Studiopress Review – Savior Of Your Online Business

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Today, we live in the 21st century in a world that’s already at the peak of technological excellence. And our lifestyle has been revolutionized by the internet. Every aspect of our life has been oriented to the internet nowadays. Online shopping, blogging, vlogging, online marketplaces, Digital marketing, reading newspapers- everything is internet oriented. And since the internet is the new buzz in the town, there’s no doubt that the entrepreneur with the most beautiful, elegant and efficient website will be one step ahead of his competitors. And in this era of accessibility, there are a lot of WordPress themes available online for your website that has beautiful and colorful blank templates ready to be customized for your use. And for that, we think that Studiopress has the best WordPress themes available in the market. So, today’s article will be about Studiopress review and Studiopress themes review.

Studiopress Review


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The following facts that I’m about to share today are 100% authentic; based on my personal experience. I have been blogging for quite some time now. However, my game-changing decision was when I decided to use Studiopress and revamp my blog sites using their themes. Trust me; the price tag was worth it. Their codes are very light and super efficient with mobile responsive design and HTML 5 markup. Expert analysts have reviewed the security of their themes and they have the biggest community too. I have never had to wait for more than 15 minutes for a response relating to any support issue. Their customer care service is quick, efficient and judging overall, I’d rate them a solid 5/5.




  • Studiopress themes come with HTML 5 Markup ensuring mobile responsive designs.
  • The coding of these themes are light and concise that ensures speed and efficiency.
  • It comes with Genesis plugins, setup instructions and documentation.
  • Mark Jaquith provides coding security.
  • It comes ready with accessibility for the hearing and visually impaired.
  • They come with fast loading times, less technical issues and bugs.


  • The complete price tag may seem a bit expensive.
  • The themes may all look kind of same.
  • Less built in features means that you rely on more plugins.

Table of Contents

What is Studiopress?

Since this article is about Studiopress review, we will try to give you a brief idea about what Studiopress is at first.

Studiopress was started by Brian Gardner and is a part of Rainmaker digital. Rainmaker digital owns Copyblogger, one of the worlds biggest and best blogs on the internet regarding content marketing and copywriting. Studiopress is the organization behind the Genesis framework, also known as the best WordPress developing program available. Studiopress has a reputation that is followed by its excellence in quality content and great customer support.

Studiopress has developed over 1500 customizable themes that are good for startups, corporate sites, blogging, etc. Their prices are reasonable compared to the quality they provide. The characteristic of their themes are efficient, lightweight coding, HTML 5 markup for mobile responsiveness and great loading speeds.

What is Genesis Framework?

The Genesis framework is using an analogy provided by Studiopress. The Studiopress compares everything with a car. According to them, “Imagine WordPress as the engine of your car and the frame and the body of it is the genesis. The Studiopress themes are the paint job.”

This is the perfect analogy to understand what Genesis is. Genesis is the best and most widely used WordPress structure in the world. It has a user base of nearly every top companies in the world. And if this isn’t an assurance of quality, we don’t know what is.

What is a WordPress theme?

Simply put, a WordPress theme is a custom made template theme for your website that is readily available to use upon purchase. WordPress is a website management system. It is a free and open source CMS (Content Management System) based on My SQL and PHP. It has a wide variety of features. And do you want to know why Word press is the most popular CMS in the world? It is because of its efficiency, lightweight and featured plugin architecture and a template system.
WordPress is mostly associated with blogging, but it is also used in other content like different blogging forums, media galleries and online stores etc. It is also used for other application domains such as Pervasive Display Systems {PDS}. Word press is the most popular among all website management systems. It is used by approximately 60 million websites, about 30% of which include the top tier websites in the world.

Wordpress has a lot of cool features like integrated link management, a search engine friendly and clean permalink structure. It can also assign multiple categories to posts. It also supports tagging for posts. It provides standardized formatting and styling of text in posts with the help of included automatic filters. It also supports trackback and pingback standards. Editing of WordPress themes can be done with HTML, visual editor or using plugins. Overall, WordPress is the real deal when it comes to organizing your digital fortress.

Why Studiopress WordPress themes are the ones to opt for?

