Social Media Post Ideas For Business

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We don’t always just pop onto social media; we also love to have a charming profile picture and feed. Not all people are an influencer or a blogger, but who doesn’t like to lay it all out creatively?Just like you, we have been blogging for a couple of years now, and we have realized this lately that blogging takes a lot more effort and time than you might have thought, consider social media post ideas for business as an example!

If you are a blogger or an influencer, then you know how important it is to have a killer content for your brand. As your main goal as a blogger is to create high quality and aesthetically pleasing content, that will keep followers coming back to you for more. And no need to mention, social media posts are one of those tasks that may seem easy, but when you shall sit down to post, suddenly, it becomes very difficult, and you feel overwhelmingly blank.Whether your social media is about sprinkling beauty, mental health, travel, or finance, these 100 social media post ideas for business will fit any niche. So, get ready to start a fire!

Just like you need to learn the alphabet first before being able to spell apple, similarly, you need to know some basics before you jump on to the social media post ideas for business for the next 100 days like a boss!


Free Cheat Sheet: 100 Social Media Post Ideas

Grab the free cheat sheet from us. You can print it out and keep it near your computer for quick reference when you’re creating content for any social media platform. You will never be worried about what to post on social media again!

*We respect your privacy and we will always keep your information safe.

Table of Contents

First Choose A Content Planner

For planning your content effectively, you can use The Content Planner app. It is absolutely a perfect planner designed just for making your lives easier, and you can control all of your content.There are several apps to set the theme or the layout of which pictures to put after one another for your dream feed.

If you aren’t quite ready to explore The Content Planner app, you can buy a planner from any office store. Make a planner that fits your needs so that when you take a look at it, you can reach a decision easily.If you don’t want to buy a planner for yourself, you can find plenty of free printable calendars on Pinterest.

Then again, if you prefer to use a digital calendar, that is cool as well. Google Calendar is waiting for you to use it easily. There are some paid calendars out there that make it easy to plan your content digitally. As at the end of the day, it all comes down to what your style is!

Creating an Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar
Why do you think every major publication has an editorial calendar?

It is because an editorial calendar is a guideline that breaks down the main focus for each month of any publication itself.

As you know, an editorial calendar is planned for significant holidays, seasons, and huge social events so that it gives you an impressive outline beforehand, and you can start your engagement in a blink of an eye. With this, all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

For instance:

January: New Year- Goals, Intentions, getting back to school, etc.
February: Valentine’s Day.
March & April: All about Spring.
May: Kicking off Summer
June: Summer fashion, swimwear, pool parties
July: Summer content
August & September: Sweater weather
October: Halloween
November: Thanksgiving
December: Christmas
Creating your own theme for each month that is appropriate for your niche is hugely important. Once you have an editorial calendar in hand, it will be so easy to create content around these topics. This way, your theme for social media post ideas for business will be readily made as well.
For social media post ideas for business, you also need to know about Hashtag Holidays. Do you know how many hashtag holidays are there in a year?

Hashtag Holidays

Hashtag Holidays are holidays that are celebrated all over on social media, which has the same hype as the national or global holiday hashtags. It’s like a new hashtag holiday form every day, and it seems to help you in planning your content if you know about these ahead of time, like #EarthDay or #ShopSmall.

You don’t have to do all the hard work to find all of it by yourself. Simply ask Google to give you the link to the complete list of Hashtag Holidays for 2020. Now, you are ready to gaze on social media post ideas for business!

Create The Content

create content
Once you figure out the general image of what your content will look like or what it will focus on, it becomes easy to write killer content.

Tip: Before you sit down to write a post, do the following :
Now, if you are worried that this will take a lot of time, follow the steps given below for social media post ideas for business.

Plan your photoshoots in batches for your photo content of a post.

If you set a whole day to take pictures and edit the photos that you are going to use all over the month. You won’t scramble the pictures at the eleventh hour.

This strategy will help you to create killer content and keep your blog super organized at all times. This way, much of your stress will be off your back and allow you to treat your blog like a fun job!

Tips for Social Media Marketing for social media post ideas for business

To ensure a maximum result from the 100 post ideas, I would like to share a few social media marketing tips.

1. Post a variety of contents:

Your feed will automatically snooze if you don’t mix up all types of content you want to share. Say, you don’t want to promote your products or contents for five days in a row, so you share nothing but quotes for weeks. In this way, you will only destroy your own business and nothing else.

