Know Why You’re Failing At WordPress Blog

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True that there is so little time and so much to do while blogging! As you know, time waits for none, and resources are limited or are in short of supply. Saying from the beginning, don’t forget to commit to your content and market your WordPress blog. Attention bloggers! On a serious note, try to get this straight to the point, why you’re failing at WordPress Blog. Let us tell you the reasons why you’re failing at WordPress blog. Follow these essential tips to ensure your blog does not fail in 2020!

Why You’re Failing at WordPress Blog?


1. A solid plan with dates:


It is a crucial step, as this is one of the key ways to avoid fading out into grey for being a little slow at the starting of your blog. Now, don’t just start a blog! Take all your little time to figure out what works for you. Maybe spend a week to plan out the entire process from the end-result to the type of contents you will be posting. 

In this way, you will have a clear picture to paint, and it gets easier once you know what to work on. Your expectations will be realistic, as well. If you just write and write for driving in traffic without a proper plan, there will be a deadly consequence.

Quick Question: Why do you think some bloggers post twice or thrice a week, for example, every Monday and Wednesday? – People are a toy of their habits; hence audiences like it when a blog has a regular schedule for them. This is also a tactic to attract more people.

2. Stand out of the crowd:

stand out of the crowd

The trends come at the same time for all of us, and this is also a disadvantage for bloggers! As the audience will like to follow the post that will be the most eye-catching. Fair enough, right? Beware to not get lost in the crowd. 

Seal your content with a handful amount of creativity mixed with a hundred spoons exception for an outstanding result. Show your voice and your signature style. After all, blogging is all about being unique! Copying other similar blogs will ruin your authenticity. 

Posting randomly without adjusting to the tone of your brand will only fail you. You need to make sure when your audience sees a certain text or a unique expression or gesture, they recognize you!

3. Pay attention to get new visitors:

All this time, if you were just sharing the posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in all other social media platforms for traffic acquisition on your blog, then there is no chance you will last the year. There is a lot of tasks to do to get buzzing traffic though it is tough to say that your blog will have a great constant flow of new traffic every now and then.



Even when you have a decent amount of readership who consistently promote your content, don’t rest on your laurels on them. To make your lives easier, and CoSchedule, automatically publish your new blog posts to all your social media profiles. Also, plan to schedule additional shares of the post over the week after it’s published, especially on profiles like Twitter, where your readers may not see your first share.

Question: Do you know the life span of your blog post?

Ans: Only a few days or weeks after the post is published!

Tip: Use the WordPress plugin named Revive Old Post.

It will help you to promote older posts on all your social media platforms. This plugin is used as one of the top generating factors of traffic!

4. Dedicate your life to networking:

social networking

Just have a good conversation in private. Network, network, and network. Social media marketers strongly believe that a great conversation with a customer or a prospect benefits both of you like none other.

5. Invest:


Spending money on the setup and promotion never goes in vain. If you’re still skeptical about spending money, try the safest option, like education courses or membership sites that will help you to take on new levels toward success. 

Before you start experimenting with advertising, make sure to use an excellent host with a good theme.

Pro Tip: Learn how to research clever campaigns.Voila, if you know how to research. It is incredibly useful as it becomes very easy to analyze other websites to understand how they had their success. It is a shortcut to building a solid reputation in the digital world. It allows you to have new ideas and improvise on what they are lacking at so you can further help your readers effectively.

Quick Tip on SEO: Don’t you want to please Google? Then, why don’t you use Rank Math instead of SEO WordPress plugins? Rank Math is easy to use, which is known for its speed and many extra useful features. 

If you have used Yoast, then Rank Math is your alternative to upgrade onto. Its powerful user-interface focuses on important information about your posts. If you use that information, you can improve your SEO immediately for that particular post.

To further please Google, apply the Linking Strategy

Internal links keep people on your blog for a long time, so if you use the link strategy, you help other people as well. Any time you see there’s a chance to link a relevant post, do so without going overboard with it. 

Remember always to set the links to be opened in a new window, so you don’t discontinue your readers from finishing your post. You can do the same for the external links as well to further enhance your post. To get links back to your site, take guest blogging as a smart marketing strategy into your consideration.

Having said all this, don’t forget to keep your WordPress updated! Yes, most hosts keep it updated automatically but get into the habit of updates whenever you log in. Set up the system to notify you immediately whenever there’s a new comment so you can approve it and respond to it as soon as possible. Understand the points below with depth to know why you’re failing at WordPress Blog.

1. Writing for SEO only:

search engine optimization

We understand that you want to make it to the top. Now, if you write it all for the views filled with meaningless SEO optimized words, the audience won’t even hesitate to stay even for a minute, and soon Google will realize it and will take you down. So, always maintain the balance.