Search Engine Optimization or in short, SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is the primary and most important feature of a website. And do you know why? Let me run down the reasons to you. It is a common occurrence to us nowadays that whenever we search for something on the internet, specifically with the help of a search engine (like google), literally links to thousands of pages pop up on our screen. And do we click on every single one of them? No, we don’t. That’s the harsh truth. We only click on the few links that appear on top. And that’s what search engine optimization means. Search engine optimization ensures that a link ranks top when it is being searched. And as mentioned before, higher ranking means the higher number of viewers.

And Studiopress has the best search engine optimized coding. It means that when you’re buying a Studiopress theme, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great search engine optimization. That means if you’re someone who wants his page to be displayed along with the top tier web links on the internet, a Studiopress theme is the best for you.

But, it is not to be believed that Studiopress themes will ensure a skyrocketed ranking. What Studiopress themes ensure is less technical problems. And believe it or not, when a search engine searches for web pages on certain content, the web page that has clean coding has greater credibility. And therefore, we recommend using Studiopress themes as these are the best WordPress themes available in the market.

Mobile responsive design:

With evolved technology has come efficiency. And smartphones can be said to be the epitome of said efficiency. Equipped with an ultra lightweight, super handy dimensions and practically every feature that a high-end computer has, smartphones are the new jocks in the town. Smartphones are such essentials in our life right now that we don’t see a person without it. Everyone’s busy with their smartphones nowadays. Reading emails, ordering food online, reading a newspaper, requesting a ride share, watching live TV- everything and anything can be done if you have a smartphone nowadays.

And since people are so accustomed to using phones for getting through their daily lives, it is very important that your website has a mobile responsive design. Because nowadays, everyone loves to do their work on the go. No one wants to turn their PC on or go to a cyber cafe just to read or write something online. Now you ask what a mobile responsive design is? A mobile responsive site is such a site that when run on a cellular phone gives the same result as in a computer. These designs come in with HTML 5 markup for mobile phones so that you can access any feature you want with less hassle and no plugin dependency.

And here comes the USP of Studiopress themes. Studiopress themes are coded in such a way that your mobile phone is responsive to it. Now you can watch any website designed with Studiopress theme on your cell phone screen in entirety. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the subway or in the car when you’re reading a blog on your phone or watching videos as Studiopress themes will allow your clients to access your website easily even through their mobile phones. And this is a huge part when it comes to WordPress theme review.

Fluency of programming codes and as a result, fluency of theme:

Do you know how a search engine gives higher ranking to a web page link? The answer is by observing how lightweight a page is. And by lightweight, what we mean is fluency of coding. What is fluency of coding you ask? Well, fluency of coding means the ease with which a computer or the search engine can read a written code and decipher it accordingly to show on your screen. Computers usually understand the programming language. And the smaller the code is, the cleaner is the compilation and the easier it is for the machine to read it. And for this reason, the company that provides WordPress themes with the most efficient coding is the best, and that theme is the best WordPress theme available in the market.

In the end, no matter how many features you talk about or how many reasons you give to prove that your website is the best, everything will fall to shambles unless you have a website that is coded super efficiently with minimal coding problems. And that’s why everyone recommends Studiopress themes when reviewing WordPress themes.

Loading time:

Close your eyes and imagine clicking on a link that you need to open immediately. Now imagine yourself waiting for that link to be opened forever, but it is just not loading. Would you still wait for that link to open? Or would you move on to another one that loads faster? You would definitely move on to the one that loads immediately upon your click, right? That’s why you need a theme that provides you with the best loading times. If you click on a web link and require a few minutes to wait for it to open even in the 21st century, then that’s just a shame. And this is where Studiopress comes in.

With its ultra-lightweight design and fluent, efficient coding, you are pretty much-guaranteed loading times as fast as the flash. So now, when you’re clicking on a link do not think for a second that you’d complete some other work in the meantime since you’re not even going to get a second to think in between the loading. Are you still in doubt over which company has the best WordPress themes? Definitely Studiopress.

Accessibility for the hearing or visually impaired:

When creating a theme for your web page, you want to get the maximum audience possible. Now if your webpage doesn’t provide accessibility to the visually and hearing impaired, that means you’re losing audience as well as rejecting them of their right to interact too. And that’s why we think that a website or web page should have an interface that is friendly to everyone and anyone. And by that, we mean that your web page should have the facility for the impaired to participate too.