2. Be consistent with your frequency for posting:

This doesn’t mean you need to post 3 – 5 times a day to get results. Yes, a high frequency does work, but accurate results are achieved when you can maintain frequency consistently. That means posting once or a few times a week. That is why the best way to ensure you’re posting something fresh on social media consistently is to use a content calendar.

Let us tell you something incredible about social media post ideas

Did you know on Instagram when you search for a hashtag if it comes in orange, shades of blue and green it means something like this:
Orange: Say 1 000 000 + mentions
Dark blue: Suppose 500 000 + mentions
Green: Maybe 250 000 + mentions
Light blue: Say for – 250 000 mentions
We searched for a specific hashtag, and the most common hashtag that shows over 6 million mentions is competing with too many posts, and the chances of someone to find your particular post is low no matter how fantastic that post is. On the other hand, hashtags for light blue only has about 200 000 mentions; hence, the chances to find your post increases dramatically for someone to find it because of the low competition!

Hashtags that are Too Long or has a Zero Mentions

Hashtags that are too long, or has barely any mentions, it is better to stay away from it. As this won’t do you any favor!

Select Your Hashtag Set for Social Media Post Ideas for Business

Select your hashtags and save it to your own Hashtag set. You can reuse and update the set as you like later. Welcome to the hashtag world and bid goodbye to the struggles by googling the banned set of hashtags for Instagram!

Did you know you can plan to launch your products to maximize your revenue along with social media post ideas for business?

social media
If you plan to monetize your blog, then selling your own products is definitely the best and unique way to start the initiative!The best way to ignite interest in your products is to market what’s coming soon for your readers.Make them guess what you are planning to release. Are you releasing an e-book? A new premium e-course?

A quick tip on social media post ideas for business: Research says to expose your products to your customers 7 times before they decide to buy it from you.

For this to happen, create some new juicy blog posts that will give your audience the detailed information about the products that you are planning to drop soon. Creating high-quality content shall help you to build trust with your followers, and it is a major key to success financially through blogging!
Did you ever sit down to post on social media and find that you ran out of pictures?
Do you feel the lack of fire in you to shoot for social media when life gives you lemons? But at the same time, you remain irritated at yourself that you are missing out on your precious followers.
We feel your frustration, buddy!
Even when you lose your back, we got your back with social media post ideas for business.
That is why we have created 100 social media post ideas for business to help you hit your million followers!

Social Media Post Ideas For Business

1. A photo of you:

Flash that smile of yours; you don’t know how contagious it is! Share good vibes with your followers by posting a happy picture of you, even if you’re lazy to shoot or maybe life got in the way, a photo of you can do the job for you. Give a brilliant caption along with the edits, and you’re ready to go.

2. The Interior of a Shop/Cafe:

Give a sneak peek of the place you are hanging out for a coffee or shopping. The minimalist vibes always hit the audience, and you know it! Any pattern of the shop can excite them too or maybe has a lot of stories to spill.

shop interior

3. Time Management Tips:

Productivity is a massive attraction point since the beginning of time with thousands of books, great podcasts, and productivity apps – everyone is still looking to focus on how they can effectively use their time yet failing to ace. As time is one of the toughest things to be better at it, post on how you like to manage your time or techniques that you’re trying out.

4. Your go-to coffee or tea Shop:

Hot beverages are life; hence you see why people say “…but first coffee.” It keeps your mind working on extended work hours and gives you warm on a cold day, and we’re sure your followers feel the same way too! These cute coffee mugs are also a great way to inject your personality and a fun time moment to add a little joy to your day for your lovely followers to see.

5. The pizza you ordered just for you:

Unhealthy yeah, but does sprinkle joy to your day and increases your engagement because who doesn’t love to have a whole pizza?

6. Any books that you'd recommend:

Whether it’s THE BEST BOOK you ever read or the one you just put down, talk about the key takeaways and leave your audience something to think about. Plus, reading a page before going to bed is a boss’s habit!

Hot tip 1 for social media post ideas for business: If you’re going for this shot with a cup of tea, ‘milk teas’ or coffee perform a better response than darker beverages like black coffees and black teas!
If Hot tip 2 for social media post ideas for business: Play around with hashtags like #bookstagram #bookish and so on for better responses from the nerdy world!