2. Write within your niche:


Find a very specific niche to blog on WordPress. Your niche is the heart of your blog. Bloggers who choose a vague niche to write on widely on almost everything eventually ends up stranded in a labyrinth where readers can’t make sense. The fact is that the narrower your niche is, the more you earn the trust of your readers as they take to be an actual expert in the field. Having a wide category of different niches to fit on your blog will get you less traffic than you could potentially attract.

3. The quality of the pictures:

image edit

Just like a book with hazy pictures is a big no to you, it is similar to your audience. Ignoring the quality of images is a huge mistake while blogging. People pay a close attention to the visuals; thus, the professional look of your blog depends on the quality of the images. Did you know? There are free websites with high-resolution images that you can easily use for your blog.

4. Never Repeat:

If you have a particular niche for your blog, surely it won’t be easy to find new topics for your upcoming freshly brewed blog post; but that doesn’t mean repeating the same things will work. Just like when you were told to write an essay at high school where repeating was not allowed! As a matter of fact, repeating the points or topics you covered is one of the biggest blogging mistakes. Stay relevant and new. In this case, paraphrasing will not even help you.

5. Set Tags and Category:

Categories And Tags

When you blog at WordPress, there is a lot to do with tags and categories if you want to rank. Tags and categories help readers to navigate content easily and choose similar posts they are interested in without scanning your whole blog. These tags and categories act as a unique internal link to crawl and index website easily for the search engines. It is vital to set tags and categories when SEO and ranking come into play.

6. Unavailability of contact forms:

Your readers will love to bond with you, but what happens when the contact option is unavailable? Thus, the bloggers who fail to do so struggle a great deal maintaining their readers’ attention. 

Eventually, they fail to build a community around their blog. Contact form is a tactic used to show that you are real and that you are there for your audience. It is one of the main ways of establishing a relationship.

Contact Form

7. Have a Backup Plugin:

We have talked about consistency; now, let’s talk about maintaining your blog. Surely, you don’t want to lose years of your hard work, fame, and your precious audience because of loss of information. This heartbreak wouldn’t have had happened if you had installed a proper backup mechanism for your website. 

Not having a reliable backup service or a plugin is one of the most severe WordPress blogging mistakes. The threat of being under an unrecoverable hacking attack, terrible malware, misconfigurations, and other blogging misfortunes that hovers all-around your blog every second. 

So, why would you like to go under a train when there are tons of plugins and services to save your life that makes sure your website is backed up properly?

We also recommend you all to consider the ideal backup schedule for your blog along with being well informed about which exact files to backup for safety. Surely you have heard about the helpful WordPress plugin called Updraftplus! It helps you in simplifying backups and restoration immensely. 

Did you know it is the highest-ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin in the world? So you better back up your files and database backups into the cloud quickly and restore with them with a single click to say goodbye to your backing up problems!

8. You don't believe anything neither you disbelieve anything:

Doubting and disbelieving everything and anything is as bad as believing everything, especially when it comes to making dollars online. Don’t confuse yourself with the bulk of information across the internet, filter what you should read to believe and which you should delete from your mind.

9. Don't look for "how to get rich quickly" strategy:

Get this straight; there is nothing like how to get rich quickly technique. Well, if you still want to, then you can after you finish reading this post. You will only be scammed online if you try how to get rich quickly or overnight strategies! Well, it is right to ask what’s the average time required to build a successful blog

Speaking from experience, the more you work, the more you get out of it. You have to put in a lot of hard work to create informative content and know the SEO tactics.

10. Don't focus on the short-term benefits:

Take this for granted that you will quit soon from blogging if you are concerned with short term benefits. So, put in your best show, keeping in the views to harvest in the future, then you shall become a popular and successful blogger.

11. Accept the Criticism:

Concentrate on doing your best instead of putting a question mark on the blog or quit. Take criticism as a part of life.

12. Monetize your Blog:

Take your blog a step further by generating reasonable profit from your own efforts at blogging. You know, there is nothing to be scared of monetizing your blog. You should reward yourself for the quality free values you add for your readers.

13. Increase your Knowledge:

You are bound to fail if you keep running your blog with yesterday’s tips and knowledge for blogging. See what other bloggers of your niche are up to, and visit blogging forums to learn new techniques to update yourself. Also, don’t forget to read other blog posts by the pros of your niche; it will help your blog to add value.


You may have failed at blogging; if not, then know that you are going to fail, and it is okay to fail at blogging. Your failure doesn’t define you, and it is about how you pick up yourself and move forward to be a boss. 

Eventually, you will be on the path to be successful, and that will make up for every failure you had to get there. Knowing why you’re failing at WordPress blog is very important for bloggers to succeed, so grab the information provided here and stay up to date on a daily basis. 

We might have sounded harsh, but these are facts on why you’re failing at WordPress blog. Kick start to implement these maneuvers to see results in your blogging career.

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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