Studiopress has the best WordPress themes when it comes to accessibility to all. With a user-friendly interface that works well for both the hearing and visually impaired, Studiopress gives full access to all sorts of people.

For people who are color blind, Studiopress themes provide features such as high contrast for background color. For people who are visually unable, Studiopress themes provide the feature of navigability through keyboards. And thus, Studiopress themes make your website reachable and trustable to a wide spectrum of viewers.

Genesis Framework:

The most wonderful framework for website themes created yet is the Genesis framework. This framework is the most famous and trusted framework all over the world. Did I mention that this is the most used framework all over the world too? With easy to customize and navigate plugins and the facility to customize the theme of your choice according to your own volition will, Genesis framework has earned the trust of coders and theme creators all over the world. Most of the popular website themes seen nowadays are created with this Genesis framework.

Now you may ask why all these gibberish about genesis framework has been mentioned and what’s the relation of Genesis framework with Studiopress themes. I request you to ask me a very specific question. Please ask me who are the makers of the Genesis framework. Yes, you’ve guessed the answer. It’s the Studiopress.

So, when you’re buying a Studiopress theme, you’re getting the credibility of the Genesis framework. This means that even after buying a certain theme, you can twist it and bend it according to your own will. And this is a huge plus point when using a Studiopress theme.

Framework update frequency:

easy update
Have you ever faced the extreme irritation of using a computer program that’s still very much full of bugs? Have you ever faced the anger that arises when you’re waiting for a software update from the software creators, but they’re just not providing it? That means that you would have to use the same sloppy program full of bugs with no alternative since you have already paid a fortune for that software. Now you’re broke and even more in frustration having to use a non-user-friendly program. This is a huge turn off when using any program. This is why software update frequency is necessary.

But fear not if you’re a Studiopress user since Studiopress and its expert team is always on the lookout for any remaining bugs and glitches in their code. They try and solve the problem ASAP by providing software updates for its users. If you’re still wondering why Studiopress themes are recommended as the best WordPress themes in all WordPress theme reviews, then I don’t know what to say anymore. If you’re someone with an anger management issue and tend to smash the computer screen/ phone screen to pieces because you have to use a sloppy program, then fear not as Studiopress has your back.

Existing user base for support:

When buying any product in our life, one thing we make sure is checking that products review or existing consumer base. This is because a higher consumer base means that the product is probably the best one out there. It means that the manufacturers are trusted, they provide quality customer support and the quality of their products is unparalleled in the market. And that’s why an existing user base is required because you get support, answers to your queries when a company has an existing consumer base that is big in volume.

And yes. Again, when it comes to companies that provide WordPress themes, Studiopress ranks at the top with a huge customer base. So, if you decide (and definitely you will) to use WordPress themes created by Studiopress, you get the peace of mind knowing that you always have a community that is ready to respond at any time with any query you may have.

Plugins available:

Plugins are built-in features that make your job a whole lot easier. This means that if you’re someone looking to create your website, you will have less work to do with these plugins available. However, quantity isn’t always a good thing. Adding plugins to a website just because you may need it someday makes the coding heavy and it makes the site slow as well. A properly composed elegant website is preferred instead of a huge and hefty one with every available plugin installed just because you may need them someday.

Studiopress has a variety of selections when it comes to choosing plugins. The most elegant and important ones include Agent Press listings, Genesis Author Pro, Genesis Beta Transfer, Genesis Connect for Woocommerce, Genesis Responsive Slider, Genesis Simple Edits, Genesis Simple hooks, Genesis Simple Menus, Genesis Simple Share, Genesis Simple Sidebars, Genesis Tabs and a lot of others. The exclusive feature of StudioPress is that it allows third-party plugins like the Genesis Design Palette Pro. With these plugins, you’re sure to get the most out of Studiopress themes for your website.

Don’t worry about using these plugins in a phone as StudioPress themes come with HTML 5 markup to make it adaptable to cellular phones.

Speed and weight of the theme:

The main issue that users complain about when using a website is speed. If you have a running website that is smooth to use and isn’t slow and sluggish, then automatically your website ranking will go up. However, a website that runs like a snail even in this era of 4G internet is a disappointment to the consumers and becomes a major bad buzz.

Studiopress takes this factor into account very seriously while designing their themes. The coding is smooth and efficient and gives a very pleasing experience to its user with lightning speed and agility. That’s why Studiopress themes are the best in the market as they provide the best speed while browsing.


