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When you make your website, you will also want your website to be available to other people. Web hosting service allows people to go to a certain website when they type the domain name on the address bar. So, whenever it comes to building a website, the necessity of having a hosting comes automatically. There are numerous web hosting these days. Today, I am going to write about one of the most popular and trusted web hosting services, Siteground. I switched to SiteGround a long time ago after being disappointed by other hosting services, and now I am a fully satisfied SiteGround user. I recommend SiteGround to others because the features it has got are hard to find as a whole in other hosting services. For more information, please go through this SiteGround reviews article.









If you have any question regarding how happy I am with my decision with SiteGround, I will say this was probably the best decision I had made for my websites. A good decision eradicated all my worries about my websites. I can understand exactly why SiteGround was rated 4.9 stars out of 5. Speed, performance, uptime or security – it is hard to find a fault in their management. Even if I face any problem, I can report it to the most active SiteGround customer service and get the instant live chat support. I got all these services in exchange for some few bucks per month. If you are serious with your websites, don’t wait much for other hosting services. Be a proud SiteGround customer today and feel the difference.





  • Uptime; longer than most other web hosting service
  • Websites load fast from anywhere
  • Secure your website from random malware or DDoS attacks
  • Allows free migration
  • WordPress recommends SiteGround
  • Easier interface for users
  • Fast reply from customer service
  • 90% of customer satisfaction
  • Good price, a great deal
  • SiteGround’s own SuperCatcher
  • Detect any brute-force attack
  • Free daily backup


  • Pricing may seem a bit higher in some cases
  • Once your monthly visit ‘s limit is crossed, SiteGround can offline your website till the new calendar starts

Table of Contents

Why SiteGround?

Speed & Performance:

The performance of any website depends mostly on the loading speed in which a web page is displayed after anyone types its web address. The faster the speed, the higher your website has a probability of satisfying the visitors. In my journey with SiteGround, I have never faced any issue with the speed of my websites. SiteGround is faster because it uses all the latest technologies that are needed to make your site load as fast as possible when a visitor enters the address.

Why is SiteGround faster?

The websites hosted by SiteGround are undoubtedly fast. But being fast never comes without efforts. SiteGround has used all necessary latest speed technologies that have increased its performance and helped their customers to be satisfied to a great extent. Let’s see those factors behind this great speed –

1. SiteGround is compatible with PHP7:
PHP7 is well known for its speed. It has been tested twice as fast as PHP 5.6 or more in some cases with great performance. When any latest version appears SiteGround is never late to keep their pace with time. Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress which are the most common content management systems of SiteGround server has announced their codes are compatible with PHP7. SiteGround has made PHP version 7.1 default for their new accounts and recommended PHP 7.1 or higher. It is possible to easily switch to PHP 7.1 or higher through the cPanel from the PHP Version Manager tool.

2. SSD storage for files and database:
In short, we know solid state drive as SSD. SiteGround uses SSD to store their files and databases of their shared hosting plans. SSDs are expensive, but the improved speed and its reliability make the drives plenty worth of it. The SSD based storage helps to load web pages up to 20 times faster.

3. SiteGround’s own SuperCatcher:
SiteGround has developed its own SuperCatcher that increases its website’s speed multiple times. Every site has static contents like images, CSS files, JavaScript. The first level of this SuperCatcher catches these static contents. The second level of this SuperCatcher makes copies of the website’s dynamic contents and eventually saves them in the server RAM. These multiple catching levels make SiteGround hosted server four times faster.

This SuperCatcher is very useful to users. There are many sites whose target is related to data or big data. For most of the websites, a newly developed site runs faster, but when it ages, and much more information is added to the site, it tends to become slower. For example, an e-commerce website that contains 20 products will run faster than another with 150 products. Because the products will get filtered more with the increasing data and filter type. And the more a database is queried, the more that website will slow down. To reduce this problem, the SuperCatcher contains a third level that uses Memcached technology. This technology stores data and objects in memory to reduce the number of times a database is queried. Thus speeding up database calls, API calls, and page rendering and resulting in faster performance.