7. Real talk:

Share something challenging you are dealing with or a struggle you’ve recently faced. You never know who is suffering something similar to you. Reaching out to them honestly will help you, and also you can foster stronger connections with your community.

8. Share something you learned recently:

Self-guided learning is a multi-million dollar industry in the online world. Is there anything that fascinates you lately? Keep it relevant to the people you want to continue the relation with!

9. A Sunrise or a Sunset Picture:

There is something special about the dawn of a new morning like it transforms peace. Allow to flow your own thoughts on the goal-setting or reflect on your own milestones with the beautiful sunset to see the magic happening with the engagement.

10. Find an 'Instagrammable wall':

You’ve seen them all over your Instagram that some of your favorite people are posing in front of colorful or vintage walls.Why? It gives a better structure to your picture.This can be you as well. Grab a friend of yours and head out to explore! Once you get busy snapping, you’ll find yourself left with many more shots to lay out over months, and when you get stuck again, use our Pro Tip. We recommend you to take a few different accessories, hats, or sunnies, so you’re prepared for different scenarios!

Want some more engagement? The hashtag to follow for this is #walltraveled.

11. Create white space:

Is your feed looking a little fuzzy lately? Are lots of busy photographs making your feed feel a little crowded? Did you know? Sometimes busy feed equals a busy brain, and no space to think of what to post on Instagram next! Take a step back to take a look at your gallery; does it need a little white space? Take a photo of something plain which still goes with your color scheme, whether it’s a textured wall, a scene from inside a bookstore, or the water at the beach. There’s a hashtag for these types of shots, #photosinbetween.

12. Cute Pets:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a furry, moody cat or a cute little puppy, photos of pets will brighten anyone’s day! A Short video will charm anyone for cuddling with their pets for sure.

13. Design a messy Flat lay:

Collect your props or items you love to use daily and lay them all out to create your own flat lay. Brownie points if you can do it with your color scheme!

14. A Sneak peek, maybe:

Have you got a project hovering around in the background, but not ready to do a full reveal yet? Show why these things are all so important to you – an interesting way to show what your life is like behind-the-scenes! Post little snippets of what’s going on and create some mystery on social media so that your audience keeps wondering. This could be the handwriting of your to-do list or even a map with areas circled if you’re planning a new adventure or open any new outlet!

15. A Tutorial to Teach:

What can you teach your audience in a small video that they will love? For example, if you are a Beauty Blogger, your options are endless. Share your hot tips on how to use your favorite products, whatever that may is to engage with your audience.

16. Inspire your followers to get outside and move:

Technology is becoming a huge part of our lives, and for most people, it means more time spent in front of the screen. Try to set an example and motivate others to make it part of their daily routine. Exercise has an immense effect on our brains. Just 30 minutes a day can improve cognitive function, lower anxiety levels, increase memory capacity, and boost your mood too!

17. All about Your Favorite Holiday Destination:

Re-live your favorite holiday experience once more with us, the audience, and share a series of the most inspiring places to visit. It is a great way to reuse the content you already have. A great reason to revisit your holiday as well! Instagram is primarily about all about the lifestyle, so choose a location that made you happy. 

Haven’t been on a trip lately? Then ROADTRIP is a must for you. What about planning a trip to the nearest beach – there’s always something about the ocean that makes people happy! Did you know? Ocean images are renowned for being popular for engagement! With this, do you see that you can film a video on the essentials during the trip or how to pack your luggage effectively!

18. Flat lay of what's in your purse:

Do your daily essentials change from time to time? ‘The Bag-Spill,’ a neat or messy, if that’s your style, arranged with the view of what’s in your bag gives great insight story of your sense, and your must-haves and your life in general! To prompt your imagination, we recommend you to use your bag for work, your gym bag, handbags, clutches, makeup bag, or even what is in your new shopping bag! Flat lays are easy, fun, and effective ‘go-to’ for any social media.

19. Your own Series Show:

A weekly series of own to glue followers to your account. Here lies some way you can do this:

20. What you had for breakfast:

Breakfast is not just about being delicious and healthy; they’re also satisfying to look at, especially if you can click a photo of it like a Boss. Styling with composition and lighting is the key to this shot. Taking a photo with a bird’s eye view is a pro tip, so get ready to climb up on a chair safely!

