You will see that there is the Scroll Tracking option.

You will see that the option is already enabled. With this, you will understand how much a user scrolls through your site. Besides, you can also see other statistics provided by Google. When you enter the Insights option and then go the Reports option, you will see there is a thing called Publishers. You will see that the data is in that part.

From all this data, you can make your website perfect for the viewers. You can understand where to put what type of content. You can place ads where the users would see the most. You can place different affiliate links at the right place so that you can generate more and more sales through your content.

You can also see all the data through the Google Analytics directly. As you have installed MonsterInsights, it has integrated automatically. Now, it would let you get all the data from the plugin and the official site.

You can enter the Google Analytics site and then open your account. From there, you can go to the real-time option and then click on the event option to see the scrolling data of the past 30 minutes. You can go to Events options from the Behavior option and then click on Overview to get the complete data.

After seeing all those data, you can even know which section of your site is the most engaging part of the website. A website isn’t confined to one or two pages only. There are different sections. If it is a blog site, there might be separate subjects. Each of them would have different pages for them. So, with the data, you can understand which section is read most by the viewers and which part needs some improvement or change in content.

We have been using MosterInsights for quite a while now. It has proven itself as an excellent investment for us. Why are we saying it is an investment? Because it is a premium plugin. But boy o boy, the features that you get with the premium version can blow your mind. You would be surprised at how effective and beneficial this is. And MonsterInsights doesn’t even cost you a fortune (figuratively speaking) considering the features of it.


Monsterinsights Pricing

The packages of MonsterInsights are divided into three categories. They are plus, pro, and agency. The Plus package of this wonderful plugin costs about a hundred dollars because of the discount offer that is going on there right now. Usually, the package costs $199. The Pro package usually costs 399$, but now, due to the discount pricing, you can grab it for only $199.50. You can also get yourself the Agency package, which is the most premium version offered by MonsterInsights. It costs $799 without any discount or offers. But due to a 50% off going on right now, you can get this for half the price, i.e., $399.50.

Package Description:

Why is the Agency version so expensive you ask? The main reason is that it offers you with client management option and it lets you use it on up to 25 WordPress sites. So, you can understand, it is not for you if you run the site yourself or if you own the site. Instead, it is for those people who manage other people’s site or run an agency.

If you have a website that has a presence on the internet there for quite some time now and generates the right amount of user, we recommend you to get the Pro package. It provides you with a decent amount of features along with the basic features everyone gets with the plus package. It lets you manage up to 5 sites, which are a fair amount considering you have more than one website. It is quite reasonable to have one if you run your livelihood through your site.

And if you are new to all these things, get the plus package. It doesn’t cut off a lot of features. You can efficiently run your site and develop your contents with the help of this package. The feature that we have been talking about all this while is available for all the packages. Even the basic package that is the plus package offers this. So, you don’t have to worry much.


We would recommend you to get the MonsterInsights plugin so that you can make full use of the scroll tracking feature offered by them to make the most of your website. This would help you no matter what kind of site you own. Be it a blogging website or an eCommerce website or any other type of site. We hope you make the best use of this plugin and grow your site to a new peak with this.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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