4. Multiple data center:
I have an e-commerce site. So, I know how much the webpage loading time influences visitors. I had lost many visitors before I switched to SiteGround just because the page loaded slowly. A good speed dramatically increases user experience. You know, data is received or sent in small packages, not in the stream. So, when you send any request that data doesn’t go directly to the server. It has to pass through numerous networks that are between one or more servers and an end user. It causes some delay. If the server is near to your desired visitors, then the data will need to cross lesser networks and resulting in fast loading of the webpage.

siteground datacenter
SiteGround has a total of four servers on three continents. The locations are Chicago in USA, London in UK, Amsterdam in Netherlands and Singapore which are well protected with continuous human security biometrics, access control man traps, bulletproof lobbies, and video surveillance. With top-notch security, they have their own power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology that will prevent any electricity outage. Choose your one from where you feel you are going to have the maximum visitors. Believe me, SiteGround’s strongest connectivity will not dissatisfy your visitors.

5. SiteGround uses the fastest NGINX web server:
NGINX started its journey as a web server, but now it has established itself as an open source software that offers several features but noticeable for its high speed of loading of web content. In the performance of web servers, NGINX stands in the front competing with other servers and is praised for its optimized content delivery. For this excellence SiteGround uses NGINX web server technology. In all SiteGround’s shared and cloud plans NGINX set up is included. High-speed load of the static contents of SiteGround’s hosted websites is ensured with NGINX. NGINX setup is available for dedicated servers also.

6. First host to support HTTP/2:
The HTTP/2 is the first new version of HTTP1.1. HTTP/2 tries to solve many of the limitations and obstinacies of HTTP/1.1. It came in use in 2015 and SiteGround is one of the first hosts of it and supports it in all their servers. Because SiteGround is never late to adapt to the newest technology. This newest protocol dramatically speeds up the loading of websites in the browser. Because it uses a stream priority mechanism. With it when you request browsers to open a particular page the HTML content of that site will load first, then the CSS content, then JavaScript and finally images and others. It makes rendering websites very fast. It is overall the improved version of the previous one. But all existing browsers support HTTP/2 protocol only for SSL encrypted connections. Don’t worry! When it comes to SiteGround, they let all their users take the greatest advantage of their service. Here, they provide Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificates to get benefits from this new protocol.

These are some major factors responsible for SiteGround’s speedy and more exceptional service. So don’t worry about your visitors leaving your sites for slow loading and enjoy satisfactory feedbacks from your visitors with SiteGround.


The next thing that comes after loading speed to consider for a web hosting is uptime. Uptime is the duration of time a website is available to the world at a stretch. It is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a hosting. Because as long as your website is available, the visitor can access it for their purpose. The opposite of uptime is downtime. If any website faces downtime, it will affect the site negatively. Think a visitor writes your web address on the address bar then find an error, he/she will definitely get disappointed and lose interest for your site.

Moreover, search engines tend to drop the ranking of this kind of website so SEO will not be helpful. It will ultimately put you at a loss. But when you are with SiteGround be tension free. Because SiteGround gives 99.99% uptime. 100% is the goal but achieving it is one tough job. However, it will feel 100% because from my experience any of my websites never faced downtime till now.

uptime record
SiteGround is continuously giving the effort to improve its services. Maintaining such a great uptime requires special equipment, full-time server monitoring and emergency solutions for any sudden problem. SiteGround uses the most recent technology to prolong its uptime. They used Linux Containers (LXC) to build it which is highly efficient for web hosting, and SiteGround developers are working hard on it. For 24/7 server monitoring they developed a server monitoring that can check the server’s condition frequently, and if it finds some off with the server, it can even fix it also. Your website data will securely be backed up with SiteGround and you can also backup the website’s version or any necessary thing if you want to.

SiteGround’s different AI bot prevents any Brute-force attack that can harm your site. And SiteGround provides proper security to your website. So you can go tension free that your site will not easily go down for security reasons. Uptime was satisfactory enough to be SiteGround.

User-Friendly Interface:

The main website of SiteGround which is is a well-developed website. The interface is easy enough to be understood even by a newbie, and its eye catchy design adds a cool look too. Every single information is well described, so no one has to face any difficulties.

Every information is clean and when you want to know further information, you can click on the individual title you will get a clearer view of it.