21. Your workstation:

Working is boring, so why don’t you add some fun to it? Try to photograph your desk area with a positive caption. It could help your followers hate workdays a little less. A neat and organized workstation will motivate you to work better, giving your mind and eyes a calming sensation.


22. Classy at Meetings:

When we need to go in a full office/business attire while being classy, we head straight to Instagram or Pinterest and search for #chicoutfits. So, if your office outfit game is strong, do Instagram a little favor – pose, and post! And help others to be confident as you are.

23. Your wins of the month:

Is your new piece of camera equipment or your newest Pottery Barn home decor purchase cost you less than $3? Woo! Share what product from where is getting you so excited.

24. Flowers:

This can be your go-to when you’re not sure what to post on Instagram – flowers, yes! Flowers freshen up any feed, so grab a bouquet, hold it against a backdrop and start snapping. Play it with your nail color and hand accessories and breakthrough your roadblock with a bit of creativity.

25. Latest apps you are using:

Apps, new softwares, or new tools that you found are utterly helpful and are fun to use. If you have found something that’s useful and think more people could be benefitted from it? Don’t keep this as a secret; share it with your audience!

app you use

26. Contest Post Times:

This happy post encourages people to participate in any social media contest that will boost engagement with those who follow you already and helps you to increase subscribers by requiring those that don’t follow in order to participate to win exciting hampers.

27. DIY Projects:

Scrolling down Pinterest and inspired to make something by yourself? It doesn’t matter if it’s a DIY floating bookshelf or a mason jar vase, see how you can tie it with your Instagram theme.

28. Customized Graphics:

Inspirational or funny quotes are a great way to show what you’re working towards or your traits, now how about creating your own graphic? Is there a quote you say all the time? Or something you think your company’s motto would be like? Pull out your pen and paper, or jump onto Photoshop or your favorite app to create your own graphic to share. How about your very own meme? Huda beauty does this a lot, and this trick really works.

29. Your usual Weekend mornings:

How do you start your Sundays? Do you sleep in until 11 AM or 2 PM? Do you get up early for jogging at 6 AM? Or do you like to wake up at seven but stay in bed reading catching up with your favorite Netflix series while drinking a cup of tea? Give your followers a glimpse of how you spend your weekend every now and then. Weekends are loved, and a weekend morning routine videos are enjoyed even more. #sundaystyleloves is a great hashtag to use.

30. Unboxing Videos:

Unboxing videos build the hype on YouTube, and they can work great on other social platforms as well. Unboxing videos work best for any product, even for toys! If you sell scented handmade candles and have a personalized touch to the packaging, highlight it with your unboxing video. It doesn’t matter if you’re a network marketer, just make a video unboxing your starter kit and highlight all small details which are included.

31. Screenshot Posts:

You just take a screenshot of the text you want to highlight and post it to your social media as an image, and that is it. Give the proper credit to have friendship with your community as well.

32. Caption Request:

Put an interesting photo asking your followers to comment down their funny or most creative caption they got on their mind. Not only these types of posts are entertaining, but it is also an excellent way to spark engagement.

33. A Statement Post:

Do you have a t-shirt, coffee mug, or other items with fun or an inspiring quote on? Take a photo with it and share it on your social media. Make statement posts are easy to post, and they promote positive vibes and lots regarding “likes.”

34. How-To Videos:

Share videos detailing the steps on how to do something very specific that appeals to your ideal customers. If the video isn’t your own, make sure you give proper credit and tag the video creator. Nowadays, IGTV has created a buzz so you can get creative with your how-to videos easily anywhere.

35. Throwback posts:

This is widely shared on all social platforms. Forgot to post a photo? No problem, do it now! You can reuse your older posts to celebrate your growth or do a before-after.

36. Time-Saving Tips:

Share tips that will help your audience be more efficient and save time. Students and young people need this type of video than anyone else to be productive. Even if you own a travel agency, share your best tips on how to navigate airport security quickly, for example.

37. Money-Saving Tips:

Share your healthy tips that will also help your audience to save money efficiently. If you’re a food blogger, you can also share how you store your vegetables to preserve their freshness longer.

38.Curated Posts:

A lot of times, the things you want to share with your audience have already been written. So, without spending more time on the same thought, quickly share one that’s already been written with crediting them.

