How To Track File Downloads On Your WordPress Site?

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Recently, almost every business is becoming online based. So it has become an important issue to know how often and how many visitors you achieve through your web page and what or which contents they visit more often than the others. These will become a significant advantage on your side. Because as you get to know that which of your contents are getting more views and growing more interest in your readers, you will be able to emphasize those topics more. Ultimately, this will help you out in growing your business, without disturbing your visitors or readers in any way. I need to discuss a few things like WordPress, Google Analytics before going to the main topic, i.e. MonsterInsights and how to track file downloads on your WordPress site by MonsterInsights.


WordPress is a free content management system that is used for building and maintaining websites. It has become the most popular web development tool due to its ease of use and distinctive blogging features. If anyone wants to design, publish, or update websites, then it is an excellent choice because it gives a web-based user interface. People who are not familiar with coding for them; WordPress is a must choose, I think so.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software. Now before I go further here is the detailed procedure for you so that you can easily set up Google Analytics:


So where and how do you display it? Our expert team of consumer behavior analysts has found out the following 13 places or spaces in your website to put the opt-in format.MonsterInsights is a plugin that allows you to easily add, customize, and manage the Google Analytics website tracking services on your WordPress site. To track the file downloads, this plugin helps skillfully on your WordPress site. After you get to know the following features which are offered by MonsterInsights, you will surely understand why it is the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin in the market nowadays. It consists of a Google Analytics Dashboard, where you can see your website analytics report just in the WordPress Dashboard, which also allows actionable insights. It also provides the facility of universal tracking and real-time statistics showing you which of your visitors are online, what they are doing, and more data. It has enhanced Ecommerce Tracking, and it is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) friendly with European Union Compliance. Ecommerce Tracking allows you to measure revenue that your website generates. GDPR restricts what an organization can do with your data, so here it helps you in a friendly way, as I have already said once. It also extends your rights to access and control data about your visitors from your app or website. Additionally, it has this most attractive feature of page-level analysis. This allows you to have statistics for each of the posts and pages on your website, which makes available to you the most popular content or pages. With your linked tracking, you can easily track affiliate links, banner ads, and other outbound links here. Here you can also track custom posts, types, users, and other events. Alongside, optimize several advanced features which would adjust its performance. The plugin has two versions; the free version and the pro version, which is the paid one. If you ask me whether it’s worth it or not, then I must say that if you want to run a business without traffics blocking the downloads and want to know about the visitors and improve more to grow the business, then the paid version is for you. Or else you can wait for a sale, as the regular pricing seems too high for many people. The plugin costs $799 for the Agency, $399 for Pro and $199 for the Plus versions.

How to track file downloads on Your WordPress Website using MonsterInsights?

To enable file downloads tracking, the first thing you need to do is to set up Google Analytics in WordPress using MonsterInsights. Without requiring anymore configuration, file downloads tracking shall be set automatically after the setup is complete. And now the File downloads shall be tracked as events. But to track the file downloads, the customer needs to click on a webpage that loads MonsterInsights, and on that webpage, click your website link, so that MonsterInsights can track that. Because the content your user is going to read on your website, the domain of that needs to be the same as the domain on which the user is browsing. Like in Statistical math, we read about domain and subdomains, if ‘Set A’ exists within ‘Set B’, then we can say that ‘Set A’ is a subdomain of ‘Set B’. PDFs on external domains, such as an advertisement of Amazon, will be seen by the tracker as external ‘link clicks’. In Google Analytics, events tracking is used to measure user interactions with content like downloads, mobile ad clicks, video plays, etc. By default, MonsterInsights let you track file downloads of the following file extensions: doc, exe, js, pdf, ppt, tgz, zip, xls. If you want to track more file extensions, you only have to add it to “Extensions of files” to track as downloads field, which only needs to be separated by a comma.

Procedure to view File Downloads in WordPress and Google Analytics

It is required that you will need to have the Plus level tier of MonsterInsights to view the file downloads in WordPress.

Step 1:

Then, navigate to Insights » Report » Publishers Report.

Step 2:

Scroll down to see your downloads.

To view the file downloads in Google Analytics, you have to log in to your Google Analytics account and then select the website where you can track the file downloads. If you have set “downloads” tracking as “page views”, then you can find out the downloads report in the “All Pages” report. The report can be seen by navigating to Behaviours » Site Content » All Pages. But if you have enabled downloads tracking as “events”, then you can see the downloads data in the “events report”. In your event reports, you can navigate to Behavior » Events in the left panel. You will now see four options.

If you want to get a very detail report of your website, then you have to click on “Top Events” and click on “Downloads”. You will be able to see that all the file downloads have been categorized as “Download” in your events report. There are some crucial components in every event report, whether it is downloads, ad clicks, video play, or any other. They are:


After a lot of discussion about all the ways of using Google Analytics, WordPress, and about how to track file downloads on your WordPress site by MonsterInsights, I must say that the paid version of MonsterInsights seems too high for an average company. But if you consider all the benefits that you will achieve through it, then it’s going to pay you off in the future. Most importantly, using it along with WordPress makes it a lot more accessible for those who have shallow knowledge of coding and stuff. I prefer it. Use the free version at first, and then, when your website has grown a little, and you are facing a lot of traffic in tracking, you can switch to the paid version. Then you can enjoy all the better features. Even though the free version does not wholly deprive you, this one also offers a lot of useful features.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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