Customer Support:

SiteGround always welcomes its customers if they have any query about anything. I have been using SiteGround for quite long. But I had rarely faced any situation when I had any issue with SiteGround. I believe the facilities SiteGround provides are of the best quality a user can have in these days.

SiteGround gives excellent customer support. If you are a newbie, you can effortlessly get your first web hosting from SiteGround. Because SiteGround provides tutorials which are detailed enough to erase all your confusion. They also have a webinar series where they share information about many hot topics. Moreover, an advanced setup wizard will provide all necessary guidance to start your journey with SiteGround.

SiteGround is more than just any hosting service. If you have any query on hosting with anything related SiteGround, you can contact them immediately. They have appointed adequate skillful people in their customer service that you don’t have to wait more than a few seconds to discuss your problems. They will reply in the fastest possible time and knowledgeable enough to help you 24/7. They have a live chat option for an instant solution. You can send a ticket if you are facing any technical problem. They are transparent enough to put up personal profiles of all their employees. Each time you are contacting someone from the Support you will be able to see his/her expertise, experience, technical background, etc. SiteGround is trying hard to make its platform a perfect web hosting solution for every type of people all over the world.

Customer’s satisfaction:

customer review
When some people give their 100% to provide the best hosting solution, users will also be satisfied. As a customer, after using other hosting services, I moved my websites to SiteGround and I am completely satisfied now. I recommended my people to try SiteGround, and they also gave me positive feedbacks. SiteGround has a lot of pleased customers who are using SiteGround for a long time.

hosting plan
You can choose your hosting type from the above four genres. The first three which are web hosting, WordPress hosting, Woocommerce hosting has got three types of hosting plans. The StartUp plan, GrowBig plan, and GoGeek plan.

StartUp plan:

If you are new and want to host your first website with SiteGround, this will be your welcoming plan. Here you will get all the necessary features that can meet all your needs and helpful for your starting journey with SiteGround costing 3.95$ per month.

GrowBig plan:

Best plan for the intermediate website owners who own more than one website are able to take this offer. With more websites, you may need more web space for your contents, or you can have larger contents. The 20 GB web space will raise your space boundary, and monthly visit is increased to 25k for this plan. Feature extended more than twice in this plan but cost only 5.95$ per month. No wonder it is the best seller plan of SiteGround!

GoGeek plan:

When you are no longer a newbie and proudly own many websites you need to think big. Especially if you happen to own an e-commerce website you will need more space for as day passes more products and related information may be added and your website will be crowded with so many visitors. Space increased to 30 GB with visits increased to 100k in this plan. The GoGeek plan includes server PCI compliance and is able to put up with an extensive product line. So with this plan, any e-commerce site can be appropriately hosted and costs only 11.95$ per month.

If your websites are popular enough to get a lot of visits per month, then shared hosting plan may not work for you. You will have to go for cloud hosting so that your websites can use virtual resources of several servers to fulfill all the phases of hosting your website. SiteGround offers cloud hosting starting from 80$ per month. And suggests four plans for cloud hosting.

cloud hosting plan
If these plans don’t meet your requirements, there is no reason for you get upset. You can customize your own plan. You can set your CPU, memory and SSD space here. And they will inform you how much your requirements will cost you every month on pricing.

cloud hosting custom plan
For your high traffic websites, this is the most optimized solution, and you can have faith in SiteGround’s fast and secure service.

dedicated hosting plan
This is actually the opposite of shared hosting. Here, a server no longer acts as a host to numerous clients. It means you can lease a server without sharing with anyone else. If you want something like that SiteGround has plans for you. I am not a user of dedicated servers. But as far I know SiteGround ’s dedicated server gives you more power than other servers. For example, you can also make global modifications to the server configuration. Moreover, you can order it with root access to your account and cPanel’s WHM (Web Host Manager). Well, dedicated server plans are the most expensive plans that are offered by SiteGround.

Free migration:

You know when you upgrade your plan SiteGround will not charge you with anything. Isn’t is cool? You will have to pay the amount cost for the upgraded plan. SiteGround is indeed generous. Migration will not take more than a few hours. I faced no downtime during my upgrading to GrowBig plan.