39. Solve Problems:

Have you found a simple solution to solve the problems you’ve experienced or problem which people faces commonly? The chances are that your audience has the same problem. Solve their problem and share your solution!

40. Request for Feedbacks:

If you remain unsure of which direction to take your content or product developments, ask for feedback! Asking your audience for their direct feedback is a great way to gain insight on what improvements to make along with which content, products, or services to provide next on great demand.

41. Ask for their Prediction:

Ask your followers to let you know about their predictions about a trend without or within your industry or a current event. Knowing their side is equally important. Their slightest opinion will make a lot of difference. For example, “Who do you think should win the 2020 presidential election?”

42. Explore Your City:

If you’re out and about to explore your city deeper, whether it’s in nature or an urban area, share it! I’m sure there’s a lot about your city, which you can share with your followers. You may see your city in a way no one else did! Tag your beautiful city in the photo to get more reach, followers, and engagement!

43. The Book you're Reading:

Let your audience know what you are currently reading or learning. It doesn’t matter whether it is a fiction novel, a nonfiction self-help book, an educational resource or online course, your audience would love to know what you’re hooked upon or listening to in your free time. This isn’t only about being wise educationally, but reading does a lot more help than you will ever know. Brownie points if you include key takeaways and a link for your followers to get their own copy.

44. Relaxation Time:

Your followers don’t always want to learn more and more about your pro tips and secrets. They also want to know how you like to unwind yourself after a long tiring day. Seeing a photo of you relaxing by the fire or drinking hot cocoa in front of the TV series inspires your audience also to make time for them to relax.

45. Bucket List:

This is something very exciting! Share something from your bucket list, which you would love to do anytime soon. Even better if you can share a photo or video of you achieving a bucket list item. This way, you can drive in to engage more with you and give them hope.

46. An Inspiring Quote:

Inspirational quotes tend to get a lot of likes and shares on social media as they speak for you or uplift your soul. You, too, can create some very beautiful styled quotes using Canva or apps like Textgram. Or, you can save hours of time by researching quotes and designing images and purchase pre-designed image templates.

47. Overcame any obstacle:

Share a recent disappointment or a failure from your business or personal life and how you overcame it. This will help you to lighten your heart and prevent your audience from staying away from that type of troubles. Just keep the post uplifting and motivational to focus more on perseverance and lessons learned and less on the obstacle. Who knows whose problems you are lessening!

48. A Motivating Mantra:

Do you have any mantra or affirmations you say to keep yourself motivated to accomplish your goals daily? Even if you represent a company, share the company values to keep your audience motivated.

49. A Helpful Routine:

Do you have a morning ritual or a night routine to help you stay energized, focused, healthy, or positive throughout the day? If so, share it with your followers! People always look for ideas on how to make small improvements in their lives.

50. An Inspiring Person:

Share a story about someone whom you admire or find inspiring; it can be someone you personally know or a celebrity you’ve never met. This can help your followers to think about who they would love to follow and be an ideal example for someone else. Talk about how they left an impact on your life. The remarkable lessons you’ve learned from them is worth discussing as well. Don’t forget to tag your role model in the post!


Free Cheat Sheet: 100 Social Media Post Ideas

Grab the free cheat sheet from us. You can print it out and keep it near your computer for quick reference when you’re creating content for any social media platform. You will never be worried about what to post on social media again!

*We respect your privacy and we will always keep your information safe.

51. A review of a new hot product of your niche:

Before buying or using anything, people want to know all about the product so that they don’t have to regret it afterward. So, why don’t you come to their help? Include all possible and honest details for ease and trust. 

52. A tour of where you live:

Take pictures of your town or your neighborhood and share what you love about it. The details of your favorite things or stores will engage your audience personally. Even the stationery shops you like to go to and maybe featuring the products are also a great way to have engagement.

53. Your daily health and fitness routine:

How much more can you not emphasize exercising every day, even for 15 minutes? Share your health and fitness routine to energize and encourage them. After all, staying fit is the key to happiness.

54. Your latest shopping haul:

This holiday season when you give your closet a new makeover show your followers what you got and from where. These videos are widely loved and are discussed everywhere. Online shopping haul with the cute accessories is a cherry on top.