Imagine working hard for earning money and storing it in your house. Now imagine yourself being sloppy and buying a low-quality security system for your home that secures NOTHING inside your home. The result will be obvious. Your money will be stolen from under your nose, and you will have nothing to do about it. Site security is the same. You create a website for your business and manage to gain popularity among your customers. But you remained sloppy about the security and just to cut costs, you bought a theme from a developer that’s not so tight on security. And now a hacker hacks your website, and your entire business is gone. So, the cost-cutting didn’t remain cost cutting as you planned, did it?
This is why you need a Studiopress theme for your website. Studiopress has brought in WordPress core developer and expert Mark Jaquith to make sure that Genesis framework becomes the ironclad prison in the world of WordPress themes. And thus, Studiopress themes guarantee you great security when you’re buying and using a theme made by them.
Now, lastly, you may have a doubt that is the extra buck worth it buying a studio press theme. Well, let me run you down the advantages in a short jiffy. What you’re getting with Studiopress themes are SEO, Mobile responsive design, widget friendliness, lightweight design. You’re also getting an efficient and clean coding, HTML 5 markup, security, accessibility even to the visually and hearing impaired, huge user community, Genesis framework plugins, settings, and documentation. So let me ask you this. Do you prefer to buy a quality product that lasts your lifetime or do you prefer to buy a cheap and under qualified one that you need even greater costs to maintain frequently? If you prefer the former, then without a doubt studio press is the one to go for.


The Studiopress Pro Plus All-Theme Package is the most efficient package according to us. In this package, you’ll get the following:

If you try and buy all the items in this package individually, it would cost you around 1700 USD. But with this package, you save a whopping 1200 USD and can buy it for only 499 Dollars. YES! You heard it right. Only 499 Dollars for this awesome package. So, what are you waiting for?

Other options:

There are pricing alternatives when it comes to buying themes. If you’re a digital marketer who needs clean typography and efficient website, you can try the digital pro theme + Genesis framework for 99.95 Dollars only.

If you want to build up your own from scratch, Studiopress also has its best framework, Genesis up for sale as well. The price of only the Genesis framework will be 59.95 Dollars. This is a great deal if you’re on a budget and are willing to create your own personalized theme for the website.

Studiopress offers an awesome pricing list in the form of packages. However, if you’re planning on buying individual themes, then prepare to pay some extra money. For example, the essence pro theme alone will cost you around 129.95 Dollars. That’s why we recommend buying the bundles as the bundles provide a pretty sweet deal for you. You can also buy a custom set for yourself. You get to choose the features you want in this case but may cost you a bit more.

Genesis Framework & 35+ Studiopress Themes free with a wp engine plan:

Firstly, they have a startup package that includes all the basics for starting a small website or blog. It starts with one site, 25000 visits per month, 50 GB bandwidth, CDN and SSL included free Migrations, 35+ themes, and the Genesis framework. You get all of this for a whopping 35 dollars per month.

Then they have the Growth package. It includes five sites, 100000 visits per month, 200 GB bandwidth, CDN and SSL included, free migrations, 35+ themes and the Genesis framework. You get all of this for only 115 Dollars per month.

Next up they have the Scale package. With 15 sites, 400000 visits per month, 400 GB bandwidth, CDN and SSL included free migrations, 35+ themes, and Genesis framework, this package is sure to set your business in line. This one costs 290 Dollars per month.


In this whole article, we tried to provide you with the complete Studiopress review. We believe in quality and we think that Studiopress has the same motto. So, if you’re a young entrepreneur looking to create your own website but don’t have enough time to create one for yourself, we recommend you buy a theme and customize it.

And when it comes to which developer to buy it from, we ask you to trust us. We request you to take a leap of faith. We guarantee you that you won’t take a hard landing. Our researchers and expert team of programmers have observed the Genesis framework very closely and has come to a unanimous conclusion. And that conclusion is that when it comes to buying the best WordPress theme available in the market, you should go for Studiopress without batting your eyelashes even once.

We hope you found this article enlightening while reading this. When it comes to researching, we suggest you leave that part to us as we’ll always be there providing you the best insight. So, take a deep breathe and let us do the researching while you’re out there trying to raise your new venture to the top of the mountain.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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