A Clearer view of monthly views boundary:

Well, previously I discussed their hosting plans and mentioned that every plan includes a monthly visit limit. When you open the particular page on SiteGround, you will find the visit limitation doesn’t express an actual number instead express an approximate number as ‘ ˜ ‘ sign exists before the upper limit.

monthly visit boundary
Let me tell you how SiteGround counts the visits. Every website contains different materials. For example – static contents are basically created using HTML or CSS. Dynamic contents are used to make the webpage more lucrative. Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP (PHP is the most common) programming languages are used. They help to create complex dynamic contents in a faster way. When a visitor opens your website and if he/she only opens the static contents like a page that contains only HTML and still pictures SiteGround will not count it as a visit. But if he opens any dynamic content it will be counted. Nowadays it is rare to find a site without containing any dynamic contents. This is called CPU seconds per account.

If you are using a plan that gives 25k visit limit with it and somehow your visits exceeds this limit on that month SiteGround will still give you some more visit and when it exceeds quite a double of the limit SiteGround then generously notify you the CPU usage warning via email and you may need to upgrade your plan. Otherwise, your website may go offline till the next month calendar starts. I will recommend you to contact the customer care in such case arises. They will help you with all the necessary equipment to avoid downtime.


As SiteGround is trying hard to make themselves as the best hosting service, they will not keep their security loose. Because one hacked website may bring a negative review of the user and they will start losing their trust. SiteGround is using a top-notch security system and working hard to keep the trust of the users.

Well, the latest PHP version is the default for the new account, and it comes with the most recent security fixes. All SiteGround hosted websites are backed up daily, so there is no chance of data loss in any case. The LXC(Linux Containers) technology they are using to build a SiteGround platform also helps in security.

The CHROOT mechanism was the first technological innovation of SiteGround in 2004 when other hosting services were unable to give the security solution. Their developed unique anti-bot prevents any unauthorized access to your websites. Even data centers are well protected both by human and intelligence resources.

Trust is not built in one day. It requires a lot of effort. To keep the fame SiteGround has earned in these years, SiteGround developers are working relentlessly and innovating new security measures.

According to a web technology survey, WordPress now powers almost 30% of the websites. WordPress has suggested three web host and SiteGround is one of them. SiteGround has its hosting plans, especially for WordPress. The services for WordPress hosting are also lucrative.

wordpress hosting

Comparing with other hostings:

Today there is a bunch of hosting services ready to host your website. It may be a common question twirling on your mind why should you choose SiteGround over another hosting. Every hosting service has its own pros & cons. Some offer good pricing where some offer good service. It is only up to you whom you should choose. For your quick comparing with other hosting services I have added some information on other hosting services too.

The speed test is taken from different parts of the world, and the result shows.

speed test
Here, the least the number is, the fastest the response will be. SiteGround shows a decent speed here almost everywhere.

Now, come to the uptime, pricing, customer service and SSL certificate. I tried to make a table to make it easy to compare for you. Check this out –

other test

Frequently Asked Questions


If you see this article that means either you are searching for a good web hosting service for your websites or you are unpleased with other hosting service and want to change. I am a SiteGround user and believe me choosing SiteGround was the best decision for my websites. Think a user is sharing his experience. In this whole article, I have tried to give a SiteGround review from a user experience. If it is your first time investing money for web hosting, I highly recommend you to go for SiteGround. Give a chance to SiteGround and SiteGround will give you the satisfaction that is hard to receive.

In the field of web hosting SiteGround is the brightest star. From the beginning till now they have earned fame and popularity because they have served their customers wholeheartedly. When others are choosing profit over service SiteGround developers are developing ways to provide their customers with excellent facilities, uptime, speed, and security.

Their pricing is always discounted because they care for their customers. Customer service is so fast, and you will find everyone in customer support very friendly and skillful. You can check SiteGround reviews of other users as well I can guarantee you that you will rarely find any unsatisfied user. Even if you compare the reviews of SiteGround with other hosting service’s review you are likely to find SiteGround is not lagged behind of any other hosting services. You will hardly find any scope to complain. I have suggested SiteGround who has asked my opinion for web hosting. Among them, no one has rejected but praised me for their decision. SiteGround loves its customers as you love your websites. So, entrust your website with the most capable hosting service and remain tension free.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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