55. A look inside your fridge:

Well, who doesn’t enjoy the long romantic walks to the fridge? You can include some affiliate links to your favorite products as well. Be healthy or junky; this will fun must watch the video for all your followers.

inside your fridge

56. Kitchen gadgets you can't live without:

Who doesn’t know about the kitchen struggles? It’s your turn to show the gadgets that you partnered with or the ones that help a lot while you cook.

57. How you style your food photographs:

Everyone loves food, and styling food photographs is a struggle your followers face as they want to show what tasty dishes they are having to their friends over social media. Here you can play with colors and apps to edit while you show how to style in your magical way.

58. How to Throw the Perfect Tea Party:

You need to invite your friends and colleagues for a tea party at some point. Where everyone imagines a Barbie house like a tea party, where the table full of pies and cupcakes are the center of attraction. You can throw your advice and decorations on the video. Include a guide to how much you should make to serve for X amount of people.

59. A quick guide on how to glam up your house:

Everyone wants their house to be nice and cozy. Show how you can redecorate your house simply, yet it turns out to be classy. You can also show your favorite corners of your room to spice up your living space.

60. A how-to meal prep post:

Students living abroad or all by themselves struggle a lot to prepare a meal like their home. You can help them or people who love to try out new dishes by filming our recipes. An easy dish by you may make one go beyond happy. You can include which foods are good to freeze as well.

61. 10 Things You Learned in Your 20's:

The 20s are about learning and exploring mostly, hence before you reach your 30’s tell your audience what fun you had when you were 20 something.

62. Find out the best chain restaurants for specific diets (vegan, wheat allergy, etc.):

This fun post brings engagement and engagement while you have fun dining with your friends and family. People with specific diets always have trouble with the menu when they are out to eat. Recommend them the best items you had from there and the restaurants they must try at least once!

63. Buy this not that (knockoffs, or affordable alternatives):

Students Shopping can be an excellent hobby, and how about turning the hobby to benefit people? Sounds impressive, right? This can be a series of posts to upload, which everyone will love. People will love the dupe options you will provide. The knockoffs will make the audience view your pictures and videos of the products evermore!

64. Gift guides:

People run out of ideas for gifts for their family, boss, friends, and everyone else, and if you can tell them the creative and the thoughtful gift they can present, your followers will stay in awe.

65. DIY fashion projects:

Recreate the dresses celebrities wore on the red carpet in an affordable range with the same luxury look. Now, imagine how thankful your followers will be.

66. What's in your closet:

Ramp walk with the clothes you hold inside your closet. Show your followers the comfiest nightwear you got! See how much they shall love your closet and your sense of clothing.

67. A favorite look for a dinner date:

This coming February sprinkles some more love in the air by your enchanting look for a dinner date. This idea is always hit as your audience will always want to look pretty in front of their beloved!

68. Share your top 10 favorite beauty products:

Even if you’re a male blogger, show the best 10 products you use for setting your hair. And girls are girls! These lovelies always search for the best products to use to enhance their beauty.

beauty product

69. Share your daily/weekly hair care routine:

Hair determines beauty. Show how well you care for your hair. The hair masks you prepare with kitchen ingredients are a favorite topic for every young people for years.

70. Your top Sephora finds- your favorite bundles:

The sale shall be here soon, so without further delay, show your top Sephora finds so that your audience can devour the happiness as well with your favorite bundles of all time.

71. Your room tour:

Your cozy room with interesting and comfortable items will have a lot to show. The scented candle or the posters from your room can ignite a passion for clearing out the mess your followers are having in their room.


72. How to treat acne:

People with acne-prone skin will give you anything if you can tell your secret how you got that clear skin. Share your remedies to help your followers more.

73. How to exercise on hot summers and cold winters:

You know how important exercising is, and so you should always, always motivate people to do so. Share your best tricks to stay fit and fine even under the extreme weather.

74. A day at the mall:

Show where you shop your clothes and shoes from. Shopping is fun, excite your audience for more!

75. Describe your ideal day:

People always lookout to make their day productive. Share your hacks for having an ideal day.

76. A letter to your younger self:

As you gradually grow up, you realize how stupid you were back then. So share your expertise with the younger bunch of audience, so they get to enjoy life better.

77. Study hacks:

Who doesn’t want to score an A+? For the love of studying share, your study hacks like a boss.

78. Explain your current relationship:

The audience always loves to know more and more about your relationships. Why don’t you show them how lovely your family or your husband is to you? Explaining the problems you had and how to tackle them with understanding will help others to understand their partners like you.

79. Where you see yourself in the next 10 years:

Discuss your growth from level 0 and where you see yourself in 10 years. By doing this, positive energy will spark from you to your followers, and you will be confident as well.

80. What is your education level and why you chose that path:

The younger bunch remain on social media a lot more, so ignite their passion while you talk about your own.

81. Your favorite indoor activities:

Discuss your favorite indoor activity with the family to encourage the power of togetherness, especially to the teens.


82. How to get a good night's rest:

The young generation tends to be on the phone at night a bit more and forget how much their body needs to relax. Share the goodness of getting a good night’s sleep to energize them.

83. Tips for self-care:

This competitive world has taken away the importance of self-care. Allow your followers to remember the significance of self-care all the time for having a productive tomorrow.

84. Keeping fit while on the Go:

People get sick from time to time and have medicines. Remind them how by keeping even on the go, will be beneficial for them.

85. How to keep your skin beautiful year-round:

Enhance the confidence from inside share your tricks to get beautiful skin in all seasons.

86. Small steps to a healthier you:

Discuss food habits, lifestyle, hydration, and all in between to be healthy so that your older self remains fit and says thanks to the small steps, which will lead to a big step to be healthier a bit more.

87. How to develop healthier habits:

Speak about the little practices you have done every day to develop healthier habits of people around you.

88. Be a Successful Side Blogger as A Student:

This burning topic will not only help students, but your engagement will also be on fire with questions.

89. Maximize Time Management with Bullet Journaling:

Time seems as if it runs faster than it is supposed to, and bullet journaling has a community of its own, so help them with your tactics to let be productive.

90. 5 outfits to go on a casual date with your friends:

Going out with your long-distance best friend is a heavenly feeling. Which is why the outfits may remain casual but trust me your audience will love to see your dresses a 100 time.

91. How to take photos when there isn't enough light:

As lighting can make a simple look better naturally. All bloggers or audience would know your tips and tricks for portraying a better picture.

92. Part-Time Job for Full-Time job list for students:

Create a list of links of all Part-Time/ Full-time jobs available that are ideal for students to engage in.

93. Tips to make friends:

Students sometimes find it difficult to make friends, especially within those first few weeks in a new school, and suffer from depression. Maybe you can suggest things to do with acquaintances to start a conversation.

94. Budgeting/Monitoring Money Guide:

Most students worry about money and budgeting, let’s say it when the student loan comes in, it is hard not to spend it without realizing. Share with your readers how you monitor and keep track of your finances like a boss.

95. In the Life of a Student:

Readers love to read a day in the life of a student posts/videos on YouTube to relate and have a laugh. Things you can include: your daily study routine, how you revise before exams, your study/work schedule, etc.

96. Giveaway for free :

Who would not like to receive something for absolutely free? If you don’t better see a doctor. It doesn’t have to be international, just a simple giveaway. Maybe you can partner with someone as well!

97. Improve Your Health and Wellbeing with Little Changes:

Health and wellbeing are very precious. Especially when it comes down to mental health, be the change to talk about it rather than staying quiet. Share the small changes everyone can include in their lifestyle for a better living.

98. How Office Job can take away a Healthy and Happy Life:

Working 9-5 can be really hectic. Speak about how they can manage work and family life, along with their personal life happily. The tricks you will say will make people stay healthy and happy all their life.

99. How to Get the Most from Travelling:

Traveling helps people to think outside the box; it helps to increase knowledge. Thus, share your experience on how to get the most of it and how they can find themselves by staying closer to Mother Nature.

100. How Your Desktop Helps You to Stay As Productive As Possible:

Letting your followers know the software and the applications you use can help them ease out their lives as well. So share as many tricks you found while using the apps.


Developing a simple strategy and process with perseverance, not perfection, is the key to success on social media. Post about why you are passionate about what you do and the big WHY behind what drives you to get better at it every day. Put that out to the world, and your audience will be inspired naturally.

We would like to help you with our cheat sheet with more post ideas, just let us know your email address.


Free Cheat Sheet: 100 Social Media Post Ideas

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I hope you found these social media post ideas, tricks, and additional social media marketing tips helpful.

For more ideas on social media post ideas for business, grab the free cheat sheet from us. You can print it out and keep it near your computer for quick reference when you’re creating content for any social media platform.

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